Figuring Me Out/Puzzle Piece


I am a “unique” person. I have always known this since the day I was born and it was affirmed to me around the third grade at PS 102 when the Guidance Counselor told me “I was different than other kids” and told me moving forward I was going to be sitting with different specialty therapists once a week for different things including a behavioral psychologist.

Being a young kid and dealing with something like that can be very tough especially with other kids and parents. I remember one parent in particular that treated me like I had leprosy and that bitch was driving an “Isuzu Trooper” and I am of the freak? Bitch please.

Though in seriousness, she told her son “that kid is a freak… stay away, he sees a shrink” and she actually did drive a Trooper. Certain things I don’t forget.

It was like this for the next few years and it hit some really, really low spots including family matters also affecting me when I was in Junior High.

Things got better in High School, where everyone in a way is a freak and I planned out what I was going to do that summer before I went to high school. I was going to “fake it” in terms of being “normal” and keep on even acting like I did not need “help” from therapists, though when I got to High School, they moved me to “off-site” therapists all around the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. I would get to leave school 30 minutes early on the days i needed to when it didn’t interfere with practice.

I just assimilated what I saw in other people i liked. I emphasized the things I was already passionate about like Sports, and made a choice to be more social.

It became a godsend for me. High School was a great experience for me with the one exception of guilt when I insulted Piccolo’s mom after he insulted mine not knowing his mother passed away. I was socializing, I had a great part-time job at Blockbuster and I had the High School experiences.

I figured it out and got through it. College was tougher, I took a full scholarship at the local City College (aka Commuter) and literally had no friends. Most of my HS friends moved on elsewhere and no one in my classes wanted to hang out. I reverted back to form.

Once I started working after College, I had to start from scratch but made an amazing group of friends including 3 of them who I am still closest to this day. Including the friend I am seeing in San Francisco in a month or so.

My whole life is a puzzle (yes, that certain “puzzle piece” for what I have foundation wasn’t a coincidence), I have to continually figure out how to make my circumstances work at each junction of my life, piece by piece.

But the one I still haven’t figured out is the most important of them all. How to figure out how to be happy. While I made a lot of strides in life and I am proud of myself for it. I never figured out how to combine all of them together.

I am not satisfied with myself, I feel i am capable of more and I haven’t figured it out. I don’t feel entitled, I just don’t know what to do to get what I need for myself and I always wing it and hope for the best but it’s not good enough for me.

I am too dependent on people as much as I am independent. I also still have a hard time reading social cues and people. I do take it personally when people don’t text me back within a reasonable time. I always think anything is never enough and I overthink everything.

I can be an admitted grouch also though especially those who have seen me like that know It’s more self-loathing than someone when that happens.

I also want something special with someone but “I always get in the way” of myself and it has constantly led me to heartache/break over and over again like some twisted cupid self-fulfilling prophecy.

I also need to be better about “letting things go” and moving forward while not looking back at regret and “What if” or “This asshole fucked me over”. It’s just very hard for me because I always feel everything can be corrected, changed, fix for the better, etc. I just feel like it’s worst to “give up” than “let go” even though I have too,

I think over the next few months going into summer, I need to finally starting all these puzzles and remaining pieces and figure out… How to be happy. how to live in the moment, how to find love, how to better my life,etc.

I have too. I am truly at that point. I need to finish the puzzle.



Empty Space

Have you ever felt you had the answers to everything but not really? You know what you want in life but you really don’t? You can see that distant light at the end of a tunnel but it’s too far away everything you get closer and closer. So close yet still so far away.

I am older and wiser but I still haven’t figured “it” out yet. Well I think I do and it’s literally right in front of me, but it’s impossible for me to reach and take it. There are barriers all around and if I get passed them, another one opens up for instance this one of many, many scenarios:

  • Boy is painfully shy and doesn’t really feel confident in himself
  • Boy meets Girl
  • Boy really likes Girl and Boy feels Girl does also
  • Boy is afraid of what Girl will think because Boy thinks Girl really doesn’t after all feel anything for him
  • Boy tortures himself for months trying to tell girl how he feels but can’t ultimately do it
  • Boy doesn’t tell Girl
  • Boy wonders “What if?”

I made a very hard effort to get myself to be close to normal after a tough struggle throughout my adolescence and never gave up despite many, many setbacks that almost prevented me from having a normal life.

Yet that awkward, scared invalid person somehow is still in me like a cruel reminder that things don’t always fully change no matter how much you really think they do. It’s like there’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in me with the exception being I would never hurt someone like Mr. Hyde other than myself.

I am still wandering the city aimlessly whether down the Hudson River or downtown Brooklyn around trying to figure out the answer for me or if I really do have the answer already:

The question- How can I find that ultimate acceptance and happiness?

The answer?  To be determined.

-V. for Vinnie

Saturday/Game 7

What an eventful and interesting Saturday yesterday was.

I am so hoarse from all the primal screaming when my team, the NY Rangers won the decisive Game 7 against the Washington Capitals in a hard, fought game in insane, pants pooping 7 game series which had insane moments including an epic, neverending Game 3 in which Marian Gaborik who I affectionately call “Gabbo” aka the puppet from “The Simpsons” who is a cool puppet in a Simpsons episode won the game like 7 minutes after midnight and the miraculous game-tying put in off the rebound by top center, Brad Richards with 06.6 seconds left in the game leading to the game winning slap shot by defenseman Marc Staal a minute or so into overtime.

What a series, in fact what a Saturday! A well needed good Saturday considering the emotional roller coaster I have been riding the past few weeks when I recieved unfortunate news from a dear friend, who is being unfairly punished for no reason other than someone’s hubris and it affects me because of my connection with this friend.

It was a beautiful day in NYC yesterday. I got up early to catch up on my DVR and watch Mad Men in my Charlie Brown pajamas while eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds which always signals a good start to the morning.

I went outside to pick-up some drycleaning and realized how beautiful the weather looked today and decided I have to go outside today… Which will help clear my head from what is happening, the nervousness of Rangers-Capitals Game 7 later that night (Yes, I know I am not on the Rangers) and give me an excuse to eat Pizza in the park.

I decide to hang out in the Upper West Side neighborhood in Manhattan especially near Riverside Park along the Hudson River. I would catch a cheap matinee at my favorite movie theater, AMC Lincoln Square, get a slice at Sal and Carmine’s, walk down Hudson and get a smoothie on the way home… and possibly fight crime with my superhero persona and challenge someone to a breakdance fight.

So I rock a baseball jersey, my 2008 Brewers Jersey cause I am “Pro-Beer”. Too nervous to wear the NY Rangers jersey…

I get on the train and read the current eBook i have been reading on my iPad, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. Yes, that is the title of the book and yes, it’s about Revisionist History of what if the Civil War was really fought between humans and vampires who needed slaves blood to feed.

As you can tell it’s my kind’ve book and they are actually making a movie out of it.

As I was reading the chapter about Abraham Lincoln winning the presidency with help of sympathetic pro-human life “good” vampires who support his grudge against the evil vampires responsible for his mother’s death… I get to my stop in the Upper West Side.

I went to see an IMAX matinee screening to see “Dark Shadows”. I was intrigued by it after seeing the trailer about a few months ago after seeing another movie remake of a TV show, “21 Jump Street” (which was awesome) which gave a “black comedy” feel to the film.

I like Tim Burton though I feel he hasn’t been the same since “Sleepy Hollow” (I liked “Alice in Wonderland” but to me the degree of difficulty on that movie wasn’t exactly hard to pull off) and I love Johnny Depp and they made one of my favorite movies of all-time together “Edward Scissorhands” but they really need to take a break from doing movies together. They’ve done 8 movies, why not try something new which I think will help Burton get back to his edgier work (though ironically involving Johnny Depp).

I get to my seat, for a 10:00am matinee in the IMAX theater. The theater is pretty empty which is a good thing. I can kick back, put my foot on the chair. If you’re gonna charge me $14 for a movie ticket, I should be allowed to put my feet on a chair in an empty seat! In fact, I should be able to dryhump that empty seat though doing that would be weird and cause a mandatory 24 hour stay at Bellvue’s Psycho Ward though that’s neither here nor there.

I saw the movie. It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great either. It was alright. The movie was pretty much all over the place in terms of tone and feel. The elements I liked where the “dark comedy” that the trailer implied BUT there were times when the film tried to be a romantic melodrama, or a fantasy adventure even sometimes which were the parts I didn’t like of the movie. Eva Green who plays the villain in the movie is freaking hot. Man, wow! She’s definitely in my top 5 hot babes list now and Chloe Moretz who people would remember as the adorable lil’ foul-mouthed assassin in “Kick Ass” is growing up to be a hottie though I really can’t call her that because she is 15. I have to wait 2 years to say it.

I get out of the movies and walk down Broadway about a mile and a half for a couple of slices at Sal and Carmine’s (I would walk 5,000 miles for good pizza and 5,000 miles more, just to be that man who walked 5,000 miles to wound at the Pizzeria)…

If you want a Great NY Slice of Pizza in NYC. You have to go to Sal and Carmine’s in NYC on 102 and Broadway though there is one catch-22 when you go. The old guy at the counter is one grumpy old dude. Dude looks like if Grumpy was not a dwarf, italian and happens to be really good with pizza.

I order two Pepperoni slices and a can of 7-Up and watch the old guy grumpily place my two slices and grumpily place them into the bag.

I grab the slices and 7-Up and shoot him a smile hoping that smile would brighten his day though It probably doesn’t, oh well.

I walk down to Riverside Park with food and I take a seat at a park bench and see the little league game playing. I am immediately curious of the game because a girl is pitching (the only girl playing). As I eat my slices and listen to music on my iPhone I watch the game from the bench.

After 4 innings, this girl is no-hitting this team and she’s throwing like a girl. I don’t mean that in a sexist way. This girl is not throwing heat, she’s confusing these boys with an array of offspeed curves and change-ups overhand not sidearm nor underhand. It’s completely fooling these kids like Amanda Wurlitzer from “Bad News Bears” meets Jamie Moyer (maybe 2 of you will get that reference)

I almost want to scream to the boys to be patient, jump on the first pitch which is the change-up always which you can smash because she literally throws it high and down the middle almost daring them, which is the wheelhouse for any hitter to homer.

Finally what appears to be the opposing team’s best hitter, he crushes her 0-2 junk curve that hung over the middle over the fence. Part of me wanted to run down to the field and give the kid a hard high-five like he won the World Series though the game is still being played because no boy wants to get no-hit by a girl, it’s embarassing though that girl showed alot of guts and belongs on the field though I would take her first pitch change-up over the left field fence if she throws that junk at me. No mercy!

I start to walk down Riverside Park after he homered… I know Central Park is the park everyone loves BUT I prefer Riverside. It’s nice, quiet very beautiful and scenic. It’s along the water where there are boat docks with tons of playgrounds and playing fields for people, even a restaurant/bar.

I walk to 131st street and turn back towards the movie theater which is on 68th and Broadway. I make a stop along the way to Zabar’s which is a gourmet supermsrket, they have a coffee/ice cream/bakery shop along the side. I grab a Pineapple Coconut Smoothie and walk back down to the water to finish my walk.

I walk to a bench by a Marina and finish my smoothie and rest my tired feet from all the walking I did and see the boats in the water. I feel really at peace in those 7 minutes I sit there and not really think about anything. It’s the closest to meditation I will ever get.

I make my way back home, it’s about 4:30 when I get back on the train and finish off another chapter of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and get back to my home in Brooklyn.

I shower, chillax before the storm of “Game 7”. Rangers vs. Capitals. As I mentioned earlier in the post how eventful the 7-game series has been. Seriously, the game could’ve went either way especially how the Rangers and Capitals went back and forth the whole series. It never felt like 1 team really had a true advantage which can drive both teams fans crazy.

I put on my Ranger pajamas and watch the game.

First period, Rangers get on the board earlier thanks to Carl Hagelin fast skates and accurate feed to Brad Richards for a goal. This is a good sign, the Rangers are the best team in the Eastern Conference with a tougb, workman like shot-blocking, “grind it out” dynamic but they have trouble scoring goals like I have trouble scoring with the ladies.

I am pleased but I know the Capitals can score with ease with dynamic scorers especially one of the best wingers in Hockey, Alexander Ovechkin, who is an evil russian hockey dude with a bowcut and a assassin scoring mentality.

Nothing much really happens in remainder of the first period.

The 2nd period, I needed a change of underpants. The Capitals bring the pressure with rushes to the net. One of their lethal scorers, Alexander Semin gets loose with the puck and just when it looks like he is about to square up and shoot…. The best goalie in the NHL, Henrik Lundqvist takes a risk by leaving the net and poke check’s the puck away from Semin… Crisis averted and underpants needed.

Capitals get a few more chances including another really close one only for Lundqvist to make an acrobatic save. I really hope the game ends soon.

Rangers get passed the 2nd without giving up a goal.

3rd period, I am really nervous now because I know the Caps will give everythung they got to try to tie the game.

I am pacing back and forth as each time fire at the net. The Rangers finally catch a break when defenseman Michael Del Zotto scores off a rebound and gives the Rangers 2-0 lead!

Just when I am starting to feel comfortable with a 2 goal cushion and the time ticking down. Capitals get a cheap goal when Lundqvist loses sight of the puck… FUCK!

It’s a 2-1 Rangers lead and it feels like an eternity til the game ends which was about 5-6 minutes actually.

Capitals keep trying to score and eventually “pull the goalie”. Which means they have their goalie skate to the bench for an extra attacker. It’s “last resort” for teams down by 1 or 2 goals with about 1 minute or 2 left. Capitals keep trying and trying but the Rangers hold on….


Rangers move on to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the hated NJ Devils for the right to play the Western Confernce Winner (Likely the LA Kings) for the Stanley Cup. Which means another series of insanity.

And I need to go to sleep, wake-up and blog about it!

-V. for Vinnie

Goob is a Wonderful Thing!

Snoopy is my Homeboy!

Hello again, Blog.  Good to see you again. I have been really busy at work with my great team especially with all the new work we have been getting. We even got to take the client out to a Yankees game on my first day back at work which is awesome.

I got to get in some more games when I got back to NYC including the Yankee game. My friend Carly treated to a Rangers Stanley Cup playoff game which was awesome though the Rangers ended up losing.

The Rangers eventually recovered and won 2 straight to win the series and are facing the Washington Craptials lead by the nefarious evil Russian, Alexander Ovechkin. They won the first game yesterday and I kept my smack talk going to my Crapitals (they are full of crap) fans peeps including my friend John.

I had a pretty good weekend despite the Knicks getting blown out by two teams in 1 game. The teams were the Miami Heat and the Referees. The playoffs have been good though so far.

I got in some soccer today were I stepped up for my team and put the opponent on lockdown on defense helping us win in the final seconds. I was on those guys like “White on rice” or “The IRS on Wesley Snipes” or “Rosie O’Donnell on Twinkies and being such a bitch”.

I’ve touched on this topic in the past and given recent events: my birthday,  my vacation to Miami Beach, Muppets on Blu-Ray, The Avengers in theaters this week, my neverending collection of pop-culture/sports t-shirts, etc. I figured it would be a good thing to revisit beng a “Mature Rejuvenile”

I am a responsible adult. I work my ass off. I pay my bills and taxes. I don’t overly rely on others when I need something. I have no baby mommas who will confront me on Maury on whether I am the father (though if it did happen, and I was not “The Father. I would do an endless robot dance in celebration). I wouldn’t consider myself childish though if you piss me off I will call you a doodyhead and kick you hard in the shin! I put on my pants one leg at a time though it would be pretty badass to suspend your pants and try to jump into them with both feet but I digress.

I am an adult.  But I have the heart/passion of a child. I am a “Mature Rejuvenile”

Now those new to reading this are probably…”Huh Mature Rejuvawhat?!” Let me explain

I am an adult in his 20’s but I still have the exuberance of a kid… My inner child (who is cool and likes to see cartoons) possesses my body like that the girl in that movie where she puked on a priest and turned her head around and said dirty words though my inner child is not the antichrist. I swear.

On a normal day where you will see me working, paying bills, engaging in academic debates, and doing adult stuff at home.

You would notice I have dolls of my favorite NY Sports players, the cool nerdy Hamster from Bolt, and Nemo from “Finding Nemo” who I “found” at a Disney Store Outlet in Hudson Valley on my desk and the bottom drawer hides a candy stash that would make Willy Wonka (The Gene Wilder one) proud.

The nice unbuttoned  expensive Uniqlo dress shirt I wear for work is covering a Pac-Man t-shirt I got at Target for $7.99 (after the 5% off when I use my Target Visa Card).

I  am likely paying the credit card charges from all the movies I see especially anything animated/awesome, my PS3 store purchases especially when I buy the expansion packs for Call of Duty on my PS3 and when I went to see the circus in town or go to the Zoo where I can get a cool hat and try to not flake out when I try to feed the billy goat in the petting area.

When I am arguing about the merits of why Facebook purchasing Instagram was necessary with a co-worker. I can easily change on a moments notice and debate on how awesome “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” was as a movie or whether Scooby Snax was really Pot Brownies which explains why Scooby and Shaggy always had the munchies or who was hotter? Jessica Rabbit or Judy Jetson or Wilma Flintstone with the same pointed academic beats.

When I get home on the subway, I am likely reliving my Gameboy days as a frustrated 8 year old trying to master Tetris or Mortal Kombat on my iPad as I listen to Billy Ocean’s Greatest Hits especially “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into my Car” and that’s if I am not reading a graphic novel or comic book on it.

When I get home after I take a shower and have dinner I am likely in my pajamas. I have Ghostbusters, Batman, Mighty Mouse, a vintage sports tee shirt pajamas. I love pajamas, they are so snug and easy to be around the house in. When I am not watching the ballgame and my shows are in repeats I am constantly scouring google/youtube for childhood nostalgia whether it reading up on the history of the movie “Die Hard” (originally supposed to be “Commando 2” with Arnold) my favorite action film when i was young or try to find the lyrics to the Camp Anawana Song from one of the greatest shows on Nickelodeon ever! “Salute Your Shorts” or seeing clips of one of my other favorite shows I loved watching on Disney Channel before they became a “Kidbot Factory”, “Kids Incorporated” which was a “Glee” before “Glee” but  much better and not awkward/weird with a white guy with a AC Slater curly fro trying to rap. Fergie was on the show and who knew she would go from kid actress to a sexy adult talking about her “lovely lady lumps” and her “london bridge”. Oh the memories! Then I would have my evening coffee in my Jack Skellington mug which I also bought at the Disney Store Outlet in Hudson Valley  and play some video games.

Some people would mistake that with childish behavior and wonder when the person would grow up? They are dead wrong. Seriously who was the douchebag who said Adults can’t enjoy the things they enjoyed as kids and embrace kids stuff today? Have some fun, jerk!

Childish behavior is being stubborn to new opportunities or not keeping an open mind. I am the opposite of that, I embrace my inner child and my childlike curiosities of other things without that I would embrace the things I have embraced as an adult like being a Foodie, Beer, Books, Sushi, Mexican Food that is not just tacos, Hardcore Asian Kung Fu/Horror films, Coffee, my love of the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, The “House Party” trilogy (though House Party 3 was a huge letdown after the epic House Party 2 with the Pajama Jammy Jam), my fascination with Tebowing, my passion for Sports.

That’s why I identify with my alter ego, Goob.

Goob was a character from “Meet the Robinsons”  (underrated Disney-animated movie) who was a kid who loved baseball and coffee, he always wore his baseball uniform and carried his trapper keeper with field mice. He was pretty much me as a kid especially the early caffeine addiction. A kid who was passionate about baseball. Girls, Goob is similar to Agnes from “Despicable Me” who wanted her fluffy Unicorn. I can imagine Agnes and Goob dating when they grew up in High School in the movie in my mind.

Does it really hurt to have a childlike passion as an adult? Didn’t we learn the lessons from the movies, “The Sandlot”, “Drop Dead Fred”, or “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”.

I think adults need to be more “like children” if you ask me. Go ahead and have that cupcake and watch re-runs of cartoons. Go to “Dave and Busters” and eat junk food, a Guinness and hit those moles upside the head in a brutal whacking motion. Have a passion for something! Even if it’s Chess or something lame like knitting.

Age is a limit we set for ourselves… Why not be young even for a few minutes?  To bastardize Bolton who stole this song from The Isleys…”Being Goob is a Wonderful Thing”

-V. for Vinnie

12 Days Later/Miami

Happy Saturday Morning! I am home relaxing after a pretty eventful, last 2 weeks.  I am officially a year older now.  I got to celebrate with my family and friends at work.

After weeks of limbo, I found out I am able to stay with my team at work which is what I wanted because of how close I am to my team especially my boss, Andrea who I care about deeply and since the account has been like a “baby” to me.

I was there on this account from Day 2 (not a typo) and have been the long tenured person on the Account and felt like I was a part (though admittedly a minor one) of why the Account grew in the first place and didn’t want to leave it yet as we are exponentially growing and I want to be a part of where I think it is going to be.

I went through so much on that Account which involved late hours, sweat, tears (literally and figuratively), constant uncertainty of the future especially when things had looked really, really bad and self-doubts on my ability.  But I got through it and became better for it.

I got back from Miami on Monday after a 6-day trip. The Miami trip was exactly what I really needed after the last few months.

Day 1, 4/11: I woke up around 5 am to prepare to leave for JFK Airport. I double checked my bags, ate some Honey Bunches of Oats, talked to my Mom and took the train to the Airport

As I was on the train heading towards the Airport, I blasted some music on my iPhone. Couldn’t help but lipsynch to Heavy D and the Boyz, “Now That We Found Love”. I love that freaking song.

I texted back and forth with Sarah who’s one of my new supes on the Account as I got to the airport. I love Sarah, she’s really awesome!

I checked my main luggage, got through TSA with no body cavity searches (Woohoo!) and made it to the gate with a hour to spare before I boarded.

I killed some time reading on my iPad in the terminal. I couldn’t help but notice people all around the gates with Wendy’s french fries and it was like 9:30am. I was curious and looked for the Wendy’s and my suspicion was confirmed… THEY SERVE WENDY’S LUNCH EARLY!!! Knowing my flight was from 11am to 2:05pm, that it was Delta flight meaning, no lunch I decided to take advantage. I got myself their Chicken Nuggets and fries. It felt sooooo goooood.

I boarded the plane and was immediately relieved the plane had Wi-Fi though you had to pay for it, which was of no issue to me. Anything to distract me from my unease of flying is welcome including free booze though being Delta, they didn’t have that.

I landed around 1:45pm in Miami and I couldn’t help but notice as we landed how bright the sun was in Miami when the plane landed.

I made a bee-line for the baggage claim with my backpack and got to the Taxi Stand as soon as you can say “Holy Fucking Shit I am in Miami”!

I call my mom to tell her I landed safe, post it on my Facebook cause I have to rub it in that I am in Miami (of course) and got on a cab on my way to Miami Beach.

I get to my hotel, which was the “Dream Miami Beach Hotel” on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. I check in with no issues and got to my suite which is freaking sweeeeeet especially the big comfy bed.

As you would expect, I jumped the shit out of that bed.

After jumping on the big comfy bed, I took a shower to relax. After I got out and got dressed I decided to walk around South Beach to get my bearings of Miami.

My first destination was Puerto Sagua, which is a Cuban Restaurant in South Beach noted for their great Cuban Sandwiches. I get there and couldn’t help but notice the croquettas someone ordered. It looked so good, so I ordered two as well with my Cuban Sandwich.

Man that sandwich was good.

I ended up afterward going to the big Walgreens nearby. To avoid Mini-Bar costs, I bought the essentials needed for my hotel stay: Ginger Ale, A Big Bottle of Water, Candy and Chips.

I drop it off at my room, did a quick peak at the Hotel Rooftop Bar/Pool area  (it looked awesome!) and then I decided to walk around South Beach more during nighttime.

Miami Beach during the day is amazing. Miami Beach during the night is beautiful especially with the beautiful lighting of the retro boutique hotels that dominate the Beach Area. I walk down Collins and go through the Lincoln Road Mall which is a stretch of shops, restaurants with outdoor cafes and it ends with a big shopping complex/movie theaters.

I am in awe of how the outdoor cafes for the restaurants are set-up in the middle of the street as you walk pass. As I make the end of the mall and have a Iced Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato, I turn around. I head towards the beachwalk that leads to Ocean Drive and walk down, it’s was around 1opm. I started to take pictures as I got to Ocean Drive of all those pretty boutique hotels and how they light up that strip and seeing the live bands play… Though it was plenty of noise as I walk, it almost felt meditative in terms of how silently awed I was. If that makes sense? I on the way back to the hotel made a pit stop to the famed Clevelander Hotel when I see their bar has the BIG Knicks-Bucks game on the TV. I drop in and have a beer to watch the game. Knicks are down by 8 in the fourth only for Melo to carry them and the inconsistent JR Smith to hit the game clinching 3. I celebrate with fellow Knicks fans at the bar then go back to the Hotel.

Day 2, 4/12: I wake-up around 7am. Brush my teeth, showered, jumped on comfy bed and made my way to the “News Cafe” for breakfast. “News Cafe” in my research got a lot of love from Foodies like me for Breakfast. I sit outside with my sunglasses on on the strip and ate delicious French Toast and drank some Coffee and Orange Juice.

I rested my food in the Hotel and got my bathing suit, put some sunblock on, put on my J.Crew Straw Fedora Hat from the Jason Mraz Collection (kidding), got my flippy floppies and went to the beach.

Because I am staying at the Dream, they have an area for beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach so I register at the cabana on the beach. I get set on my beach chair and immediately run for the beach.

Now I will admit, I am not really a beach person. I am really insecure about taking off my shirt cause I am kind’ve of fatty to be honest and something about walking on sand bugs me.

Since I am at Miami Beach…How can I not go to the beach despite my insecurities? So I just said “Fuck it” and ran to the Beach like I was Hasslehoff and man it felt really, really good.

The ocean was beautiful with a nice blue color, the water wasn’t too cold. It felt peaceful and relaxing to be in the water. I practiced my underwater martial arts including reenacting moves from “Mortal Kombat”, “Bloodsport” and “Karate Kid’s I, II and III” though I near pulled a hammy trying Van Damme’s split in the water.

After I got out, I relaxed on the beach on my chair reading on my iPad with the umbrella covering the sun and I am listening to some Hip Hop

I stood for a few hours then made my way back to the Hotel to shower and find a place to eat for lunch. When getting back I found out after checking my phone that my friend Gwen who lives in Miami wanted to get dinner with me and catch-up. She moved back to Miami about a year and  a half ago.

I found a place to eat for lunch at the Lincoln Road Mall area I had mentioned earlier, Pizza Rustica. The sun is out and in full effect and it’s probably the hottest day I was in Miami. The sweat is  going down on me as I walk to the place.

I got to Pizza Rustica and ate outside (of course). I had a personal thin crust pepperoni pizza which was awesome! As I sat down I did people-watching with my sunglasses on. I couldn’t help but crack up I saw a group of Roided Bodybuilders walking by in the mall. They are so big, but they all have little tiny legs like a stick figure’s legs like they forgot you’re suppose to exercise your legs also other than your guns and abs!

I ate my Pizza, walk around the beach for a bit to relax my food. I got back to the hotel and put on my bathing suit and sunblock (cause I don’t want to be a Snooki Potato) again to go to the Rooftop Bar/Pool.

When I get to the pool, I found a nice place to sit near the pool. and decided to read some more and have a Mojito. I am kinda annoyed, there’s a bunch of loud, and obnoxious gay guys in the pool screaming like inconsiderate jerks to the others on the pool trying to relax.

I am rolling my eyes as I try to read, others share my feelings including the lesbian couple on the chairs next to me (not that it matters but both are really, really hot lipstick types…I stress really, really hot). We talk about how those guys are “assholes” and share Foodie tips since they are fellow Foodies.

We are both about to leave when those douchebags finally leave the area which relieves everybody on the roof deck. Things of course, became more relaxing and I took a dip in the pool…

I get back to my room and shower. I relax a bit until my friend Gwen picks me up at the hotel to get something to eat.

We got to this Mexican place called “Lolita”. It’s a beautiful place in a small converted Miami apartment complex. They have Ivy everywhere and a projector with old 40’s movies played against a wall.

We catch-up on how it’s been with each of us while drinking margaritas and eating chips and our food (I got the brisket tacos which were delish). A lot has seemed to happen to us in between the last year and a half. We call it a night, she drops me back at the hotel. I watch some playoff hockey and go to sleep.

Day 3, 4/13: I slept really, really well. I didn’t get up until 11am. I immediately get up and make my way to a great breakfast place I found called “The Front Porch Cafe”. I walk to the place. It’s a nice outdoor cafe with all these blue umbrellas around shielding customers from the heavy sun yet you still feel like you are outside.

I kick back with my iPad to read my morning news (NY Times and Sporting News) and eat a freaking delicious Eggs Benedict and coffee/OJ.

I get back to the hotel to get ready for the beach again.

When I get back to the beach, other than a few dips in the beach and doing more underwater martial arts. I am mostly on my chair because I wanted to listen to Yankees opening day on my iPad. I am fortunate their’s a hotel along the beach with a really strong wi-fi signal for me to listen to the game.

I stay there for a few hours and decide to head back to the hotel. It looks like it is about to rain based on the winds and the clouds rapidly closing so I made a bee-line back to the hotel to beat the rain and watch the remaining game in the room.

My instinct was right, as soon as I got to the room, it started to pour. I chill in the room and watched the end of the game… YANKEES WIN!

I chillax, shower and get dressed. I am going to the Miami Heat game tonight. I leave with a few hours to spare. I take the bus which is excrucatingly to wait for. It’s never on time! It’s still raining and the hotel umbrella sucks so I am really wet.

By the time I get to the arena. The rain has passed but I need a new shirt. Now I was always going to buy a shirt at the game because I am a sports fan who collects vintage tees, caps and jerseys. There are only two teams I will not wear anything for out of pure hatred…Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

Please note: I hate the Miami Heat. I loathe them deeply ever since Pat Riley left the Knicks after the 1995 to become the GM/Coach and culiminating in the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals when Heat PF (and a Goon) PJ Brown bodyslammed Knicks point guard Charlie Ward instigating a brawl which key Knicks players got suspended costing us the series and I even hate them more when they grabbed LeBron James and Chris Bosh last season to join fellow Superstar Dwayne Wade to become a “Superteam” though the Mavericks kicked their ass in the finals.

But I like the logo and colors and just because I wear the t-shirt doesn’t mean I don’t hate their guts. It’s more of an appreciation to Sports and great team colors/logos and it’s something I am very serious about in terms of collecting.

The arenas is really nice with a nice space-age art deco look fitting the aesthetics of Miami. Nice wide open concourses with interesting food/bar drinks. I have a “Swish Punch” drink from the Bacardi Bar which is Bacardi rum mixed with Pineapple juice and a touch of lemon juice and have Chicken Nachos.

I had great seats about 12 rows from courtside by the Heat Bench. The scoreboard I noticed was really cool and the seat colors are really cool with the orange mixed with the reds in a nice design. The pre-game intros were impressive but not at the levels of NY Knicks or Boston Celtics.

I watch the game while having another Swish Punch and can’t help but notice the Heat Fans suck. They are not knowledgeable about the game at all and only really cheer on the often amazing offensive play by LeBron or D-Wade. It bugs me because Knicks and other teams fans atleast casually appreciate the game. We live and die by every possession… These guys only care for the LeBron alley oops. They probably don’t even know the first 2 guys off the Heat Bench (Mike Miller and Norris Cole). It really bugged me.

As much as I hate him, seeing LeBron James in person as opposed to seeing him play on TV is an amazing visual experience. So tall, so fast and you can clearly tell his amazing court vision especially this sweet no-look behind the back pass to Bosh for a dunk as he was posting up. Dude is most talented player in the league though he doesn’t have that “Killer instinct” that Jordan, Magic, Bird and even D-Wade has. He’s more concerned about “amazing people” than “vanquishing his enemies”.

The Heat blowout the Bobcats. It’s so bad that even former Knicks fatass overpaid Center, Eddy Curry enters the game with 2 minutes left.

I head back to the hotel and get some sleep.

Day 4, 4/14: It’s a huge rainstorm outside in the morning. I can’t go to the beach 😦 I don’t want to stay in the hotel all morning even during the rainstorm. So I brave it out and go back to the Front Porch Cafe to breakfast to say I was soaking wet, would be an understatement.

The good thing with the umbrellas all over is I can still eat outside and read on my iPad. I order a California Omlette (Swiss Cheese, Mushrooms, Tomatos) with a side of Bacon, Coffee/OJ. As I read and drink my coffee, waiting for my food. A really hot British lady with a “dim sum” cart rolls be and asks if I want a Bloody Mary. I am initially not interested because I don’t want to spend too much because I am going to the Marlins game later but when she tells me it’s free and unlimited… why the fuck not?!

So I have my bloody mary and my breakfast which as always was delicious and head back to the hotel. I drink a lot of water because I know I will be drinking later.

It’s still raining which sucks. I chill in the Hotel and watch TV. The next Yankees game is on national TV though they get their butts kicked. The rain ends and I give it an hour or two and go up to the hotel pool to chill. I don’t go in but just sit outside. It’s partly cloudy outside. I decide to have a Watermelon Mojito by the pool.

When I am done, I go back down, shower and put on the Marlins Jersey I bought weeks before and make my way to the new Marlins Park in Little Havana via Bus (again, it’s still freaking slow).

I get there with enough time to spare and go around. When I got there I can’t help but notice how beautiful the New Ballpark is from the outside exterior. It’s Space-Aged, Art-Deco with a retractable roof.

When I bought the seats, I got the Diamond Club seats which are right behind the plate. I call those seats or courtside seats at the B-Ball games, “The Nicholson Seats”  in honor of Lakers superfan and Acting Legend Jack Nicholson who sits courtside at every Lakers game he can go to.

The Diamond Club has a seperate entrance which leads to a luxury dining area. Because you paid so freaking much for the seats, they provide you with a luxury buffet to eat/drink (including Alcohol) before the game that is freeeeeeeeee!

Being free… I have 2 plates (loaded of course) and 2 Blue Moons including a cheeseburger slider was awesome, the mini BBQ Brisket sandwich amazing, Lobster Mac and Cheese that was addictive…. As I was eating I saw, Jeffrey Loria

The coolest thing as I make my way to my seat, they have a nice station set-up between the restaurant area and the Diamond Club restaurant. From that station, you can grab as many snacks (Popcorn, Caramel Popcorn, Choco Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, Potato Chips, Hot Pretzels, etc.) and soft drinks/water to your seats which they re-fill every inning if you want more. I grab a couple of waters mindful of the alcohol intake I already had.

As I get to my seat, I can’t help but notice how beautiful the field looks. It’s night, the sky is clear. The roof is open, I love the giant scoreboards, the seating and the field’s dimensions then I see the one annoying ugly thing/gripe I had about the Ballpark, the moving Pop-Art Statue in Centerfield. When there is a home run for the Marlins, the statue is turned on and there are neon lights that go on, mechanical marlins, flamingos and fish move around and water shoots out of it. It’s sacrilege to me and baseball fans. I can’t get passed how much I hate it and hope there are no home runs.

I watch the game and after enough free waters, I order another Blue Moon via the waitress by our area and I walk in to grab a Popcorn. Marlins initially are ahead in the game.

I chillax watching the game  with my Blue Moons and was pleased the ballpark had wi-fi for visitors which allowed me to monitor the Rangers playoff game.

I am pissed when the Rangers lose but pleased with how beautiful the ballpark looked and watching baseball.

It goes into the 9th, Marlins are up by 3 in a save situation. They call in their high-paid new closer, Heath Bell to close the game against the shitty Astros. Heath Bell ends up blowing the lead and the Astros came back to take the lead in the 9th after Logan Morrison dropped a short line drive. Marlins had a chance to tie the game but lost.

When the game ended I met up with two friends, Em and Teddy. I knew from an old agency to meet up in South Beach for some beers a great dive bar they know. They are both great girls who moved to Miami, a few months back. We catch-up and drink more. I am a tad sauced by this point and they drive me back to the hotel. Being mindful, I have some water, take an advil and go to sleep.

Day 4, 4/15: I wake-up with a slight hangover because of my foresight of having some water and advil before I slept. I hydrate, take another advil and make my way for my last trip to the beach 😦

It’s really hot and the sun is out! Fortunately I have sunblock. I have one last dip in the beach for a few hours. Once I am done I head back to the Hotel to get ready for another Marlins game, this time a day game.

I am on my way and the 2nd bus i have to take to the ballpark is taking forever! (shocking I know) An Astros fan just as frustrated as me offers to split a cab with me. I take up his offer and we head for the ballpark. He has that deep Texan accent. We talk as we are heading to the ballpark. He is from Houston on business in Miami and wanted to checkout the new ballpark.

We go our seperate ways when we get there.

My seats are a bit more modest for this game though they are few rows back from first base (i know, still expensive). Because of the sun and humidity, they wisely close the roof.

The game is awesome though Omar Infante and Hanley Ramirez set off the Ugly Home Run Statue thingy…ugh. It goes extra innings…both teams are down to their last relievers until Hanley Ramirez wins it on a walk-off hit.

After the game, I decide for my last thing to do in South Beach is to go to this place my bestie Liz told me about called “Versailles”, a legendary Cuban Restaurant for dinner.

I really had no patience for the bus, it was daylight and I had my google map how to get there from the ballpark. So I walked down Little Havana for about 15-20 minutes to the place.

I wait in line to eat. I am regretting  my spanish influency (except the dirty words, of course) cause everyone is speaking spanish and I have no idea what they are saying… Am I am full 100% Puerto Rican!

I finally get to my table and order the Jamon Croquettes (per Liz’s suggestion) and Arroz Con Pollo! I people-watched still regretting my lack of spanish skills.

The food as expected is sooooooooo freaking good! I pay the bill and grab a Cafecito from the cafe outside and I make my way back to the hotel.

I get to the Hotel, I pack my bags so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning since  my flight is at 7am. Kinda sad to be leaving tomorrow but  ready to go back home.

Watch some baseball on TV, set my alarms and I went to sleep.

Day 6, 4/16: I got up at 3:30am. Did a final check of my bags and made my way downstairs to check out.

I checked out and paid the hotel bill. I was suprised how cheaper than I thought it was considering what I bought at the hotel.

Waited for the Super Shuttle which was 15 mins late though I had time and got to the airport with no other issue. I got my Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato and a Blueberry Muffin.

The plane was delayed about a half hour because of overbooking. Apparently they took International passengers from Brazil to allow an early connecting flight to NYC before  their scheduled flight later and overbooked the plane.

I boarded the plane, was in my assigned seat with my bag checked and my backpack in the overhead compartment.

A stewardess comes up to me and asks me If I can take a later flight because of the overbooking. I was willing to be flexible only if they assured me the next flight to JFK or LaGuardia Airport. They had told me they wouldn’t be able to fly me until midnight or tomorrow morning and offered a hotel voucher.

I refused politely and explained to her why. I have to work the next day and wanted to rest. I am open to switching only if I can leave on a sooner flight to NYC. I was already boarded in my seat and wanted to stay on the plane, and couldn’t she ask one of the international passengers to take another flight or the flight they were scheduled to take.

The stewardess, this middle-aged blonde witch came off offended like I called her “bitch” which I absolutely did not but that was how she reacted to my polite refusal. This time demanding I get off the plane, my fellow passengers defended me and were telling her to leave me alone.

So then she leaves and makes a bee-line for a passenger behind me and talks to him. I don’t have to be a genius to figure out that is the Air Marshall and I am concerned I am going to be kicked off the plane for doing nothing wrong.

I see the Air Marshall speak though I couldn’t hear because of the other passengers talking around me. I read his lips and it looked like he had said “Leave the kid alone”. She was furious walked down the row and convinced one of the transfers who wasn’t suppose to be on the plane in the first place to take their scheduled flight.

The plane finally leaves and though I was annoyed by what happened. I let it go and just read on my iPad.

Later on the plane. I am relaxed, that witch is with the beverage cart, she asks me for a drink nicely. It appears she “let it go” and I ask for an orange juice. As she hands it to me… her bitchiness comes out!

“You didn’t have to be so difficult, you know” in a her bitchy voice. I am a calm person. I can get stressed out at times but I never lose my cool with people but considering what happened, the fact it was over and that this bitch had to bring it up again. I decided to let it out….

“It’s over. I didn’t do anything wrong and it’s not my fault you guys overbooked the plane. Why don’t you just give me my drink and stop acting like a fucking bitch until we land”…

As soon as I let it out of my mouth I regretted what I had said to her not because I called her a bitch but because I was convince she would go to the Air Marshall with what I had just called her though she instigated it.

She hands me my drink and pushes the cart towards the Marshall. I am nervous and afraid to turn around to see her talk to the Marshall. My fellow passengers near me,  me they will defend me and that she started it.

10 nervous minutes pass and the Air Marshall is walking towards me (he’s this tall white guy built like a linebacker). I am certain I am in trouble. He walks up to my seat in the aisle, pats me on the shoulder and just gives me reassuring glance  saying to me “Don’t worry about it, you did nothing wrong and that stewardess is a bitch” and just walked on by.

Whew, I almost pooped my pants there. I wanted to get another OJ but I was a tad concerned a certain bitchy flight attendant wouldn’t provide me one unless she spit on it.

It was smooth flying on the way back and my dad picked me up and drove me home. I made a decision to never fly Delta ever again.

I rested the remainder of the day in my apartment, caught up on my DVR and my work emails.

The Miami trip other than the slight snag on the way back like my trip to San Francisco last summer again was the right trip at the right moment. I had a lot of fun in the sun and I got to relax/refresh myself.

Sometimes in life you just need that “time off in a new place, doing new things” once and awhile or life is going to boring or frustrating and you end up being a really bitchy stewardess.

-V. for Vinnie

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29 Things

I am turning 29 years old, tomorrow.

Wow! I am getting old! I need to brush up on my bingo and shuffleboard skills, my AARP application is in the mail for those Senior Citizen’s discounts, and learn how to pee in one of those adult diaper thingies.

All kidding aside, though I wouldn’t mind the 40% off a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s. How the hell can old people get that when that should be the last thing they should be eating?!

I am happy to make it another birthday and be with my loved ones and knowing the loved ones who have passed and move on are watching me from above and afar yet are still close to me in my heart.

I am blessed and fortunate to have a loving family and great group of friends and people in my life who like me for me… That’s a yearly birthday gift that always comes. Though I wouldn’t mind Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry, also.

I figured since I am turning 29 years old, there has to be at least 29 things that make me who I am at this point in my life:

1) A soul: I am not a perfect person and in fact I have made mistakes in my life, some I deeply regret to this day and never forgot about. But, I know in my heart, deep down, I am a good person who did way more good than bad in my life and never “lost my way” as a person despite some speed bumps which we all face in our lives. I am pleasant soul who wants nothing but happiness for myself and others who I care about.

2) A curious mind: I am a person who loves to accumulate as much knowledge as I can. I am like a Human Spongebob Squarepants though I don’t have a pet snail named Gary though having one would be cool.

I absorb knowledge fast and easy since I was 6 years old when I watched Basketball with my dad and remembered Michael Jordan’s game-winning, series-clinching basket against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the First Round of the Eastern Conference finals… I couldn’t help but notice Jordan pushing off Nance, Sellers making a good inbounds pass and Ehlo trying to defend Jordan only to see him drain the shot in his face.

That thrive to get knowledge about Basketball led to my intense study of other things that have interested me like other sports, Movies, Books, Music, Historical Figures,etc. I have read tons of books with many to read left. I have almost made Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire because of it 🙂

3) Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Cocoa Pebbles and Cap’N Crunch: Quite simply the greatest trio of cereals ever and I am prepared to battle to the death for them.

4) Billy Ocean: Quite simply, the greatest Jamaican Pop Singer of all-time! His lyrics are epic poetry in my ears especially with songs like “Caribbean Queen”, “Suddenly”, “Loverboy”, “There be Sad Songs” and the greatest pop song to ever be created… The freaking masterpiece that was “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car”

It’s 4 minutes of pop-synth heaven about hitting on some hot girl while driving your car and the music video raises the bar with an animated duck moonwalking and playing the saxophone!  Everyone should hear this song atleast once!

5) YooHoo: My chocolate elixir and it’s just cool to say YooHoo…

6) My Family:  As much as we are own people, we are very alike because of one thing… we love each other. Whether it’s my dad’s insane work ethic to raise his family, my mom’s caring heart, my sister’s sunny outlook or my brother’s fearlessness or my late Uncle’s gentle spirit, etc.. I like to think I carry one trait from each of them while making my own identity.

7) Brooklyn: I don’t know If I will always live here but Brooklyn, New York will always be home to me wherever I end up in life whether I move to London, SF, or elsewhere. It was the best place for me to grow up and develop as a person and I always feel so at peace when I am along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade looking at the city skyline.

8) Food: If the thousands and thousands of photos on my Facebook page wasn’t a dead giveaway. I am a huge “Foodie”. I became a “Foodie” out of necessity when I was a young kid looking for time to kill between after school and speech therapy… It exponentially grew especially when I got my first job out of college and started to go to these great places even taking journeys to food places outside of the city. I like taking photos of the great food I have because it tells the story of how I go to the restaurant and enjoyed a great meal thus keeping it in my memory.

9) Movies: I love going to the movies. I tried to go to see one every week If I can. It was something I picked up from my Uncle David. While these days you can watch it On Demand or watch bootleg versions I rather pay the insane prices to watch it at a movie theater…. I just feel more comfortable in a cushion seat eating stale popcorn at a multiplex.

10) Cartoons: They don’t make cartoons like they used too in the past. Sure there are some exceptions like Spongebob, South Park, the endless ones Seth  MacFarlane does, etc but Cartoons overall aren’t the same like the ones in the 80’s and early 90’s. I learned and took so much from watching “Animaniacs”, ‘Tiny Toons”, “Ninja Turtles”, “Ducktales”, “Darkwing Duck”, etc…. That was when cartoons weren’t force feeding education or throwing away any resemblance of a plot/character development. Kids are not stupid!

11) Cheesy Pop Songs: I am not ashamed to admit I love cheesy pop songs (see Billy Ocean) and that I play them alot on my iPhone. If having more than 5 Rick Astley songs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

12) Converse Chuck Taylors: I love my Navy Blue Chucks… When I wear out a pair… I buy a new pair just like those… Dunno how to explain it but I just love em.

13) Video Games: Thanks to Super Mario, I know how to defeat mutant weird Turtle/Dinosaur dudes. Because of Sonic, I learned that if you drink enough Red Bull you can run very fast through corkscrew ramps collecting coins and because of Madden, I learned that you don’t throw a deep post route playing as the Pittsburgh Steelers because fucking Kordell Stewart throws like a freaking girl and it will always get intercepted! I am not bitter, no really I am not.

14) Riding on the Subway: Sure you will always have the crazy guy who has Tourettes yelling random things, or the crackhead panhandler asking for change or the occasional baby, toddler, bratty kid who will cry their ass off to the point you debate drilling holes in your ears. But in spite of those once in awhile occurrences… I always love sitting down on a train and reading something as I get to my destination.

15) Pixar Movies: Who didn’t want a Buzz Lightyear though sometimes I do wonder if Andy’s Mom had a similar “toy” named Buzz Lightyear. If you catch my “drift”. I apologize for corrupting “Toy Story” to my readers.

16) Sports: My escapism throughout life whether it is playing, watching or bitching about Joe Girardi over-managing a game with that freaking Trapper Keeper costing the Yankees a win.

I can’t wait for the next game whether it is the Rangers beginning their run for the Stanley Cup or the Knicks fighting for the 8th seed or the Marlins/Heat games I will catch while I am vacationing in Miami.

The rush I feel in the Fall on Saturdays to watch College Football or Sundays watching Pro Football.

My beloved collection of jerseys I have accumulated including my new additions of the Brewers, Reds and Blue Jays baseball jerseys.

Sports is my happy place even when shit happens during the games 🙂

17) Friends: I love my friends! Whether it’s the Cuban Older Sister who always ask me to slow down when I walk or the sarcastic friend who paints her one-bedroom in Greenpoint purple or my friend at work who I can have a beer/pizza or play “Draw Something” with and talk about our crazy days or my amazing boss who I joke with photos of squirrels or random things during our days..

18) TV: I love my DVR, Hulu +, Netflix, etc. No better feeling after a long week at work to be snug in bed on a Saturday Morning watching “Grimm” and drinking coffee without a worry in the world until my DVR is used up.

19) Coffee: My one addiction. Many interventions have been tried but once that sweet caffeinated elixir touches my lips I am hooked especially in my Jack Skelly Mug.

20) Funny Animal Photos: Without them, The Internet would not exist!

21) Old School MTV, when they actually aired Music Videos: Ahhh remember when MTV aired great music videos like Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”, had Ed Lover do the  Ed Lover dance on “Yo! MTV Raps” and when you didn’t have to see Snooki smush some dude 6 times a day cause they re-air it all day! I love “Jersey Shore” but it’s played out now 😦

22) Bowties: My new look and I like it. I am like a Cooler Urkel but without the weird crush. Laura Winslow was NOT Hot! There I said it and I feel better. Maybe DJ Tanner or the hot daughter on “Step by Step”, you know the one that was a tomboy or Topanga from “Boy Meets World” before she ate Ben Savage.

23) BBQ:  I dare someone to say anything bad about BBQ! Try it! Seriously, try to say something bad about BBQ? You can’t!

24) Guess What?!: CHICKENBUTT! (gotcha)

25) Breaking Bad/The Wire/The Shield: The greatest shows on TV ever! Holy Shit! If you haven’t seen them… Get on Netflix and watch/rent those fuckers!

26) True Love: Maybe I’ll find it someday… I’ll never stop looking for it.

27) Not taking things too seriously: See thing #24

28) The pursuit of happiness: Something that drives me from day to day. I won’t ever stop seeking that “happiness” for myself. I want to be happy and nothing won’t stand in my way as long as it’s done right and not at the expense of others… What’s the point of “Happiness” when you cheat, lie, and steal for it?

29) Making it to the next birthday!

Well those are my 29… I guess I will need 1 more thing next year! 😉

-V. for Vinnie

April 9th, 1983

1 year til 30!

April 9th, 1983 is my birthday. That’s 1 week away!

I will be 1 year away from  30. Oh boy!  I am debating seeing if I can get that senior discount to Denny’s in advance not because I am afraid of being old but because I want a Grand Slam Breakfast at a low price, seriously why do the old people get the cool discounts? I deserve the same discounted movie theater rate as Clint Eastwood though Clint is a old badass!

In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about my birthday,  all kidding aside. 50% Happy, 50% Unsure of the Future that my birthday will bring.

I still have things to figure out and I would preferably need to figure them out sooner than later. Now I know I won’t solve all the questions, it’s near impossible to answer all life’s questions over the course of a year. But there are somethings I need to get resolved  before I turn 30, next year.

Things are going well lately. I am starting to get my bearings back after being put through the emotional wringer for a few months at work. I love my new supervisor a lot, she’s similar to my fave boss in the world and I mean that in the best way. It’s scary,  the  similarities in terms of mannerisms, humor and smile 🙂 between them with their exception of age and voices (one’s midwestern, the other is a dialect that is only known in the counties of Nassau or Suffolk in “The Island of Long” or Long Island) are scary

I still worry for a friend who I care about a lot. I am protective of this person and I want to make sure this person is OK. I owe this person a lot and  would do anything for this person… I want nothing but the best for this person and I pray this person feels better. This person deserves better than how they are being treated currently.

In about 9 days or so, I will be in Miami for 5 days on a well-deserved vacation. 5 days of sunshine, hanging out with my friends in Miami, catching Marlins/Heat games and wearing cool tropical shirts and drinking beers by the beach and stuff! While going to San Francisco was more of an exploratory trip, this trip to Miami will be more of a true “relaxing” vacation… will trying to relax on this trip. Next year, I’ll probably do something similar to San Francisco, next year.

I don’t know what I am going to do yet in terms of my birthday party, it’s really tricky. The weekend before my birthday is Easter meaning likely no one will be in town for a possible birthday festivities but I will be in Miami, next week! Oooo Vey!

I will likely do a Birthday “All You Can Drink” Brunch on the weekend when I comeback with my closest peeps and maybe catch a flick or a ballgame…. I could likely go for a Mimosa (and 3-4 more) and a Yankees game/summer blockbuster by then.

In terms of love, I have pretty much moved on from “Dutch”. There is a girl I really like I’ve known recently. She’s sweet and kinda shy, similarly to me but I am going to take it slow considering I have finally recently gotten over Dutch (I think?).

This week should be (fingers crossed), a slow week at work and hopefully I can celebrate my mom’s birthday on Wednesday, have the joint birthday dinner with my mom and dad (our birthdays are weeks apart) on Saturday and plan for Miami in between.

Here’s hoping the week leading up to my birthday is peaceful!

-V. for Vinnie