April 9th, 1983

1 year til 30!

April 9th, 1983 is my birthday. That’s 1 week away!

I will be 1 year away from  30. Oh boy!  I am debating seeing if I can get that senior discount to Denny’s in advance not because I am afraid of being old but because I want a Grand Slam Breakfast at a low price, seriously why do the old people get the cool discounts? I deserve the same discounted movie theater rate as Clint Eastwood though Clint is a old badass!

In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about my birthday,  all kidding aside. 50% Happy, 50% Unsure of the Future that my birthday will bring.

I still have things to figure out and I would preferably need to figure them out sooner than later. Now I know I won’t solve all the questions, it’s near impossible to answer all life’s questions over the course of a year. But there are somethings I need to get resolved  before I turn 30, next year.

Things are going well lately. I am starting to get my bearings back after being put through the emotional wringer for a few months at work. I love my new supervisor a lot, she’s similar to my fave boss in the world and I mean that in the best way. It’s scary,  the  similarities in terms of mannerisms, humor and smile 🙂 between them with their exception of age and voices (one’s midwestern, the other is a dialect that is only known in the counties of Nassau or Suffolk in “The Island of Long” or Long Island) are scary

I still worry for a friend who I care about a lot. I am protective of this person and I want to make sure this person is OK. I owe this person a lot and  would do anything for this person… I want nothing but the best for this person and I pray this person feels better. This person deserves better than how they are being treated currently.

In about 9 days or so, I will be in Miami for 5 days on a well-deserved vacation. 5 days of sunshine, hanging out with my friends in Miami, catching Marlins/Heat games and wearing cool tropical shirts and drinking beers by the beach and stuff! While going to San Francisco was more of an exploratory trip, this trip to Miami will be more of a true “relaxing” vacation… will trying to relax on this trip. Next year, I’ll probably do something similar to San Francisco, next year.

I don’t know what I am going to do yet in terms of my birthday party, it’s really tricky. The weekend before my birthday is Easter meaning likely no one will be in town for a possible birthday festivities but I will be in Miami, next week! Oooo Vey!

I will likely do a Birthday “All You Can Drink” Brunch on the weekend when I comeback with my closest peeps and maybe catch a flick or a ballgame…. I could likely go for a Mimosa (and 3-4 more) and a Yankees game/summer blockbuster by then.

In terms of love, I have pretty much moved on from “Dutch”. There is a girl I really like I’ve known recently. She’s sweet and kinda shy, similarly to me but I am going to take it slow considering I have finally recently gotten over Dutch (I think?).

This week should be (fingers crossed), a slow week at work and hopefully I can celebrate my mom’s birthday on Wednesday, have the joint birthday dinner with my mom and dad (our birthdays are weeks apart) on Saturday and plan for Miami in between.

Here’s hoping the week leading up to my birthday is peaceful!

-V. for Vinnie


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