Saturday/Game 7

What an eventful and interesting Saturday yesterday was.

I am so hoarse from all the primal screaming when my team, the NY Rangers won the decisive Game 7 against the Washington Capitals in a hard, fought game in insane, pants pooping 7 game series which had insane moments including an epic, neverending Game 3 in which Marian Gaborik who I affectionately call “Gabbo” aka the puppet from “The Simpsons” who is a cool puppet in a Simpsons episode won the game like 7 minutes after midnight and the miraculous game-tying put in off the rebound by top center, Brad Richards with 06.6 seconds left in the game leading to the game winning slap shot by defenseman Marc Staal a minute or so into overtime.

What a series, in fact what a Saturday! A well needed good Saturday considering the emotional roller coaster I have been riding the past few weeks when I recieved unfortunate news from a dear friend, who is being unfairly punished for no reason other than someone’s hubris and it affects me because of my connection with this friend.

It was a beautiful day in NYC yesterday. I got up early to catch up on my DVR and watch Mad Men in my Charlie Brown pajamas while eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds which always signals a good start to the morning.

I went outside to pick-up some drycleaning and realized how beautiful the weather looked today and decided I have to go outside today… Which will help clear my head from what is happening, the nervousness of Rangers-Capitals Game 7 later that night (Yes, I know I am not on the Rangers) and give me an excuse to eat Pizza in the park.

I decide to hang out in the Upper West Side neighborhood in Manhattan especially near Riverside Park along the Hudson River. I would catch a cheap matinee at my favorite movie theater, AMC Lincoln Square, get a slice at Sal and Carmine’s, walk down Hudson and get a smoothie on the way home… and possibly fight crime with my superhero persona and challenge someone to a breakdance fight.

So I rock a baseball jersey, my 2008 Brewers Jersey cause I am “Pro-Beer”. Too nervous to wear the NY Rangers jersey…

I get on the train and read the current eBook i have been reading on my iPad, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. Yes, that is the title of the book and yes, it’s about Revisionist History of what if the Civil War was really fought between humans and vampires who needed slaves blood to feed.

As you can tell it’s my kind’ve book and they are actually making a movie out of it.

As I was reading the chapter about Abraham Lincoln winning the presidency with help of sympathetic pro-human life “good” vampires who support his grudge against the evil vampires responsible for his mother’s death… I get to my stop in the Upper West Side.

I went to see an IMAX matinee screening to see “Dark Shadows”. I was intrigued by it after seeing the trailer about a few months ago after seeing another movie remake of a TV show, “21 Jump Street” (which was awesome) which gave a “black comedy” feel to the film.

I like Tim Burton though I feel he hasn’t been the same since “Sleepy Hollow” (I liked “Alice in Wonderland” but to me the degree of difficulty on that movie wasn’t exactly hard to pull off) and I love Johnny Depp and they made one of my favorite movies of all-time together “Edward Scissorhands” but they really need to take a break from doing movies together. They’ve done 8 movies, why not try something new which I think will help Burton get back to his edgier work (though ironically involving Johnny Depp).

I get to my seat, for a 10:00am matinee in the IMAX theater. The theater is pretty empty which is a good thing. I can kick back, put my foot on the chair. If you’re gonna charge me $14 for a movie ticket, I should be allowed to put my feet on a chair in an empty seat! In fact, I should be able to dryhump that empty seat though doing that would be weird and cause a mandatory 24 hour stay at Bellvue’s Psycho Ward though that’s neither here nor there.

I saw the movie. It wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great either. It was alright. The movie was pretty much all over the place in terms of tone and feel. The elements I liked where the “dark comedy” that the trailer implied BUT there were times when the film tried to be a romantic melodrama, or a fantasy adventure even sometimes which were the parts I didn’t like of the movie. Eva Green who plays the villain in the movie is freaking hot. Man, wow! She’s definitely in my top 5 hot babes list now and Chloe Moretz who people would remember as the adorable lil’ foul-mouthed assassin in “Kick Ass” is growing up to be a hottie though I really can’t call her that because she is 15. I have to wait 2 years to say it.

I get out of the movies and walk down Broadway about a mile and a half for a couple of slices at Sal and Carmine’s (I would walk 5,000 miles for good pizza and 5,000 miles more, just to be that man who walked 5,000 miles to wound at the Pizzeria)…

If you want a Great NY Slice of Pizza in NYC. You have to go to Sal and Carmine’s in NYC on 102 and Broadway though there is one catch-22 when you go. The old guy at the counter is one grumpy old dude. Dude looks like if Grumpy was not a dwarf, italian and happens to be really good with pizza.

I order two Pepperoni slices and a can of 7-Up and watch the old guy grumpily place my two slices and grumpily place them into the bag.

I grab the slices and 7-Up and shoot him a smile hoping that smile would brighten his day though It probably doesn’t, oh well.

I walk down to Riverside Park with food and I take a seat at a park bench and see the little league game playing. I am immediately curious of the game because a girl is pitching (the only girl playing). As I eat my slices and listen to music on my iPhone I watch the game from the bench.

After 4 innings, this girl is no-hitting this team and she’s throwing like a girl. I don’t mean that in a sexist way. This girl is not throwing heat, she’s confusing these boys with an array of offspeed curves and change-ups overhand not sidearm nor underhand. It’s completely fooling these kids like Amanda Wurlitzer from “Bad News Bears” meets Jamie Moyer (maybe 2 of you will get that reference)

I almost want to scream to the boys to be patient, jump on the first pitch which is the change-up always which you can smash because she literally throws it high and down the middle almost daring them, which is the wheelhouse for any hitter to homer.

Finally what appears to be the opposing team’s best hitter, he crushes her 0-2 junk curve that hung over the middle over the fence. Part of me wanted to run down to the field and give the kid a hard high-five like he won the World Series though the game is still being played because no boy wants to get no-hit by a girl, it’s embarassing though that girl showed alot of guts and belongs on the field though I would take her first pitch change-up over the left field fence if she throws that junk at me. No mercy!

I start to walk down Riverside Park after he homered… I know Central Park is the park everyone loves BUT I prefer Riverside. It’s nice, quiet very beautiful and scenic. It’s along the water where there are boat docks with tons of playgrounds and playing fields for people, even a restaurant/bar.

I walk to 131st street and turn back towards the movie theater which is on 68th and Broadway. I make a stop along the way to Zabar’s which is a gourmet supermsrket, they have a coffee/ice cream/bakery shop along the side. I grab a Pineapple Coconut Smoothie and walk back down to the water to finish my walk.

I walk to a bench by a Marina and finish my smoothie and rest my tired feet from all the walking I did and see the boats in the water. I feel really at peace in those 7 minutes I sit there and not really think about anything. It’s the closest to meditation I will ever get.

I make my way back home, it’s about 4:30 when I get back on the train and finish off another chapter of Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and get back to my home in Brooklyn.

I shower, chillax before the storm of “Game 7”. Rangers vs. Capitals. As I mentioned earlier in the post how eventful the 7-game series has been. Seriously, the game could’ve went either way especially how the Rangers and Capitals went back and forth the whole series. It never felt like 1 team really had a true advantage which can drive both teams fans crazy.

I put on my Ranger pajamas and watch the game.

First period, Rangers get on the board earlier thanks to Carl Hagelin fast skates and accurate feed to Brad Richards for a goal. This is a good sign, the Rangers are the best team in the Eastern Conference with a tougb, workman like shot-blocking, “grind it out” dynamic but they have trouble scoring goals like I have trouble scoring with the ladies.

I am pleased but I know the Capitals can score with ease with dynamic scorers especially one of the best wingers in Hockey, Alexander Ovechkin, who is an evil russian hockey dude with a bowcut and a assassin scoring mentality.

Nothing much really happens in remainder of the first period.

The 2nd period, I needed a change of underpants. The Capitals bring the pressure with rushes to the net. One of their lethal scorers, Alexander Semin gets loose with the puck and just when it looks like he is about to square up and shoot…. The best goalie in the NHL, Henrik Lundqvist takes a risk by leaving the net and poke check’s the puck away from Semin… Crisis averted and underpants needed.

Capitals get a few more chances including another really close one only for Lundqvist to make an acrobatic save. I really hope the game ends soon.

Rangers get passed the 2nd without giving up a goal.

3rd period, I am really nervous now because I know the Caps will give everythung they got to try to tie the game.

I am pacing back and forth as each time fire at the net. The Rangers finally catch a break when defenseman Michael Del Zotto scores off a rebound and gives the Rangers 2-0 lead!

Just when I am starting to feel comfortable with a 2 goal cushion and the time ticking down. Capitals get a cheap goal when Lundqvist loses sight of the puck… FUCK!

It’s a 2-1 Rangers lead and it feels like an eternity til the game ends which was about 5-6 minutes actually.

Capitals keep trying to score and eventually “pull the goalie”. Which means they have their goalie skate to the bench for an extra attacker. It’s “last resort” for teams down by 1 or 2 goals with about 1 minute or 2 left. Capitals keep trying and trying but the Rangers hold on….


Rangers move on to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the hated NJ Devils for the right to play the Western Confernce Winner (Likely the LA Kings) for the Stanley Cup. Which means another series of insanity.

And I need to go to sleep, wake-up and blog about it!

-V. for Vinnie


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