St. Vinnie’s Day

Should be my picture in the dictionary defining "St. Vinnie's Day" ūüėČ

Hello World! If you are not drunk, puking your guts out and reading this ¬†on St. Patrick’s Day… Thank You and please hydrate and eat something before you do.

My St. Patrick’s Day was pretty uneventful. I decided to not celebrate this year. Three reasons:

1) Too exhausted to party hard, I have been pretty occupied with work, the last few weeks. You don’t party St. Patty’s Day without doing it hard, just like playing Super Mario Brothers 3 or wearing a tuxedo t-shirt to a formal party cause you are here to be formal and party.

2) With my trip to Miami in a few weeks and given my workload and social commitments, the next few weeks…Today was the only day to shop for clothes for the trip. So I went to the Woodbury Outlets, upstate today. ¬†I pretty much got all my stuff at J. Crew and as always when you go to Outlets… got more stuff at other places than I needed cause of the cheap prices. Got sneakers and training stuff at the Nike Factory, new Disney Mugs at The Disney Store, Shoes…

3) While I was able to follow March Madness during the tough workdays of Thursday and Friday via occasionally peeking at my iPad between work. I never got to really see any of the games other than Lehigh upsetting Duke! Which was (pardon my french) FUCKING AWESOME! I wanted to see some games today on my couch afterward.

Though I celebrated in spirit and rocked my brand new Brewers jersey. Which is essentially celebrating Beer, which is a part of St. Patrick’s Day, well that and watching the movie “Leprechaun in da Hood” a few times.

I left first thing in the morning and got on the road. My parents who needed to get clothes tagged along also. Road Trip!

We hit a rocky beginning on the road trip. My dad who was driving refused to let me play the Road Trip Mix I burned. Apparently he ¬†and my mom doesn’t appreciate the lyrical poetry of Ludacris telling someone to “Get back motherfucker you don’t know me like that” and that “Kurt Co-something whatever that guy who committed suicide was and that band’s lyrics I can’t understand”… Which sucks because I wasted valuable mix-burning time on it adding those songs and some Metallica, NWA and some Swedish Death Metal music ¬†thinking my parents would appreciate it:-(

We drive, I am pretty intensely focused on my iPad reading my current book, “Don’t Put ¬†Me in Coach”. Which is a “fucking boss” book by Mark Titus.

Mark Titus was a walk-on player for the Ohio State Buckeyes team and started a blog based on his awesome shenanigans as a Walk-On called “Club Trillion” based on the fact he filled his stats with 12 0’s meaning he was irrelevant during the games and yet was part of the team during Final Four reuns. He lived the dream. I would give my Cassette collection including Boyz II Men’s “II” and Rick Astley’s “Whenever You Need Somebody” to be him on the North Carolina Tar Heels and pull pranks on All-American Tyler Hansborough and his amazing crewcut.

As I read and my parents are talking about whether “Lady Gaga will have little kid gaga’s and Whether Christina Aguilera ate Britney Spears whole because of her weight gain”. I begin to think to myself, If I had my own national holiday where people celebrated yearly other than my birthday…

How would I want people to celebrate “St. Vinnie’s Day”.

First for St. Vinnie’s Day to exist, it’s needs a cool badass history. For example, St. Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland. He went all Irish and white Sam Jackson and said “I WANT THESE MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES OFF MOTHERFUCKING IRELAND!” waving his green¬†shillelagh like a lighsaber and they all left while drinking his 6th Pint of Guinness.

St. Vinnie’s Day starts when Vinnie banishes all the pretentious douchebags off Earth and exile’s them in the designated Douchebag planet, we call Uranus while waving a badass blue lightsaber while downing a pint of Blue Moon and eating a bag of Fritos.

Now people on St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate this day by wearing green getting drunk, watching atleast 1 Daniel Day Lewis movie being re-aired on the USA Network, eating corned beef, drunken mangled singing of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and puking everything out while doing an irish jig.

On St. Vinnie’s Day, people will celebrate my day by wearing their favorite graphic t-shirt depicting any favorite object of pop culture or sports they like whether it is Beavis and Butthead or Beastie Boys or NY Yankees or Chuck Norris on a Unicorn without being a pretentious Hipster douche.

People will still get drunk but they will also play endless battle’s of ¬†“Beer Hockey” which involves an Air Hockey table, the two participants who are to be inebriated and near drunk blindfolded playing Air Hockey. When someone scores, the loser has down a cup of beer and the game goes to 7 and you have to win by 2.

All the cable channels will air marathon of all The Muppet Movies, Original 90210 episodes before they went to college and they tried to make Zuckerman somewhat hot by having her get a way out of her league Latino boyfriend (why couldn’t us Latino’s on 90210 hook-up with Kelly or Valerie or Brenda… We got ugly Andrea Zuckerman and freaking Donna..WTF…Racism!), Damon Wayans movies (especially Major Payne), and MTV re-airs every music video pre-1993 with the exception of a hand selected few I choose.

Instead of Corned Beef Cabbage, Irish Nachos (Like Nachos! But with Fries instead of Tortilla Chips!) ¬†and Irish Soda Bread. The delicacies of St. Vinnie’s Day involves Pancakes, Grilled Cheese, Cherry Coke and Rum (which is amazing if you ever tried it), and Garlic Bread!

The official anthem of St. Vinnie’s Day will be Kriss Kross’s “Jump Jump” and everyone has do the dance in the Video with their clothes on backwards.

The secondary anthem will be Kid n’ Play’s epic soundtrack cover for the best “House Party” movie in the epic “House Party Quadrilogy” called (though the 3rd and 4th movies imploded after “House Party 2: Pajama Jammy Jam” peaked similar to “Godfather II”), “Aint Gonna Hurt Nobody” but everyone dances in their pajamas like the key party scene in “House Party II” when Kid realizes his student advisor friend like the douche he was, stole his cash for College ¬†and tried to steal Tisha Campbell from him and confronts him while dancing and rapping during the party.

The end of the day instead of singing sad Irish limericks or whatever they are called… We all would drunkenly sing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” together to remember the amazing Season 1 finale of “Dawson’s Creek” when Dawson and Joey (Katie Holmes will never be as hot as she was then) kiss. I agree with Jay, Dawson should’ve drowned Pacey in his creek for stealing Joey from him.

One last question, Who’s the mascot of St. Vinnie’s Day”?… “Goob” of course (if you haven’t read my blog…google that shit!)

Ahhh St. Vinnie’s Day… Maybe it will happen.

I took notes and went back to listening to my mix on my iPad as I finished reading on the road.

To summarize the end of day… I bought a shitload of clothes, shoes, etc. I ate amazing Chinatown Chinese Food, I am watching March Madness and still thinking of St. Vinnie’s Day… It can happen!, you never know!

-V. for Vinnie





King of Wishful Thinking


Hi blog. It’s been awhile. I’ve been pretty consumed with work, the last few weeks. It got a little hectic and there was a point I got a tad stressed out though it’s looking like things are getting better and I feel good.

Per my last blogpost, I am near my birthday in a few weeks. Which means being a year older, celebrating with my family and friends, gifts, people buying me dinner/drinks, and getting closer to that senior citizen’s discount at Denny’s (50% off a Grand Slam Breakfast!) though not really…I AM NOT THAT OLD YET! Though given my youthful appearance I might get carded when I reach that age and they might not yet me cause I don’t look old enough ūüė¶

The other thing that is involved with birthdays is “wishes”. When you approach that Birthday Cake (preferably a Ghostbusters Birthday Cake or one with the Yankee logo) with that lighted candle, close your eyes, take a deep breath and make a wish or wishes.

The wishes I have made over the years have been diverse: A new bike, solving a crime with Scooby Doo, having my own movie theater, 107 billion dollars, Scarlett Johansson, to be a 7’1″ basketball player and have a killer low post game and skyhook (though I am stuck with 5’3″, good jumper, and can’t dunk a b-ball), Tiffani Amber Theissen, Yankees Box Seats, all my teams winning a title, etc.

Though I never really need a birthday to make wishes. I wish for a lot. Every time I see a fountain, I will toss pennies. Driving through a tunnel, I hold my breath. When I see my team down by 1 in the final moments of the game, I close my eyes and wish for us to win.

It’s not that I am not happy with where I am ¬†currently. While I feel like I haven’t achieved somethings what I have hoped ¬†and it’s has made me disappointed with myself for I still have hope those things will come to me.

I wish because I always want the best for me and those I love.

Who doesn’t want to wish to have a lot of money to the point they can feel comfortable about their life and can take care of those who you care about?

Who doesn’t wish that person you long for would one day take notice of the type of person you are and how you feel about them?

Who doesn’t wish to be great at whatever they do whether it is acting or playing competitive kickball or breakdancing like Re-Run from “What’s Happening”? That fat dude with the rainbow suspenders could pop and lock like it was no one’s business.

Who doesn’t wish that Tom Brady would get his butt kicked in a game and come down a peg for being such a douchebag?

It’s classic Freud or whatever that weirdo Shrink’s name was who makes us think we have some weird infatuation with our parents… Freud, right? Whatever that quack says, he has a point.

We all have a desire we want… We long for it… dream for it… think about it… Dedicate endless hours to achieve even if it means farting the ABC’s or coming up with some hybrid of a cookie and a pizza….

I am turning a year older… My only wish this year would be “continuous and sustainable happiness for me and my loved ones”… well that Hoverboards from “Back the Future Part II” to exist, Zooey Deschanel and my own movie theater with a giant fucking IMAX Screen!

-V for. Vinnie





Getting Older/Vacation

Yes, I was into He-Man as a child... Yes I feel awkward considering what I know now

In about 1 month, 4 days and 1 hour. I will be 29 years old on April 9th. I am starting to be afraid of that thought. I feel like I really haven’t accomplished everything I set out to do with my life and that is a ticking clock in my mind to make some kind of progress with myself.

I feel older yet I don’t really look it or to be honest with myself that I don’t really act older. I don’t think it’s immaturity, I am pretty responsible person in spite of how I act. It’s more emotional. I still at times feel like that teenaged version of me: The kid with the social problems, uncertainty of what the future was going to bring me and if people really believed in me.

Also my birthdays recently always are reeked in bad luck. Something always happens that day. I know it’s probably the anxiety of the day and it’s probably all in my head that my birthday is “unlucky” but it just feels like that. No matter what I had planned or was hoping to do, it feels like something beyond my control always happens. I don’t really think I have had that “big birthday party” I have always wanted in a long time. I can just never nail down people’s schedules.

Another aspect of being older means everyone around you is older including your loved ones. My parents are older, my dad’s is currently dealing with health problems stemming from his rheumatoid arthritis. I lost my Uncle to Leukemia and other relatives. A lot of my friends are older and at different phases of their life whether married, have kids or doing something different in their lives.

It can be mentally draining to think of all that. I think that’s part of the reason why I want to take a vacation during my birthday, this year.

I’ll probably be a nervous wreck around that time around my¬†birthday. A vacation is the probably what I need to relax and have a distraction. I also need a recharge of my battery, I am getting in that area of burning out/exhaustion at this point.

For vacations, I decided on Miami. I was considering Portland and Seattle, as well BUT considering my vacation to San Francisco, last summer. I need to go to a hotter/tropical place, this time and just relax with an alcoholic beverage, a pair of sunglasses and no worries.

Another good reason why I picked Miami. I have friends already there who I haven’t seen in a while and my best friend Liz is from there so I know she will hook me up with the advice and the places to go. I can also go to the brand spanking new ballpark, Marlins Park which has a retractable roof and even see the likely #1 seed in the NBA, The Miami with that ¬†douchebag LeBron, Dwayne Wade and the ugly Predator looking dude play at American Airlines Center.¬†One more thing, I can also indulge my foodie cravings also in Miami!

In terms of my birthday party, I am still debating what I am going to do. Part of me is debating doing like a sports-themed party like having my friends all hang out at a Sports Bar and everyone has to wear atleast one “sports-oriented” thing. That would be fun.

Things I hope for the days leading up to my birthday: My mind at ease, more confidence in myself, my parents having good birthdays (my dad’s is March 28th, and my mom’s is April 4th), hoping no effects my birthday this year (I really hope I nailed the timing right this year for my planned party) and most importantly, feeling like getting older doesn’t really mean “less time” and that it in fact means “more time”.

-V. for Vinnie


S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y (Back 2 Good)

My favorite spot in New York!

Today was Saturday, March 3rd 2012. Saturdays are the best days. You are one day removed from work and you don’t have to worry about work, the next day… unless you have to come in.

My usual routine is to wake-up early. Yes, I know. “Why the hell do you wake up early on saturday?” It’s just my routine, since I was a kid. I am so used to getting up first thing saturday morning to help my dad do chores around the building, where he is the¬†superintendent. Saturday mornings, the tenants would dump tons of trash and bottles/glasses in the recycle area like crazy. If it’s not done in the morning, it will lead to chaos later in the day.

I use the mornings to catch-up on my DVR/Hulu Plus/Netflix. I wake up on 4am for the next 5-6 hours, I catch up on things I haven’t been able to see during the week. Because of my job and my love of sports, I don’t really see a lot of TV during the week, so saturday and sunday are my best days. The one show that has become “Must See” for me is “Grimm”. I love “Grimm”. It’s like Angel/Buffy but in a Police Procedural format of a TV Show using Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a format in today’s contemporary setting.

While watching my shows. I am multitasking on my laptop. Yesterday, I noticed a friend at work in between work on Sporcle, which is a online quiz site. I couldn’t help but notice how her and my fellow colleagues were drawn to it. So I gave it a shot and I was freaking hooked all morning.

After I am all caught up, I take a shower. I decided I am going to stay in today and not to go outside today other than doing some errands (drycleaning and minor grocery shopping)

At first, things are ok today. I am watching College Basketball with it on mute while catching up on my podcasts but this lingering thought kept coming back.

Yesterday, at the end of the day. Something bad happened (can’t explain what or who) and I made a horrible mistake which I really feel awful about involving someone I cared about.

I felt so bad about it, I slept early that friday night than I usually do because I really couldn’t focus at all other than reading or playing with my iPad, at home hoping tomorrow is a new day. But it just carried over today, wondering if things are OK between me and the person. I would understand if that person is still mad at me. I hate myself for what happened.

I had to go outside and try to get it out of my head.

I decided to go to Chinatown and get some food. I went to my favorite chinese food place in NYC, Wo Hop. It is the “Waffle House” of Chinese Food in NYC. The dumplings are to die for.

I took the R Train up to Whitehall stop in Downtown Manhattan. Which is a few miles from Chinatown. I wanted to take a walk as I caught up on my remaining podcasts and clear my head. I walked it to Wo Hop.

One negative about Wo Hop. The service can suck, at times depending on your waiter. I had this old grizzled guy who was rude (he spoke perfect english, so it wasn’t a lost in translation) and didn’t even give me a plate of crispy noodles and duck sauce when I got there as I waited for my food (which he gave me the wrong order twice). I was hoping the fortune cookie I got gave me the translation for “asshole” cause that guy was.

I ate my food and gave the guy a shitty tip. I will always tip my waiter but I won’t give an asshole waiter a good tip on principle, he’s lucky to get 50 cents from me. I am actually a good tipper even if it’s just average service as long as my food there and if you make a mistake and apologize/fix it, we’re cool.

I originally wanted to see a movie in the Upper West Side at my favorite movie theater at Lincoln Square after my meal but I had a change of heart.

The weather though initially damp and foggy earlier became a nice day outside. I decided to take a walk over the Manhattan Bridge, back to Brooklyn and go to the movie theater there as I walk along downtown Brooklyn.

As I finished the last of my podcast listening, I cross over the bridge and I walk down ¬†Brooklyn Bridge Park along the East River. I got to sit down by Jane’s Carousel on the park.

Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park is a beautiful sight, you can see the bridges, the carousel in a nice glass enclosure and the East River.

As I sat there, I decided to walk to my favorite spot in Brooklyn as I have mentioned in previous blogs especially that dream I had. It’s the park benches along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade by Montague and Pierrepoint Streets.

I sat there and reflected for about 20-30 minutes. I am thinking about how I can make things right with my friend and the anatomy of the mistake I made. I want things to get “Back 2 Good” with us, I feel like things haven’t been the same lately.

After I sit for awhile, I make my way to the movie theater to see “Project X”. “Project X” is part of the “Found Footage” craze in movies where movies are being filmed like it’s something “really happening” similar to “Blair Witch” or “Paranormal Activity” via video camera. Though while most of those movies are horror film, this one is actually a teen sex comedy in that aesthetic.

My verdict. It’s not “Superbad” or “American Pie”, but it’s hilarious! It’s nothing special but it doesn’t have to be.

I exit the theater and make my way to Starbucks to have my usual (Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato) and I walk along the Carroll Gardens neighborhood as I finish my coffee up until the Carroll Gardens train stop to take the subway home as I listen to music on my iPhone.

I make my way home, took a shower and got in my pajamas.

In closing, I feel a little better today but I know I have to fix things when Monday comes. I hope I can make things right between us. I don’t want to lose this person. I want things as I mentioned earlier, “Back 2 Good”.



Knew You Were Waiting

There will always be that time when you will feel “lost” and hopeless” at that moment. ¬†When you feel like all the forces are against you and you need that “someone” to be there for you during this time. Usually that someone is always going through their own problems at the same time and you help and protect each other through that storm because you care about the person and that person cares about you.

The last 15 months, have been a emotional roller coaster for me. With the new job, my parents health issues, the craziness that happened a month ago, falling in love with someone though I will never know, if she felt the same way about me and letting her go, and etc.

I have a friend who went through her own roller coaster. ¬†I do believe fate intervened for us, when I first met her. We needed each other though we didn’t know it, initially. I got to know the person and we became good friends.

I hit a “Wall”, a few months in and I was really hurt and down on myself. She didn’t know me too long then, probably like two months and she helped me through it by comforting me and reassuring me everything was going to be OK. I believed her and she was right.

She hit her own “Wall”, a few months later and was in her own¬†predicament¬†which was not right. I didn’t hesitate to be there for her like she was for me. ¬†It’s not in my DNA to leave someone I care about alone in the dark, I would sacrifice anything I could for them. I consoled her and helped her through it as much as I could.

She took some time off afterward and there was no certainty, she was ever going to comeback. I was sad for awhile, when she left. I felt like I didn’t do enough for her. I know she has always told me I did more than I could’ve and she was grateful to me for being there for her but I’ll always feel like that I could’ve done more. That’s how I am.

I waited months without any idea if she was going to comeback. There were times when I didn’t think she was though I understood why, but I always kept hope she would.

She ended up coming back to my surprise. I was so happy when I found out the news. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 that she was coming back. I made it my own personal mission when I found out she was coming back that I would always have her back/protect her to make sure that will never happen again.

It’s been months and though we have still had our own share of “Walls” including very recently when we were both struggling at the same time but we saw each other through it because we each care about the other at the end of the day and we can rely on each other.

This person will never know the extent of the sacrifices I made for her (she doesn’t ever need to know) and I am happy, we’re still friends and we will always protect each other through thick or thin because that’s who we are as a people.

Sometimes we can’t fight our own battles. Sometimes we need someone on our side. Sometimes we need someone to talk too over late night chinese food. Sometimes people don’t need to be alone.

-V. for Vinnie


Starry, Starry Night

I am a big dreamer. I take that back. I am a really, really BIG dreamer. As one former American Idol champion sang in a really crappy song, he did in the final show that season… “If you don’t dream BIG, what’s the point of dreaming?”

I dream a lot and can vividly remember them easily to exact details of the dreams I have whether I am in REM sleep or daydreaming on a park bench along the Hudson River.

For a few years when I was in college, I actually kept a running dream journal on my laptop. I would fill out pages, it spooked me out how much I could remember in the dreams whether they were normal dreams or vivid, chilling nightmares or just completely nutty, whacky dreams. I made it a challenge to myself to especially figure out the whacky dreams and try to nail down what the dream is about?

I read a lot of Freud around that time and I am a believer in his theories of dreams though my own “superego” doesn’t repress anything of the dreams I have at all or I atleast think it doesn’t.

My dreams and nightmares are pretty much my desires played out over the 4-6 hours I sleep at night.  Whatever is on my mind at that moment or whatever memory or thought that is lingering over and over again.

The last two weeks I have been having two dreams recur a lot with a continuing threads:  One is a dream of something I want and the other is a disturbing nightmare that bothers me deeply.

The dream I have of that special girl I have fallen for and how I dream of the relationship we will likely never have in real life.

I dream of the dates we have together and our growing relationship like it’s a serialized romantic comedy.

The dreams pretty much get me through my difficulties of telling her how I feel in the interim even though I know those dreams will never be a reality. The detail of the dreams are very vivid and clear.

I am me in those dreams, nothing is altered about me in them. The girl is also is not changed either in the dreams, she’s the same beautiful girl I love with her personality.

I know I can’t continue this dream, and accept the reality of the current situation and also that it can make it difficult for me to get over the fact I will never be with her. But at this point, I am going to let them play out in my dreams for now. At least to feel “something” and to give me some hope, that “love does exist” and hopefully I can make a dream girl into a reality.

The nightmare on the other hand is something I wish would go away and go away soon. I really can’t waking up in cold sweats and heavy breathing anymore to it, feeling so sad.

The nightmare is based on my current struggles with a friend who is mad at me because I let her down.

While the dream was more realistic in tone, the nightmare is pretty much an epic, surrealistic psychological horror film with something always horrible happening to me at the end.

She won’t say it to me but she’s right to feel that way. I did fail her and I am not proud of myself for the void that is happening between us. She deserves better from me and I need to do better for her because I don’t want to lose one of the best friends I have currently. ¬† I want so badly to do right by her and get everything back to good again. I worked so hard and sacrificed for our friendship I don’t want it to end like this.

Nightmares are just worst thing to go through. It’s your ¬†fears played out as you sleep where you really are defenseless like movies “Nightmare on Elm Street” say subtly though instead of a Sarcastic Face Charred Monster stalking you, it’s your thoughts turning against you to deliver awful, terrible thoughts in your mind and trying to destroy the good thoughts you have.

I hope I can make things better between me and my friend. I don’t want us to to be not the same anymore. We went through so much together for us, it would be one of the worst things to happent o me.

I rather have an unfulfilled dream than a realized nightmare on my mind.

In closing, when you sleep, just remember dreams are what drive you as a person but they don’t ultimately define you. You need to realize your dreams for them to be real. Nightmares are the wake-up calls you don’t want to have but remind you that only you can take control of them and make things right.

I am going to go to sleep tonight. I really hope I dream and my nightmares are no longer and I still have a friend.

-V. for Vinnie



He sold women's shoes

Remember when music was fun and easily watchable on a Cable Network without 23.9 hours solely dedicated on Reality Shows with “Un-real” people? When Al Bundy was the coolest loser on TV? When Saturday Morning Cartoons didn’t try to bash your skulls with “education” then watch skulls bashed via WWF Wrestling and American Gladiators as you ate some sugar cereal like Cocoa Pebbles or Cap N’ Crunch? When there was fun, check your brain at the concession stand movies at the local multiplex like “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead” and “Waynes World”? When Gangsta Rap… Was actually Gangsta! Weren’t those the days?

I am a proud, unabashed child of the 80’s and 90’s.

I was Rickrolling for realzzz as a 6 year old on my living room to the cassette tape of Rick Astley’s “When You Need Somebody” album though no footage exist before you guys start searching YouTube.

I remember rushing home after school to see YO MTV Raps at 4pm to see Ed Lover and the other fat dude named Doctor Dre.

“Married with Children” was “Event TV” long, long before “Breaking Bad” is for me seeing Al Bundy sell Women’s shoes and his son, Bud making masterbation jokes long before I ever got what they meant. I can imagine any adult my age now watching the runs know understanding why Bud had a tube sock, a Bigguns magazine and some lube made the people in the audience wanna laugh.

Seeing “Die Hard”, “Predator”, “Terminator 2”, etc. without even wanting to know what there Rotten Tomato score was on HBO.

Ah man we were all spoiled those days. I am never hesitant to relive all the stuff I love as a child in my present adult days and probably my latter adult days. My iTunes has mostly 80’s and 90’s music I play often. My Netflix Instant queue currently has “The Wonder Years”, “Big Trouble in Little China”, etc. I YouTube a lot of classic music videos, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate current music, movies, cartoons,etc. at all. I just don’t really have the same emotional¬†resonance¬†as I have for them than I have from the things I loved in the past.

Rhianna’s “Take a Bow” doesn’t hold the same weight for me as The Cranberries “Linger”.

I think that’s why people have embraced the iTunes/YouTube/Netflix culture we are experiencing now. Now it’s easier for people to relive the past than it was 15-20 years ago, all we have to do is “Google it” and you’ll likely find it.

Usually people associate “Reliving the Past” as a negative thing whether it is remembering bad memories or as a sign of immaturity.

I don’t think it’s solely a negative thing to do at all especially if it’s things you enjoy and love. That’s different.

I mean is it a bad thing to see Kelly Kapowski on some random TV show today and wanna tweet your friends that she is still smoking hot or when you hear the local multiplex is gonna re-air “Back to the Future” and you wanna see it?

Retro in spite of those douchebag hipsters trying to torpedo it one ¬†ironic “Fraggle Rock” shirt and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon a tow is what’s now and it’s possibly here to stay.

Not ashamed to wear a Pac-Man shirt while listening to Boyz II Men and watching “The Goonies” on TBS.

Are you?

-V. for Vinnie