King of Wishful Thinking


Hi blog. It’s been awhile. I’ve been pretty consumed with work, the last few weeks. It got a little hectic and there was a point I got a tad stressed out though it’s looking like things are getting better and I feel good.

Per my last blogpost, I am near my birthday in a few weeks. Which means being a year older, celebrating with my family and friends, gifts, people buying me dinner/drinks, and getting closer to that senior citizen’s discount at Denny’s (50% off a Grand Slam Breakfast!) though not really…I AM NOT THAT OLD YET! Though given my youthful appearance I might get carded when I reach that age and they might not yet me cause I don’t look old enough 😦

The other thing that is involved with birthdays is “wishes”. When you approach that Birthday Cake (preferably a Ghostbusters Birthday Cake or one with the Yankee logo) with that lighted candle, close your eyes, take a deep breath and make a wish or wishes.

The wishes I have made over the years have been diverse: A new bike, solving a crime with Scooby Doo, having my own movie theater, 107 billion dollars, Scarlett Johansson, to be a 7’1″ basketball player and have a killer low post game and skyhook (though I am stuck with 5’3″, good jumper, and can’t dunk a b-ball), Tiffani Amber Theissen, Yankees Box Seats, all my teams winning a title, etc.

Though I never really need a birthday to make wishes. I wish for a lot. Every time I see a fountain, I will toss pennies. Driving through a tunnel, I hold my breath. When I see my team down by 1 in the final moments of the game, I close my eyes and wish for us to win.

It’s not that I am not happy with where I am  currently. While I feel like I haven’t achieved somethings what I have hoped  and it’s has made me disappointed with myself for I still have hope those things will come to me.

I wish because I always want the best for me and those I love.

Who doesn’t want to wish to have a lot of money to the point they can feel comfortable about their life and can take care of those who you care about?

Who doesn’t wish that person you long for would one day take notice of the type of person you are and how you feel about them?

Who doesn’t wish to be great at whatever they do whether it is acting or playing competitive kickball or breakdancing like Re-Run from “What’s Happening”? That fat dude with the rainbow suspenders could pop and lock like it was no one’s business.

Who doesn’t wish that Tom Brady would get his butt kicked in a game and come down a peg for being such a douchebag?

It’s classic Freud or whatever that weirdo Shrink’s name was who makes us think we have some weird infatuation with our parents… Freud, right? Whatever that quack says, he has a point.

We all have a desire we want… We long for it… dream for it… think about it… Dedicate endless hours to achieve even if it means farting the ABC’s or coming up with some hybrid of a cookie and a pizza….

I am turning a year older… My only wish this year would be “continuous and sustainable happiness for me and my loved ones”… well that Hoverboards from “Back the Future Part II” to exist, Zooey Deschanel and my own movie theater with a giant fucking IMAX Screen!

-V for. Vinnie






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