29 Things

I am turning 29 years old, tomorrow.

Wow! I am getting old! I need to brush up on my bingo and shuffleboard skills, my AARP application is in the mail for those Senior Citizen’s discounts, and learn how to pee in one of those adult diaper thingies.

All kidding aside, though I wouldn’t mind the 40% off a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s. How the hell can old people get that when that should be the last thing they should be eating?!

I am happy to make it another birthday and be with my loved ones and knowing the loved ones who have passed and move on are watching me from above and afar yet are still close to me in my heart.

I am blessed and fortunate to have a loving family and great group of friends and people in my life who like me for me… That’s a yearly birthday gift that always comes. Though I wouldn’t mind Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry, also.

I figured since I am turning 29 years old, there has to be at least 29 things that make me who I am at this point in my life:

1) A soul: I am not a perfect person and in fact I have made mistakes in my life, some I deeply regret to this day and never forgot about. But, I know in my heart, deep down, I am a good person who did way more good than bad in my life and never “lost my way” as a person despite some speed bumps which we all face in our lives. I am pleasant soul who wants nothing but happiness for myself and others who I care about.

2) A curious mind: I am a person who loves to accumulate as much knowledge as I can. I am like a Human Spongebob Squarepants though I don’t have a pet snail named Gary though having one would be cool.

I absorb knowledge fast and easy since I was 6 years old when I watched Basketball with my dad and remembered Michael Jordan’s game-winning, series-clinching basket against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the First Round of the Eastern Conference finals… I couldn’t help but notice Jordan pushing off Nance, Sellers making a good inbounds pass and Ehlo trying to defend Jordan only to see him drain the shot in his face.

That thrive to get knowledge about Basketball led to my intense study of other things that have interested me like other sports, Movies, Books, Music, Historical Figures,etc. I have read tons of books with many to read left. I have almost made Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire because of it ūüôā

3) Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Cocoa Pebbles and Cap’N Crunch: Quite simply the greatest trio of cereals ever and I am prepared to battle to the death for them.

4) Billy Ocean: Quite simply, the greatest¬†Jamaican¬†Pop Singer of all-time! His lyrics are epic poetry in my ears especially with songs like “Caribbean¬†Queen”, “Suddenly”, “Loverboy”, “There be Sad Songs” and the greatest pop song to ever be created… The freaking masterpiece that was “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car”

It’s 4 minutes of pop-synth heaven about hitting on some hot girl while driving your car and the music video raises the bar with an animated duck moonwalking and playing the saxophone! ¬†Everyone should hear this song atleast once!

5) YooHoo: My chocolate elixir and it’s just cool to say YooHoo…

6) My Family: ¬†As much as we are own people, we are very alike because of one thing… we love each other. Whether it’s my dad’s insane work ethic to raise his family, my mom’s caring heart, my sister’s sunny outlook or my brother’s fearlessness or my late Uncle’s gentle spirit, etc.. I like to think I carry one trait from each of them while making my own identity.

7) Brooklyn: I don’t know If I will always live here but Brooklyn, New York will always be home to me wherever I end up in life whether I move to London, SF, or elsewhere. It was the best place for me to grow up and develop as a person and I always feel so at peace when I am along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade looking at the city skyline.

8) Food: If the thousands and thousands of photos on my Facebook page wasn’t a dead giveaway. I am a huge “Foodie”. I became a “Foodie” out of¬†necessity when I was a young kid looking for time to kill between after school and speech therapy… It exponentially grew especially when I got my first job out of college and started to go to these great places even taking journeys to food places outside of the city. I like taking photos of the great food I have because it tells the story of how I go to the restaurant and enjoyed a great meal thus keeping it in my memory.

9) Movies: I love going to the movies. I tried to go to see one every week If I can. It was something I picked up from my Uncle David. While these days you can watch it On Demand or watch bootleg versions I rather pay the insane prices to watch it at a movie theater…. I just feel more comfortable in a cushion seat eating stale popcorn at a multiplex.

10) Cartoons: They don’t make cartoons like they used too in the past. Sure there are some exceptions like Spongebob, South Park, the endless ones Seth ¬†MacFarlane does, etc but Cartoons overall aren’t the same like the ones in the 80’s and early 90’s. I learned and took so much from watching “Animaniacs”, ‘Tiny Toons”, “Ninja Turtles”, “Ducktales”, “Darkwing Duck”, etc…. That was when cartoons weren’t force feeding education or throwing away any¬†resemblance¬†of a plot/character development. Kids are not stupid!

11) Cheesy Pop Songs: I am not ashamed to admit I love cheesy pop songs (see Billy Ocean) and that I play them alot on my iPhone. If having more than 5 Rick Astley songs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

12) Converse Chuck Taylors: I love my Navy Blue Chucks… When I wear out a pair… I buy a new pair just like those… Dunno how to explain it but I just love em.

13) Video Games: Thanks to Super Mario, I know how to defeat mutant weird Turtle/Dinosaur dudes. Because of Sonic, I learned that if you drink enough Red Bull you can run very fast through corkscrew ramps collecting coins and because of Madden, I learned that you don’t throw a deep post route playing as the Pittsburgh Steelers because fucking Kordell Stewart throws like a freaking girl and it will always get intercepted! I am not bitter, no really I am not.

14) Riding on the Subway: Sure you will always have the crazy guy who has Tourettes yelling random things, or the crackhead panhandler asking for change or the¬†occasional baby, toddler, bratty kid who will cry their ass off to the point you debate drilling holes in your ears. But in spite of those once in awhile occurrences… I always love sitting down on a train and reading something as I get to my destination.

15) Pixar Movies: Who didn’t want a Buzz Lightyear though sometimes I do wonder if Andy’s Mom had a similar “toy” named Buzz Lightyear. If you catch my “drift”. I apologize for corrupting “Toy Story” to my readers.

16) Sports: My escapism throughout life whether it is playing, watching or bitching about Joe Girardi over-managing a game with that freaking Trapper Keeper costing the Yankees a win.

I can’t wait for the next game whether it is the Rangers beginning their run for the Stanley Cup or the Knicks fighting for the 8th seed or the Marlins/Heat games I will catch while I am vacationing in Miami.

The rush I feel in the Fall on Saturdays to watch College Football or Sundays watching Pro Football.

My beloved collection of jerseys I have accumulated including my new additions of the Brewers, Reds and Blue Jays baseball jerseys.

Sports is my happy place even when shit happens during the games ūüôā

17) Friends: I love my friends! Whether it’s the Cuban Older Sister who always ask me to slow down when I walk or the sarcastic friend who paints her one-bedroom in Greenpoint purple or my friend at work who I can have a beer/pizza or play “Draw Something” with and talk about our crazy days or my amazing boss who I joke with photos of squirrels or random things during our days..

18) TV: I love my DVR, Hulu +, Netflix, etc. No better feeling after a long week at work to be snug in bed on a Saturday Morning watching “Grimm” and drinking coffee without a worry in the world until my DVR is used up.

19) Coffee: My one addiction. Many interventions have been tried but once that sweet caffeinated elixir touches my lips I am hooked especially in my Jack Skelly Mug.

20) Funny Animal Photos: Without them, The Internet would not exist!

21) Old School MTV, when they actually aired Music Videos: Ahhh remember when MTV aired great music videos like Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”, had Ed Lover do the ¬†Ed Lover dance on “Yo! MTV Raps” and when you didn’t have to see Snooki smush some dude 6 times a day cause they re-air it all day! I love “Jersey Shore” but it’s played out now ūüė¶

22) Bowties: My new look and I like it. I am like a Cooler Urkel but without the weird crush. Laura Winslow was NOT Hot! There I said it and I feel better. Maybe DJ Tanner or the hot daughter on “Step by Step”, you know the one that was a tomboy or Topanga from “Boy Meets World” before she ate Ben Savage.

23) BBQ: ¬†I dare someone to say anything bad about BBQ! Try it! Seriously, try to say something bad about BBQ? You can’t!

24) Guess What?!: CHICKENBUTT! (gotcha)

25) Breaking Bad/The Wire/The Shield: The greatest shows on TV ever! Holy Shit! If you haven’t seen them… Get on Netflix and watch/rent those fuckers!

26) True Love: Maybe I’ll find it someday… I’ll never stop looking for it.

27) Not taking things too seriously: See thing #24

28) The pursuit of happiness: Something that drives me from day to day. I won’t ever stop seeking that “happiness” for myself. I want to be happy and nothing won’t stand in my way as long as it’s done right and not at the expense of others… What’s the point of “Happiness” when you cheat, lie, and steal for it?

29) Making it to the next birthday!

Well those are my 29… I guess I will need 1 more thing next year! ūüėČ

-V. for Vinnie


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