Goob is a Wonderful Thing!

Snoopy is my Homeboy!

Hello again, Blog.  Good to see you again. I have been really busy at work with my great team especially with all the new work we have been getting. We even got to take the client out to a Yankees game on my first day back at work which is awesome.

I got to get in some more games when I got back to NYC including the Yankee game. My friend Carly treated to a Rangers Stanley Cup playoff game which was awesome though the Rangers ended up losing.

The Rangers eventually recovered and won 2 straight to win the series and are facing the Washington Craptials lead by the nefarious evil Russian, Alexander Ovechkin. They won the first game yesterday and I kept my smack talk going to my Crapitals (they are full of crap) fans peeps including my friend John.

I had a pretty good weekend despite the Knicks getting blown out by two teams in 1 game. The teams were the Miami Heat and the Referees. The playoffs have been good though so far.

I got in some soccer today were I stepped up for my team and put the opponent on lockdown on defense helping us win in the final seconds. I was on those guys like “White on rice” or “The IRS on Wesley Snipes” or “Rosie O’Donnell on Twinkies and being such a bitch”.

I’ve touched on this topic in the past and given recent events: my birthday,  my vacation to Miami Beach, Muppets on Blu-Ray, The Avengers in theaters this week, my neverending collection of pop-culture/sports t-shirts, etc. I figured it would be a good thing to revisit beng a “Mature Rejuvenile”

I am a responsible adult. I work my ass off. I pay my bills and taxes. I don’t overly rely on others when I need something. I have no baby mommas who will confront me on Maury on whether I am the father (though if it did happen, and I was not “The Father. I would do an endless robot dance in celebration). I wouldn’t consider myself childish though if you piss me off I will call you a doodyhead and kick you hard in the shin! I put on my pants one leg at a time though it would be pretty badass to suspend your pants and try to jump into them with both feet but I digress.

I am an adult.  But I have the heart/passion of a child. I am a “Mature Rejuvenile”

Now those new to reading this are probably…”Huh Mature Rejuvawhat?!” Let me explain

I am an adult in his 20’s but I still have the exuberance of a kid… My inner child (who is cool and likes to see cartoons) possesses my body like that the girl in that movie where she puked on a priest and turned her head around and said dirty words though my inner child is not the antichrist. I swear.

On a normal day where you will see me working, paying bills, engaging in academic debates, and doing adult stuff at home.

You would notice I have dolls of my favorite NY Sports players, the cool nerdy Hamster from Bolt, and Nemo from “Finding Nemo” who I “found” at a Disney Store Outlet in Hudson Valley on my desk and the bottom drawer hides a candy stash that would make Willy Wonka (The Gene Wilder one) proud.

The nice unbuttoned  expensive Uniqlo dress shirt I wear for work is covering a Pac-Man t-shirt I got at Target for $7.99 (after the 5% off when I use my Target Visa Card).

I  am likely paying the credit card charges from all the movies I see especially anything animated/awesome, my PS3 store purchases especially when I buy the expansion packs for Call of Duty on my PS3 and when I went to see the circus in town or go to the Zoo where I can get a cool hat and try to not flake out when I try to feed the billy goat in the petting area.

When I am arguing about the merits of why Facebook purchasing Instagram was necessary with a co-worker. I can easily change on a moments notice and debate on how awesome “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” was as a movie or whether Scooby Snax was really Pot Brownies which explains why Scooby and Shaggy always had the munchies or who was hotter? Jessica Rabbit or Judy Jetson or Wilma Flintstone with the same pointed academic beats.

When I get home on the subway, I am likely reliving my Gameboy days as a frustrated 8 year old trying to master Tetris or Mortal Kombat on my iPad as I listen to Billy Ocean’s Greatest Hits especially “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into my Car” and that’s if I am not reading a graphic novel or comic book on it.

When I get home after I take a shower and have dinner I am likely in my pajamas. I have Ghostbusters, Batman, Mighty Mouse, a vintage sports tee shirt pajamas. I love pajamas, they are so snug and easy to be around the house in. When I am not watching the ballgame and my shows are in repeats I am constantly scouring google/youtube for childhood nostalgia whether it reading up on the history of the movie “Die Hard” (originally supposed to be “Commando 2” with Arnold) my favorite action film when i was young or try to find the lyrics to the Camp Anawana Song from one of the greatest shows on Nickelodeon ever! “Salute Your Shorts” or seeing clips of one of my other favorite shows I loved watching on Disney Channel before they became a “Kidbot Factory”, “Kids Incorporated” which was a “Glee” before “Glee” but  much better and not awkward/weird with a white guy with a AC Slater curly fro trying to rap. Fergie was on the show and who knew she would go from kid actress to a sexy adult talking about her “lovely lady lumps” and her “london bridge”. Oh the memories! Then I would have my evening coffee in my Jack Skellington mug which I also bought at the Disney Store Outlet in Hudson Valley  and play some video games.

Some people would mistake that with childish behavior and wonder when the person would grow up? They are dead wrong. Seriously who was the douchebag who said Adults can’t enjoy the things they enjoyed as kids and embrace kids stuff today? Have some fun, jerk!

Childish behavior is being stubborn to new opportunities or not keeping an open mind. I am the opposite of that, I embrace my inner child and my childlike curiosities of other things without that I would embrace the things I have embraced as an adult like being a Foodie, Beer, Books, Sushi, Mexican Food that is not just tacos, Hardcore Asian Kung Fu/Horror films, Coffee, my love of the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, The “House Party” trilogy (though House Party 3 was a huge letdown after the epic House Party 2 with the Pajama Jammy Jam), my fascination with Tebowing, my passion for Sports.

That’s why I identify with my alter ego, Goob.

Goob was a character from “Meet the Robinsons”  (underrated Disney-animated movie) who was a kid who loved baseball and coffee, he always wore his baseball uniform and carried his trapper keeper with field mice. He was pretty much me as a kid especially the early caffeine addiction. A kid who was passionate about baseball. Girls, Goob is similar to Agnes from “Despicable Me” who wanted her fluffy Unicorn. I can imagine Agnes and Goob dating when they grew up in High School in the movie in my mind.

Does it really hurt to have a childlike passion as an adult? Didn’t we learn the lessons from the movies, “The Sandlot”, “Drop Dead Fred”, or “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”.

I think adults need to be more “like children” if you ask me. Go ahead and have that cupcake and watch re-runs of cartoons. Go to “Dave and Busters” and eat junk food, a Guinness and hit those moles upside the head in a brutal whacking motion. Have a passion for something! Even if it’s Chess or something lame like knitting.

Age is a limit we set for ourselves… Why not be young even for a few minutes?  To bastardize Bolton who stole this song from The Isleys…”Being Goob is a Wonderful Thing”

-V. for Vinnie


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