Knew You Were Waiting

There will always be that time when you will feel “lost” and hopeless” at that moment.  When you feel like all the forces are against you and you need that “someone” to be there for you during this time. Usually that someone is always going through their own problems at the same time and you help and protect each other through that storm because you care about the person and that person cares about you.

The last 15 months, have been a emotional roller coaster for me. With the new job, my parents health issues, the craziness that happened a month ago, falling in love with someone though I will never know, if she felt the same way about me and letting her go, and etc.

I have a friend who went through her own roller coaster.  I do believe fate intervened for us, when I first met her. We needed each other though we didn’t know it, initially. I got to know the person and we became good friends.

I hit a “Wall”, a few months in and I was really hurt and down on myself. She didn’t know me too long then, probably like two months and she helped me through it by comforting me and reassuring me everything was going to be OK. I believed her and she was right.

She hit her own “Wall”, a few months later and was in her own predicament which was not right. I didn’t hesitate to be there for her like she was for me.  It’s not in my DNA to leave someone I care about alone in the dark, I would sacrifice anything I could for them. I consoled her and helped her through it as much as I could.

She took some time off afterward and there was no certainty, she was ever going to comeback. I was sad for awhile, when she left. I felt like I didn’t do enough for her. I know she has always told me I did more than I could’ve and she was grateful to me for being there for her but I’ll always feel like that I could’ve done more. That’s how I am.

I waited months without any idea if she was going to comeback. There were times when I didn’t think she was though I understood why, but I always kept hope she would.

She ended up coming back to my surprise. I was so happy when I found out the news. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 that she was coming back. I made it my own personal mission when I found out she was coming back that I would always have her back/protect her to make sure that will never happen again.

It’s been months and though we have still had our own share of “Walls” including very recently when we were both struggling at the same time but we saw each other through it because we each care about the other at the end of the day and we can rely on each other.

This person will never know the extent of the sacrifices I made for her (she doesn’t ever need to know) and I am happy, we’re still friends and we will always protect each other through thick or thin because that’s who we are as a people.

Sometimes we can’t fight our own battles. Sometimes we need someone on our side. Sometimes we need someone to talk too over late night chinese food. Sometimes people don’t need to be alone.

-V. for Vinnie


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