If she likes the Mug, She's a keeper

I made a decision yesterday (see yesterday’s blog, “Beating Cupid”) to really try and try really hard to meet someone, the right girl for me. 365 days to find her.

What is the right girl for me, you ask?

  • 22-32 years of age
  • City girl
  • Brunette or Blonde
  • Beautiful (duh)
  • College Educated, probably someone in my industry because she’ll get the workload I have because she probably has the same one
  • Smart and confident but NOT pretentious
  • Funny, can be sarcastic but NOT facetious
  • Sweet and comforting
  • Especially when it comes to me and the person I am, someone understanding. That is very important to me
  • Honest (duh)
  • Open with her feelings
  • Someone who knows what she wants in life and willing to go for it
  • Someone never satisfied with where she is, she’s open to new things
  • Likes Sports… Doesn’t have to love Sports, I am willing to concede that
  • Someone as comfortable staying home as she is going to a bar
  • Someone I can learn from
  • Family person
  • Passionate
  • Soft voice, something about that is kind’ve a turn on for me
  • The who when I see I can’t help but smile when I see her
  • Someone I can paint an apartment purple while listening 90’s Alt Rock with
  • The girl who doesn’t hesitate when I text “Wanna get Grilled Cheese and Tater Tots”
  • Someone game to play Wii
  • Someone unafraid to belt out George Michael songs at karaoke
  • Someone who will labor through 5-movie marathon at a Multiplex while eating popcorn
  • Someone who wouldn’t mind drinking coffee out of my Jack Skelly Mug
  • etc…

Whether that girl exists, I don’t know. Will a girl have all what I mentioned… Probably not. To be honest, some of the descriptors I mentioned where very particular in the sense it’s a conglomeration of the some of the best experiences I have had with women in my past, mostly friends.

I hope she exists, though she’s likely in my dreams.

-V. for Vinnie


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