All Kinds of Time

A Good "Hangover"

Today, I woke up hungover.

Hangovers are usually  never good, unless it involves Zach Galfianakis. Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms running around Vegas and hanging out with Mike Tyson. Hangovers really suck. You wake up with a nasty headache which lingers pretty much most through the morning, you try to get as many fluids especially water or gatorade, as soon as you can and there always the projectile vomiting, as well.

This hangover was good. Why you ask?

After a looooooooooooong night full of hi-jinks, Jack n’ Cokes at and after the office holiday party, I woke up hungover but I felt more normal, if that makes sense.

I am always very nervous about going to any parties, including my own. I am socially awkward and painfully shy. I really don’t have any charisma or the looks to make up for it, to be painfully honest about myself.

I usually turn to hard liquor, as soon as possible. It helps ease my nerves and naturally is a conversion starter to get me through the first hour. It’s easier for me to talk to someone about what their drinking and what I am drinking as an icebreaker cause it usually always leads to something else to talk with the person thus helping me get more comfortable in the surroundings.

As I grab my first Jack and Coke, I begin to mingle with the crowd. I pretty much hang nearby people I am closer to from my agency to get my social bearings set for the rest of the night.

When they open the ballroom for everyone to sit on their tables for dinner, dancing, and the ceremonies. I am pretty much five Jack and Coke’s in… and about 1 glass of water. I am feeling a tad more sociable, you might say. I take a seat near my friend’s and team members from our digital team, Steve and Carolyn.

I am a tad distracted as I eat only because I am waiting for a text. A text from my amazing boss, Andrea. She’s been in Texas, all week for a important client event. I missed her.  I was really happy earlier when  she had told me as she landed back in NYC that she was going to the party, after all. She has a “great news” from the client event and I know what it is.

She texts me, she is on route to the party… I head to the entrance to wait for her. We exchange funny back and forth texts as she’s in the cab coming.

She finally gets here and I am super excited to tell me “the news”. I am really, really happy by it and we proceed to go into the party.

I talk with my friends some more, drink more Jack n’ Cokes, eat some desert. I get to talk to Steve. Steve, is one of the managing partners of my agency and all around great guy. I love Steve, though he is a NY Giants fan, not hating though I am a diehard Jets fan. The door is always open in Steve’s office and he’s been a father figure to me and a lot of other people in the agency. I have seen his kindness with a fellow colleague/friend, first hand. This business needs a lot more Steve’s in my humble opinion.

As I drink another, Jack n’ Coke, unfortunately the party is about to end. Well the “Party” doesn’t end, actually. Well in terms of getting kicked out of the Reception Hall and no more Free booze, the party ended… But not the after-party! Though we have to pay for the booze now!

I followed a friend and another girl from our agency to join up with her friends at a lounge in Greenwich Village.  The place is really loud and everyone is pretty lit in terms of their drinking (though as am I).

I immediately talk to one of girls with us who I really don’t know at all. She’s really beautiful and when I say beautiful, I mean it!

Me, about three years ago would felt uncomfortable talking to a random, beautiful stranger I didn’t know at all.

But, I am not me, three years ago. Though I am on another Gin n’ Coke (trying to “mix” it up) which might have helped me being comfortable though she struck me as a really nice person.

I pretty much have a hour conversation with her and it’s like I have known her for awhile though she is a stranger to me. I was pretty much proud of me after that.

Something else happened, while at the place that was very awkward moment  involving me and some random stranger at the place while I was getting another drink. I don’t want to go into too much detail but it left a bad taste in my mouth and put me in a compromising position I didn’t want to be in and I decided I wanted to go to the other after-party where most of my friends are and say goodbye to the people I was with where most of the people from the party had went too.

I take a cab to another bar to meet up with my other friends.

As soon as I get there, I see my boss Andrea leaving. I get to say goodbye to her. I wished I could’ve gotten there sooner, so we could’ve hanged more but most of my other friends are still there. I get to the bar and struggling to get the attention of the bartender.  My good friend, Anna, who helps me get the bartender’s attention (Thank You Anna!) so I can get a Hoegaarden (“mix”ing it up again) finally.

I get to talk to my friends so more like talking with the lovely Juilette and hoping we are on the same team someday or my new supervisor Shawnessy about the Yankees and games we have to go to I really  like her compared to my last Supervisor who me and Andrea didn’t trust at all, or Pauline about the shitload of upcoming work that’s about to come our way which makes us oddly excited  or talking to Andrea’s brother, Tom who works at our agency and I reiterate to him, I love his sister like she was “my own sister” and I would gladly join his other brothers in beating up someone who messes with her.

I seriously mean that. Nobody messes with my family or friends, ever. I might act/look like a big softie but when you hurt with someone I care about, I am one of the last people you ever want to cross. That’s happened twice with people I cared about and I had to take action and both times I proved that I will protect those who I care about.

Around 3am, my friends start to leave for home, I decide to go home, as well. I walk to the Subway station to take the train home. I buy a big bottle of Evian for the trip considering all the alcohol I had tonight. I listen to music loud to keep my up so I don’t accidentally wake up on a train in Coney Island.

I hear this song, “All Kinds of Time” by Alt-Pop Rock Band, Fountains of Wayne on the train. I am immediately hooked on it and how it related to my night today and I play it repeatedly

The lyrics outwardly are about a Quarterback in a Football Game who’s about to take a snap in a big game with his family watching and he’s under pressure but he’s not scared or worried because he knows “he has time” to make that one play.

The lyrics mean more than a Football Game.

It means there are times in our lives when moments can be awkward, compromising, hard, pressure-filled and downright scary but if you just breath, take a “step back”, realize there really is “no pressure” in the moment… you can come through on top in the face of all that because you believe in yourself to make the right decisions at the moment.

Last night, I made the right decisions. I chose to not worry about “my problem”. I chose to have a fun night with people I care about and be myself in front of them. I chose to talk to strangers who I feel comfortable with who come off as good people. I chose not to take advantage of a compromising situation because it was not the right thing to do and I am a good person. I chose to not worry whether people will accept me or not because it is their loss, I am a good/cool guy who happens to be typing this blog wearing a “McLovin” shirt.

I chose to drink responsibly (though it was a lot of “responsible” drinking), feeling happy on a train ride home where I relived a great night in my head, made a detour to a 24/7 McDonalds to get a Sausage Biscuit and Hash Browns and got to bed at 5am knowing I am about to have a hangover when I wake up in 5-6 hours…

But I am not worried about the hangover… Because it was a Good Hangover, after all. I just need to realize moving forward, I really do have “All kinds of time”, I just have to believe that and keep moving forward.

-V. for Vinnie



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