We Are Going to Be Friends

Thank You Jack and Meg!

One of my favorite songs of all-time is “We Are Going to Be Friends” by The White Stripes. It’s from their “White Blood Cells” album in 2002 when I was a sophomore in College. I remember first seeing the music video which has Jack White with his guitar on a couch with Meg White laying down on it alongside him as he sings the song when I was between classes on my couch when MTV actually aired any resemblance of a music video anymore which makes me feel old today.

It’s always on regular rotation on my iPhone and Music Library and was my actual ringtone for a couple of years before it became “Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car” for a few years.

It’s one of the songs I like to hear when I am feeling really down on myself and need something to give me some calm and remind me of the person I am and it’s also one of the songs I like to put on a loop when I try to use music to sleep cause of how much it feels like a lullaby, that, Keane’s “Somewhere We Know”, 3 Doors Down “Be Like That”, Bishop Allen’s “Butterfly Nets”, John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me”, and The La’s “There She Goes”

I never really gave it thought why the song struck me like it does until last night.

I was kinda bored last night. I am not getting used to working normal hours at work since things have toned down after the big push that happened the last 3 months which involved me doing everything and anything to get it done even if it meant 2am cab rides home. I tried reading more on my iPad, getting back to video games, etc. and didn’t know how to function on a weekday at 8pm. Scary, right?

I decided to try something that always interested me on Facebook, how people associate certain things with me. I got curious so, I threw out a random question:

“if you all can describe me best with a song… What song would it be? Include song title, artist and why? :-)”

My (really) lovely  (and awesome) co-worker friend Juliette said “we’re going to be friends” -the white stripes. Because you’re so nice. :-)”

I was shocked by her choice of song because of how freaking coincidental her song choice for me was given how much I really love this song.

Ironically, ok, It was not ironically, considering my troubles with trying to sleep recently even with a normal schedule lately.

So much is on my mind including the slippery slope of my self-confidence lately, and my feelings for another and how I can’t tell her how I really feel for a very good reason and out of protection for her.

I turned to “We Are Going to Be Friends” to help me sleep. I just felt more at ease as I heard it again. I felt safe. I felt normal. I felt like no one my book by it’s cover. I felt like when I was younger when I had to battle the “problems” I had growing up and just wanted something “simple and less complicated” in my life.

It actually did help me go to sleep last night though those thoughts will always linger in my mind like a computer that occasionally goes on and off on sleep mode. Others have told me including my awesome boss I tend to overthink everything… and they are right. I really can’t shut off my brain. I think about everything which could be a disadvantage sometimes.

The song is about the first days of school when a boy is only worried about going to school and meeting new friends. He doesn’t have to worry about trying to prove himself to others to prove he belonged nor worry he’s weird nor telling “Suzie Lee” how he feels about her.

I think I relate to the song because that’s pretty much what I want … Just simplicity. I remember seeing a documentary on ESPN and someone said “Life is simple, we just complicate the shit out of it”. He’s right.

I pretty much complicate my life too much when I don’t need too. While I might have my “eccentricities”  and my faults… I know in my heart I am a good person who has a lot to offer others especially those who I care about and I really, really try to do better for myself and how I am.

Sometimes I just need to get back to “simple” and not worry as much as I do. Whether it is just taking a walk and clear my mind from the thought of “The girl” and how I feel about her or when I feel hard on myself on things  whether it’s something I didn’t do good enough or feel lonesome to just breathe and take a few minutes.

Hopefully, I can bring “simple” back in my life and just think about the “bugs and alphabet” and  waking up again tomorrow.

-V. for Vinnie



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