Lazy and Fun Monday!

Go Knicks!

Today being Martin Luther King day, meant one and only one thing other than celebrating one of the most important people in American History and the Civil Rights Struggle. It meant a day off from work!


I needed the day off especially with how crazed and overworked I have been. I am pretty much literally doing the work of three people without much of a choice though I am always willing to make a sacrifice (hopefully that sacrifice will remembered soon), the last few weeks with hopes I can be transitioned back in a position where I am best suited (and belong), sooner than later.

To be honest, I was really wearing down going into the weekend, physically and mentally (see last blog post for reference for part of that reason). My knees felt like linguini from all the moving around I did.

A 3-Day weekend was a welcoming sight.

My weekend was pretty much all about Football, Food and Sleep, as always! I got to play a lot of “Words with Friends”, watch HBO Go on my iPad (btw it’s freaking awesome! though I am somewhat weirded out that they have tons of “Skinimax” Softcore porn on it… proving again The Internet is for Porn!), and  Nachos! Nachos! Nachos! and Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (where I count sheep in football jerseys)

One disappointing thing that happened, Tebow and the Broncos lost and not just lost… Got massacred by the team I hate the most, The New England Patriots! Fucking Brady! and Fuck you, Gronkowski! Ya Beefy Douchebag!

Though at least the other games were really close and exciting (except Ravens/Texans). I got to eat more Nachos! Saw plenty of “Discount Double Check Commercials”!

Monday, I woke up in the morning early (my internal monday clock despite my day off was set to 6:30). I had my morning bagel, coffee and OJ while reading the NY Times on my iPad while Sportscenter is playing in the background.

I am debating as I read the NY Times whether to go today’s afternoon, Knicks game. The NY Knicks usually always play an afternoon game on MLK day and they were playing, the Magic which features one of the best big men in the league, Dwight Howard.

Tickets don’t seem to bad as I look on Stubhub, though they are really, really expensive.

After finishing my bagel and the sports section, I decide to go! But, first thing is first. I make it a point to watch “Maury” whenever I have a day off. “Maury” has the greatest event ever in trashy daytime talk shows, when the host Maury Povich brings on these skanky women who bring there cheating asshole husbands/partners on the show to confront that he is the father of her child and the show goes all CSI and gets a lab to do a DNA test to see if he is the father of the child.

“Maury” must be keeping DNA/Paternity labs in business with their never-ending retainer contract of either exposing baby daddies or vindicating these assholes that they are not “that” child’s father (though to be honest, they are definitely somebody’s elses, currently or eventually).

No one ever cares if these guys are proven to be the father of the child, except that one skank who went on the show like 10 times accusing 10 different guys and still not finding the father of her child.

We care when it’s proven when the asshole is “NOT THE FATHER!” thats when the magic happens! The audience shock, the asshole jumping for joy, the skanky lady embarrassed on TV (though she probably should’ve been for going on the show in the first place). It’s the best 2 minutes of TV.

So I watch Maury, and get dressed in my Knicks attire and prepare my gameplan for going to the game.

I decide to get some lunch before I go to The Garden, so I can save money for beer ($10 bucks a cup, which fucking sucks!). I decide to go to Lenny’s across the street from The Garden to eat a big sandwich, so I don’t have to worry about food, then go to the game.

I get to Lenny’s and have a grrrrrrreat Chicken Cordon Bleu Hero! Then I get my ass to MSG.

This will be my first Knicks game at the renovated MSG. I have some time to kill before the game so I immediately make a bee-line to the Team Shop to get some merchandise! Cause I want to honor my team by buying expensive apparel!  I immediately love the old school Knicks snapback cap, I look so cool and badass when I try it on, I have to buy it. I also buy a Carmelo Anthony doll for my desk at work. Yes, I am a Goob! I then go to my seats with a few minutes until Tip-Off

My seats are in the Upper Bowl, but when I get there, I actually loved my seat. Great sightline to the court. I see the dude next to me with a bucket of Chicken Fingers and Waffle Fries, now I want them though I had a big lunch 😦 I use my willpower to not rundown to the food court to buy it.

The player introductions happen. This is my favorite part about going to Basketball games. The player intros always give me chills at The Garden because of the music and hype whether the Knicks are good or not. Something about the energy in the crowd. I take video of it from my iPhone.

The game starts, Knicks start off hot with good ball movement and  there best player, Melo looking healthy after tweaking his ankle scoring 20 in the first half.

The crowd despite it being a day game is really psyched up. I have a bunch of expensive beer… They need to do something about beer prices at sports games. Beer shouldn’t cost freaking $10, whether it was domestic or imported!

Then the Knicks hit a freaking wall in the 2nd half. No one is stepping up offensively other than Melo and they can’t play any freaking defense and allow the Magic shooters like Ryan Anderson and JJ Redick to get open shots and they proceed to kick our ass and win the game.

I had fun at the game, but the loss really sucked.

Seriously, the Knicks are a better team than there record but because our coach is a stubborn horses ass, we don’t have a really point guard who can pass the ball around and for some reason our #2 best player, A’mare Stoudemire is a forgotten man on offense and did I mention, and our defense sucks despite paying a player in Tyson Chandler a lot of money to improve our defense, we are not playing at the level we should be at.

I get home, read some more on my iPad especially, the “Travel and Leisure” Magazine thinking about where I want to go for my next vacation which I am thinking of doing near my birthday in April. I am kinda tossing up Montreal, Portland, Seattle or doing the Midwest Ballpark Trip. I am hoping to start planning around February and lock down where I am going by March.

I listen to some music (for some reason I breakout into singing Madonna’s “Cherish”) and drink some more coffee. I ponder what’s going to happen at work this week. I really hope, my workload is easier and as promised, I can permanently transition back to the role I loved doing.

Yes, especially to those who read my blogpost yesterday. “The Dutchess” is still on my mind. I really thought yesterday’s post would make it easier for me, especially letting “it” out fully (except her name) of me, but it really didn’t. I really don’t know what I can do. I am such in a tough place about my feelings for her, I am frustratingly all crossed up emotionally. I am crazy for her. I don’t have a clue on how to find closure whether it is suppressing those thoughts for good or telling her.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another challenge.

-V. for Vinnie




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