The Passion of Tebow

The Ultimate Tebowing!

He did it again! I can’t believe it. Seriously. How did it happen? Did i just see what I saw? I never expected it and yet I should have expected it!

Tim Tebow came through for the Broncos again, against all odds and the #1 Defense in the NFL and nothing but naysayers crucifying  (no pun intended) him by talking about how the Steelers were going to beat the living shit out of him in spite of Ben Roethlisberger’s injury and without key free safety, Ryan Clark and that he wasn’t a real QB, and couldn’t throw if his life depended on it.

End Result: Broncos 29 Steelers 23. Tebow while hardly was “Drew Brees” perfect, did the job with a 10/21 316 yards (irony being his favorite Bible verse is John 3:16) 2 TD passes and he ran for 50 yards and another TD.

Seeing him do his patented “Tebow” in the Endzone and one of his main doubters, Broncos Legend/VP of Football Operations John Elway gave me chills and I replayed over and over, the winning play in which he executes a great Playaction fake (people who don’t watch football, that’s when a QB fakes handing the ball off to the running back fooling the defense and throwing it to a receiver) to receiver Demaryius Thomas on a post route and Thomas with a great stiff arm (that’s when a offensive player pushes off a defender with his hand) and runs it in 80 yards to win the game in Overtime!

As mentioned in a previous post ( I have a lot of admiration for Tim Tebow not because he wins football games or cause he’s this “angel” of a person. Let me elaborate more especially after mentioned recent events.

I have admiration for him because of the confidence he has in himself.

That ability to reach down in himself when people didn’t believe in him to prove those people wrong. That proverbial chip on the shoulder that drove him to achieve the unexpected.

Not just that he did it, but how he did it.

He didn’t complain to the press to whine about how no one was believing in him and that they should. He didn’t blame his anyone or point any fingers for the struggles he had the last few weeks for his struggles. He didn’t trash talk or try to project any false arrogance/confidence to build himself up because he was already “built up”.

Just kept his trap shut, believed in himself and made it happen and won more believers to his cause.

I want that “confidence” more than I want his playing ability, his $$$ and his fame.

I could use some of that now, more than ever. I know I have the ability, the skills, the heart, but I just don’t always have the faith in myself.

I make too many decisions and indecisions, out of fear and I let that the fear dictate those decisions and indecisions because I don’t know trust myself enough to know I am doing the right thing and that people believe in me and that I am not a failure.

I can’t even tell the girl of my dreams how I really feel about her because I don’t feel she will feel “confident” she will give me a chance or that I am even worthy of her.

If I had an ounce of that “Tebowian” confidence in myself I know I can really do amazing things and maybe tell that girl how I feel and not worry the way I do.

I can’t buy that “confidence” though on or on eBay and I am certain cutting a lock of his hair is both creepy and not going to work either.

I have to build it and earn it the right way.

To close on Tim Tebow: Sure people will again say, “He got lucky”, “If Big Ben was healthy”, “The Steelers lost three key defenders over the course of the game”…But at the end of the day, Tebow believed he could win and he did… Hopefully he beats the Patriots, next sunday! Cause I fucking hate the Patriots!

-V. for Vinnie


The Game Winning Play (link):




One thought on “The Passion of Tebow

  1. I love your posts. I called my Mom this evening, and she had been out of town and I told her that the Broncos won. She was so excited. She made the comment… “I really like the MESSAGE that Tim Tebow gives, to believe in God and to believe in yourself.” She went on to say that it is a shame that there is so much said about his faith, and how he is not afraid to talk about it. I truly think that if people would stop being so negative about others, this world may be a happier place.

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