“Reality Distortion Field”

His best invention: The Reality Distortion Field"

I just finished reading an authorized biography about Steve Jobs. The biography was was amazing and the definitive about the complicated, enigmatic yet brilliant life of Steve Jobs.

The late Steve Jobs and his family had fully cooperated with the biography despite it many times showing how blunt, cold, cruel and egotistical, he could be  in moments in his life whether good or bad whether it was bullying employees and friends or abandoning his first daughter.

I think Steve wanted to show all the cards and let people decide themselves on the type of person he was through the biography because he doesn’t care what others might have really felt about him.

I must admit, I really admire that though I couldn’t have fathom doing any of the cruel or demeaning things Steve did because that’s not in my DNA as a person. Steve stuck to his convictions as a person and didn’t apologize though he did express regret on “some” of his actions especially his daughter which was very apparent in the book.

One of the fascinating things I read about him was what his employees at Apple and Pixar called “The Reality Distortion Field”. When they were developing the first Apple computers.

Steve always mindful of making any apple computer, a computer for everyone always kept tweaking the design of the Macintosh, he was developing with his team. Tweaks that could push the project back by months though Steve would tell them it will be done by the deadline he imposed despite the apparent challenges there to prevent them from getting it ready on time and he wasn’t not demanding of it, in fact he was supportive that they would have it ready despite the overwhelming odds.

Guess what, they were able to achieve getting it ready on time despite knowing the facts that the task was impossible to do. Steve had willed them to do it by hindering the reality of the situation.

Though some people were immune to his “Reality Distortion Field”, it was very effective in achieving what Steve needed for Apple’s innovative computer and devices.

To someone like me, having that “Reality Distortion Field” would be amazing gift to have for myself as opposed to having it for others.

I constantly struggle with self-doubt, everyday especially recently with my struggles in telling the girl of my dreams how I really feel about her because I don’t think she will feel the way that I feel about her and  I don’t feel worthy of her even if she gave me a chance.

I always especially in those times expect nothing but the worst outcome for me like some inevitable self-fufilling prophecy because I have zero confidence in myself as a person, sometimes.

I want to look myself in the mirror during those times and use the “Reality Distortion Field” telling myself: “I am a great person”, “She will take a chance on you”, and ” You do deserve her” and make the seemingly impossible into the possible.

I can be so down on myself at times, it’s like watching some UFC fighter just pounding a defenseless opponent though that opponent yourself.

I want to elevate myself more and make myself believe I can am so much capable of being better and can offer that “special girl” everything she deserves in life.

So, in closing. Thank You, Steve Jobs for arguably, your best invention in my eyes, “The Reality Distortion Field”. That and the iPad that I just wrote this blog off of while listening to R&B group, All-4-One thinking of “that girl”


-V. for Vinnie



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