2012: The “Uncharted” Year

2012! BTW, The movie with John Cusack sucked!

The new year will happen in about in 2 days. I am excited to start year considering how great this year was for me, overall compared to the past two years before 2011 during a lot of struggles in my personal and professional life which kinda put me in a downward spiral for awhile, though I am recovered from that phase of my life.

This year I took a lot of steps forward and made significant strides in areas I needed improvement in as a person. I haven’t figured out, “Love” yet but I am close… I think? I don’t know! It’s a work-in-progress…yeah. Check with me next year on that one.

On 12/31/10, two hours before the clock hit midnight. I wrote on a piece of paper an epic sheet of tasks/goals and on a seperate piece of paper, a list of “dream”/nice to have but not end of the world If I don’t have items. I did that because at the time, I was in a transitional situation and I needed to keep myself grounded and organized in terms of what I needed to achieve in 2011.

I can say I hit near 50% of my list of goals and tasks, big and small and nearly 30% of my dream list especially with the great trip I had to San Francisco fufilling the bulk of those. It might not sound much, but I wrote a crazy big list of things… Trust me, hitting near 50% was a considered a reach last year when I did the list, yet alone 20% of my dream list. Though I didn’t get to fufill that “date with Katy Perry or Kat Dennings” dream 😦

Now I know what you are thinking. Especially those who are close to me and know me best. What’s the list for this year?

I have decided to not do a list, this year for tasks/goals or dream stuff. I do have an idea of things I want to accomplish/do, this year. But, I am not going to restrict myself to a list/plan in 2012.

I am approaching 2012 with an “Uncharted” approach. No Map, No Ultimate Goal, No Plan. I am going to let the year play out with a blank slate and attempt to have no specific expectations and open myself to all and any possibilities within reason.  If the right moment/opportunity presents itself to me or I see it beforehand, I will take advantage of it.

I will also continue to find ways improve myself, but that’s a continous/neverending goal, something you should never plan for every year because you should want to improve every day, regardless of your current situation is great or bad.

I want to go into 2012 with the the mindset of anything is possible, and there isn’t as many restrictions on achieving what I want in life than I always think and even then there are ways around those restrictions without compromising my morals and self to get what I want.

I feel like while setting “goals” is a necessity in life. Sometimes you put too much pressure in achieving goals in which you are so aimed at achieving a particular goal or goal(s), you have blinders to other goals or moments that present itself to you that you could never have fathomed would happen.

This previous year, something like that had happened to me when I was so focused on getting this “one thing” to the point it was my obsession for a few weeks and I was completely blind to something that was happening around me that presented itself. Something that I never really considered or thought about, which was amazing once I began to notice it though it was too late.

I ended up missing that opportunity completely, which sucked because it always right in front of me had I not had “tunnel vision” on something else, I would have realized it and who knows what great things that might have happened.

I learned that lesson, and will try to not let that happen again.

The best decisions I ever made in my life stemmed from “just winging it” like I was a QB who sees the play breaking down and decides to create something on the fly as opposed to something that I planned meticulously for and considered every angle in order to get the best possible outcome for me.

I tend to overthink a lot. My blogposts should be a dead giveaway to that point 😉 I need to try to tone that down especially with the approach I will try next year especially if bad things happen, I need to just keep pushing through, no matter what happens this year.

My approach is also attributed to one of my favorite songs I have been hearing a lot recently. Coincidentally, the song is called “Uncharted”. “Isn’t a bit ironic, dont’cha think”?. It’s by singer-songwriter, Sara Bareilles, who’s really hot. I don’t care what anyone says about her nose but I digress to my point.

The song was written by her when she struggled trying to write songs for her follow-up album after she her song “Lovesong” became a smash hit, it’s probably on all you iPods or you remember it from the countless commercials/shows that licensed the song. She put so much pressure in writing her follow-up album, she gave herself “writers block”.

When life gave her “lemons”, instead of “fucking the lemons and bailing”, she actually wrote a song about her “writers block” and used the momentum from that and was able to write and finish the album turning her struggles upside it’s head. Even the music video is genius, she pretty much has her singer friends all lip synch the song via webcam.

I am really looking forward to this year, I have a good feeling I am going to have two great years in a row.

I think the only thing I will have to figure out when this new year starts is how to deal with my feelings for that amazing girl I can’t get enough of. I really don’t want to drag this out a whole year yet another month. I have to come to terms whether I tell her how I really feel or decide to keep our friendship how it currently is.

I think I am leaning toward not telling her. I don’t want to risk our friendship and she really deserves someone better than me, I really do feel that way. I want to give her the moon, but she deserves someone who can get her the universe.

Hopefully in an “Uncharted” 2012, I will find that someone!

-V. for Vinnie


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