Soundtrack of My Workday- 12/19/2011

These are my headphones, they are many like it but this one is mine!

As I have done in previous posts. There are some days where I associate music that standout to me in terms of feelings and moods throughout the day.  Here was the music of my day, 12/19/11,

5:30am, “Manic Monday” by The Bangles: It’s never a good thing when your alarm clock on your Mac Desktop’s first song played is “Manic Monday” and it freaking goes off an hour earlier than you thought you had it programmed to go off!

Oh well. The only good it brings, I can catch-up on my DVR in the morning. I catch the season finale of “Homeland”, which is to me was the best new of the season! It’s from the creative team behind “24” though instead of Keifer Sutherland snapping necks and killing terrorists, it’s crazy, bi-polar Claire Danes going after a suspected brainwashed hero POW who becomes a terrorist. I must say, I am starting to come around Claire Danes, I mean I got why guys were into her in “My So Called Life”. but I never really felt attracted to her until I saw this show. She grew on me.  It’s fitting the song is ” Manic Monday” after all…

Trivia: You know Prince actually wrong the song! I am being cereal! Very, very cereal!

7:12am, “You Shook Me All Night Love” by AC/DC: I am at the gym on the treadmill. I usually like to pick one song, normally a rock song because of the guitar riffs on a loop yo help me pace myself as I run on the treadmill.

I settle on the Brian Johnson led AC/DC opus of “You Shook Me All Night Long”. It’s the right song for me  though I am fighting the urge to do some treadmill karaoke and sound like I have a really bad sore throat in order to mimic his voice. Thought I make a hard decision to not embarass myself at the gym with bodybuilders jacked up on roids looking at me wishing I shut the  fuck up and sing some Bon Scott’s version of AC/DC before the singer passed. Oh well.

9:24 am, “Closer to Free” by The Bodeans: I am running late cause the freaking MTA Subway sucks! Seriously, they always raise the rate of the Metrocards but do you see improved train service? No!

I am trying to stay calm and upbeat in spite of the train. In fact, I am trying to stay upbeat, period. I have a lot on my mind lately. Work, Love, Self, and a million other thoughts, hitting my mind like a flurry of Mike Tyson right crosses to my face.

One of my go-to-songs trying to stay positive lately is “Closer to Free” by The Bodeans. It’s a very happy, happy song though this is the theme song from “Party of Five”, the hit 90’s Fox Show, a depressing family drama remembered for bringing three of the hottest ladies in the history of mankind: Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert, and of course, Jennifer Love Hewitt in really tight clothing! How is that for irony.

10:45 am, “All I Want to Do” by Sugarland: I just finished my team’s status meeting. I must admit as I rush to my desk to get the work done, I am thinking ahead for the Christmas vacation. I really can’t wait to take a break from work for a week.

I need to get some rest. I’ve been routinely staying late for the past 2 months, though I will never complain considering some of my colleagues have done work like that for more time than me.

All I want to do is just sleep until 9am-10am. Stay at home in my Ghostbusters pajamas, watch re-runs of “Storage Wars”, dance in the privacy of my own house like a spastic goofball, eat some takeout food and not have a worry… Oh boy I can’t wait!

12:37 pm, “Amazing” by Aerosmith I  just finish talking with my boss, Andrea. As I have mentioned in my previous blogposts, I love Andrea. She’s the best boss I ever had and I am extremely loyal to her.

We talk about things coming up soon. She’s incredible though she will never give herself the credit she deserves.

She is really “Amazing”.

2:15 pm, “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy w/ Bruno Mars: I take a quick coffee break to the Starbucks across the street from my office building.

I see the sign flashing the current jackpot amount of the NY Mega Millions, it’s nearly 155 million smackeroos. I imagine again if I was rich and everything I would do with the money including getting the Tom Hanks Loft in the movie, “Big”… I need to play some “Billionaire”.

4:01pm, “Everywhere” by Michelle Branch: Entrenched in work, trying to bust something out, so I don’t have to stay too late at work. I take a pause, because “She” is on my mind.

“She” being the girl I have fallen for. There has not been 1 day in the past 8 weeks, where I haven’t thought about her and how much I love her. She’s everywhere, lately. In my eyes, my thoughts,… I just can’t get her off my mind, at all. I really do have feelings for and I can’t ignore them but I can’t tell her!

6:20pm, “Closing Time” by Semisonic: I am almost done for the day, I have to tie some loose ends before I leave for the day though. But overall, a decent workday, nothing was too pressing. It was a pretty easy day today.

I am finalizing everything and hoping to the email gods… There is no last second client request before I log off the computer and go home.

7:45pm, “Everything Falls Apart” by Dog’s Eye View: I am on the subway on my way home to Brooklyn. I am tired after work, as always. The good thing about today, it wasn’t insane like It had been the last few weeks.

It was a pretty good day, though that is never the case everyday.  To be honest, though it’s never something you want. I kinda enjoy crazy days like that sometimes, only because it sharpens my senses and instincts. i kinda like pressure on me, it gives me that edge when you feel “things fall apart” but you recover quickly and get it done in the nick of time, and you do it right.

11:32pm, “These are the Times” by Dru Hill: “She” is on my mind as I am writing this blogpost. I imagine the ideal night with her. When it’s just me and her on a balcony somewhere, just us having an intimate talki about our dreams and what we want ultimately want in life and for each other.

It’s simple and sweet, and just right. That’s the ultimate dream for me… Whether it happens or not, I don’t know. Probably not. I have to figure out  a way to get through this.

My lullaby for tonight!: Good Night!


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