Breakfast at Tiffany’s = Great Weekend

Barca! Barca! Barca!

I am tired and snugged up in bed watching the Sunday Night Football between the Giants and Cowboys. What a great weekend I had, this weekend. This has to be Top 3 of all-time in recent memory.

I did so much this weekend, I am still shocked I am somewhat coherent at 8:57pm Sunday Night and not sleeping!

It started Friday night. I had my Coed Indoor Soccer playoffs. It was a 4-team doubleheader playoff to determine who was the better team of Friday Night Playing Indoor Soccer Dorks, once and for all.

My team, Sporting Abeergut was the #3 seed. Our first game, it was a revenge game. The team we were playing pretty much kicked our asses, a few weeks back though in our defense we played undermanned all game.

Now those reading this who never played. Indoor Soccer for lack of a better word is a “Bloodsport”.  Seriously, the walls are in play. It’s a short confined space. It gets very physical and there is a lot of bumping and grinding (I needed two showers and  a cigarette after some games).

I feel bad for the girls in our league, especially on my team. They can take a beating during the game.

So, this time against this team, we have a full squad including our best players. I am usually the goal defender. We struggle early in the game and they get an early goal on me because I misjudged the ball bounce and they got an open shot off though I tried to cut the angle of the shot, but it got in… Crap!

But we slowed down the game, focused on our great teamwork and ball control and immediately got two goals back right at them to take the lead.

It was crazy close and got physical including me knocking some people around. I was pretty much in the zone for the rest of the game playing great defense including, blocking shots with my legs, head, stomach, pretty much anybody part I could use other than my arms/hands.

We eventually pulled away with two go-ahead goals in the end to win, 6-2! But we had little time to get ourselves rested for the Finals against the #1 seed, who had the luxury of taking an hour break.

The game clearly had the two best teams playing. It was a really close game and I was in the zone again blocking tons of shorts and clearing balls like I was an indoor soccer playing Henrik Lundqvist, and we got an early lead. But, because we were gassed and they had some lucky shots, they tied the game.

The game ended up in sudden death OT, We initially had the advantage but one of our best players got clearly fouled and the referee didn’t call it, our opponents got the the ball rushed the net on a 3 to 1 fast break and won the game! That really sucked especially since we couldn’t give our charity we were playing for the big prize but I was proud of my team because we busted our asses all season, played like a team and we know who were the real champions that game!

I had a quick beer with them, but I had to get my sweaty, smelly (I didn’t have time to go home, shower and change clothes) self to my dear friend, Carly’s birthday party at a karaoke place in Koreatown.

I was running late because of the game, but I got there just in time to have some beer, and sing some karaoke with my amazing friend Carly.

I was really tired but the pull of the tons of beer and the karaoke machine gave me a 7th wind in stamina.

Carly, as always, looks beautiful and always full of life and she’s always surrounded by great friends.  I grab some Sapporos (Japanese beer) and go for the Karoake book to pick some songs. I decide to go with Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” to get psyched up! It works and we all sing a lot of songs from “Friends in Low Places” to “Never Gonna Give You Up” (RICKROLL!). I got to personally sing “Talk Dirty to Me” and Everclear’s “Santa Monica”.

I am disappointed I didn’t get one of the songs I really wanted to sing, George Michael’s “Freedom ’90”. I remember punching in the song in the machine, one of Carly’s friends who I never met before praised me for the song choice and was excited to sing it with me which made me like her immediately.

But, apparently we ran out of time in our Karaoke booth 😦 The last song we were all together able to sing in perfect harmony (I must say), Deep Blue Something’s one hit wonder, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Just a bunch of drunk people singing a one hit wonder based on a classic movie.

We ended up going to another bar and coming off my soccer/karaoke rush. I was kicking the hell out of door shutters for the fun of it, as we walked to a bar nearby.

Carly’s friend and I as soon we got in the bar  lamented when that we didn’t get to duet “Freedom ’90” until some spooky stuff happened. First song, that played in the bar was “FREEDOM ’90!”. Holy Shit! We got to finally sing our duet, have some more beers and eat some greasy food.

We all went our separate ways. Carly’s friend also lived in Brooklyn, so we splitted a cab and I got to know her more along the ride.  I only knew her for a few hours but I can tell she’s an awesome person.

I get home around 3am and get some sleep.

I wake up around 9am (ugh, too fricking early) and I have to “recover” if you know what I mean. So I get some greasy delight and somehow find a way to get to the gym for a workout. Yes, people have called me a badass, many times.

So I am very feeling better in the afternoon and getting ready to see “El Clasico” with my amazing friends from work in the city. El Clasico is the the biggest series of games between Spanish Soccer Clubs, F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid. The dominant soccer clubs not just in Spain, but the World. This is like the Yankees/Red Sox but it’s even more badass because of how long the rivalry was and even the political implications.

I am a diehard Barcelona fan and so are my friends from work. We are at Webster Hall which is a performance space for Indy Bands and Alternative Shows/Exhbits.

The place is really packed and I make the dumb decision to open a tab at the bar in lobby and forgetting there is a bar in the viewing room and everyone is so crunched in, it’s a hard time moving without spilling beer on someone (I hate wasted beer), or some awkward accidental touching with other dudes (ugh).

Barcelona starts off the game terrible, letting Real set the game tempo which is the biggest key to winning any soccer match and getting a quick goal in the first minute! SHIT! 1-0 Real!

My friend Meg and I were pissed. Off our group of work peeps, we are the diehard Barcelona fans, living and dying off every moment of Barcelona games while drinking beer.

Barcelona finally settles down and round the 30th minute, they get the equalizing the goal to tie the game!… Fuck Yeah! 1-1! I high five my friends!

Halftime! Happens and by a miracle, I am able to maneuver to get to the mens room (I held in my peeing for nearly an hour) and the bar in the lobby to get another beer.

Barcelona then blows the game over as soon as the 2nd half begins including a nice goal by Cesc Fabergas! My friends and I are excited!

When the final minutes wind down. Meg, my other friend Pauline and myself all go on to the stage to celebrate the Barcelona win (3-1). When the game ends we all jump for joy but Pauline ends up falling on her bum! YIKES! The stage was really slippery because of all the spilled beer. She’s ok though.

We and other friends of Meg’s end up going to another bar after the game in the East Village. We all just sit around and just shoot the shit (my favorite bar drinking activity) and even get in some games.

Our group dwindles, and it left with me, Meg, Pauline, her boyfriend and amazing artist, Diego, and Meg’s friend Chris.

We go to another bar to play some bar games. We immediately before playing bar shuffleboard, get some Jaeger Bombs in! It feels so good once the sweet Jaeger hits your lips, yes I am kinda drunk at this point.

We all end up playing bar shuffleboard, Meg and Pauline pretty much dominate the game. Meg had told me earlier in the day, her goal was to steal a Santa hat from people doing Santacon.

Santacon, is when a bunch of people dress up like Santa or anything related to Christmas (Elves, Reindeer, etc.) and go bar crawling in New York.

While they are playing, I noticed a dude dressed like Santa about to close his tab but not paying attention to his hat on the stool next to him. So I quietly walk-up and signal the bartender for another beer and slip my hand onto the stool, and steal the hat without the guy noticing.

I laid low across the bar, while seeing the guy try in vein to find his missing Santa cap secretly smirking that I took it from him and he doesn’t know I did! (Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!). When he leaves and the coast is clear, I present the hat to Meg and she is happy… I feel cooler than cool at that moment, it was another badass moment.

Meg is an amazing person, seriously. She is Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Ellen Ripley, Gwen Stefani all wrapped up in one person. She is a true cool badass and I am proud to say she, Pauline, Diego and another friend Anna are my friends.

Though my feelings of badassness fade when Meg and Pauline kick Diego and my ass in bar shuffleboard…Ugh!

We end up playing a game of pool at Chris’s building and we all end up on the rooftop, all bundled up together laying down in a rooftop cabana because it is freaking cold while drinking Bud Light and talking about romantic comedies. Yes, romantic comedies.

We go our separate ways and I get home at 3am again and like the day before with a big smile in my face 😀 That I had two back to back great nights with friends,old and new.

Sunday morning, another recovery! I again find the inner strength to go to the gym again. Get some bagels for this week.

I watch some football at home in my pajamas while eating Dominos Pizza with cheesy bread!

My team, the Jets pretty much dominate the Kansas City Chiefs all game. The game is never close. The Jets beat them up so bad, I swear I saw the Kansas City QB pee his pants on live time. I swear!

I turn on the package and watch some other games until 4pm. Wanna know why 4pm? TEBOW TIME!

As mentioned in my post from last week, I am a diehard Tim Tebow admirer (he’s my mancrush, and ladies, by the way, I am straight) and fan!

The game is really boring for the first 3 quarters until the last quarter. The Bears are up by 10 on Tebow and the Broncos 😦 Going into the final minutes and I am waiting for “TEBOW TIME!” to happen.

I start to have my doubts… UNTIL! Tebow and the Broncos get a quick TD to get the game within 3 but during they are out of timeouts and need to onside the kick to get the ball back (Non-football fans, Onside kick means the team kicking tries to steal the ball back by bouncing the kick 10 yards and trying to beat the other team from getting it)

The Broncos onside the kick and it’s perfect BUT the Bears get the ball back and are about to win the game by running the clock out…UNTIL! Their runningback, Marion Barber stupidly runs out of bounds on one play and gives the Broncos and TEBOW! another shot!

Tebow marches them to the field and their ace kicker nails a long 59 yard field goal to send the game into overtime! or as I call it  “TEBOWVERTIME”

The Bears get the ball in overtime and are driving the ball trying to win the game UNTIL! Marion Barber again screws up and fumbles the ball to the Broncoos! TEBOW TIME!

Tebow drives the ball down the field and their amazing kicker wins the game! TEBOW! 7-1!

Mind you, I never liked the Denver Broncos in my life. They cost the last great Jets team, Parcells 1998 team with Testaverde at QB and Keyshawn Johnson as our best WR, a shot at the Super Bowl.

But I love TEBOW!

I just watched the Giants/Cowboys game as I wrote this blogpost. I am a fan of neither team but I loathe the Cowboys and just saw the Cowboys just lose the game on a missed (actually blocked FG) for a 2nd week in a row… HOLY SHIT! I LOVE FOOTBALL and I LOVED MY WEEKEND!

In closing, Whether it was playing indoor soccer, singing Bon Jovi loaded up on Japanese beers, bundling with friends on a rooftop with Bud Lights, watching Football all day in my pajamas and TEBOW TIME! I had a great weekend and I felt so happy to be myself and I know I have people who care about me and who I also care about very much!

-V. for Vinnie


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