I Believe in Tebow!

Teach me how to Tebow!

Today was another great NFL sunday! My team, the NY Jets after some early struggles against the Washington Redskins pulled out another win after a great drive which ended with a beautiful pass from Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes for the go-ahead score, followed-up by a sack/strip by Aaron Maybin leading to the victory sealing touchdown by Shonn Greene keeping the Jets distant playoff hopes alive.

I was at my favorite sports bars in the city, Croxley Ales on Avenue B between E.2nd and E.3rd in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I gorged on some Grilled Chicken Nachos, French Fries and $3 drafts of Yuengling while watching the early games

I was focused on the Jets vs. Skins game but I always was mindful to see the other games being shown on other TV’s throughout the bar especially games that could affect my team’s playoff chances like Oakland vs. Miami and Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati though continuously seeing Bette Midler Acura Car Commercials made me wanna take my mom’s DVD copy of the movie,”Beaches” and burn it.

Seriously! What idiot at their media agency thought buying expensive   commercial space during Football games with Bette Midler starring in a shitty car commercial would help their car brand? You couldn’t buy commercial space on “TV Land” or the 17 networks, Oprah Winfrey owns?

Unless Bette Midler can replace Matt Forte as runningback for the Chicago Bears or is as hot as Brooklyn Decker, no self-respecting Football fan gives a fuck about Bette Midler and Acura Cars! We just care about commercials where Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning hangout at the Sony Factory like two dudes or beer commercials with hot chicks and funny outtakes of Football coaches losing their shit on TV.

But I digress from the topic of this blogpost, one of the games I was more intensely focused on other than the Jets game was the Denver Broncos vs. the Minnesota Vikings for one reason, Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is the starting Quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

To my non-football watching friends, the Quarterback (or QB) is the most important position in Football.

A single brilliant decision or play can win the game for your team and make you a God amongst men except Patriots QB Tom Brady who is a douchebag.

The slightest mistake or a lapse in judgement or what I call a “Caleb Hanie” (shitting your pants in fear of getting hit) by a QB and your team  is shit out of luck and you turn into a fat, lazy sleaze who gets their kicks drinking “purple drank” and have people write blogs about how awful a QB you were, and yes I am talking about Jamaracus Russell.

Tim Tebow has pretty much everything you’d want in a QB. He is big and strong at 6’3″, 236 lbs and a pain in the ass to tackle. He is mobile and not afraid to tuck the ball in his arm when he can’t find anyone to throw the ball to and run for yards and instead of playing it safe and sliding to avoid injury, he lowers his shoulder and punishes the defender trying to tackle him making him a badass! He shows no fear in the huddle even with a bunch of pissed off defenders out to decapitate him and  make him eat the football. A fiery leader of men who can rally his team and impose his will to get that victory.

For added points, he’s seems like a genuinely wholesome human being as a devout christian who even as a missionary performed circumcisions in 3rd world countries, he visited during the offseason. The guy scored TD’s and cut foreskins in the name of the Lord as a christian missionary! Why wasn’t he the most interesting man in the world?! Can we re-vote? I don’t really like Dos Equis, but can we?

His wholesome, devout christian image was always an easy target to mock him by football fans and yours truly, I mean can he really be holier than thou? I make at least 3 bible jokes whenever I see him play, though all in good jest and light sarcasm as opposed to vile insults.

I have no beef with him, I rather a guy like him talking about the power of his faith than former Dallas Hall of Fame WR, Michael  Irvin talking about how God blessed his life as he snorts a line of cocaine from a hooker’s breast or batshit defensive beast, Ndumakong Suh saying he is misunderstood as a dirty player then tries to rip a Punters leg off and beat him to death with it as he acts like he is being oppressed by Whitey.

The one thing Tebow lacks which has made him a controversial figure to football coaches, players and diehard fans is the one thing every QB must have to be successful… The ability to throw the football, specifically, the ability to release the ball fast out of his hands.

Football is a visceral game about speed and timing and can be unforgiving and dangerous, if you do not respect that.

If a QB takes too long to get rid of the ball, he puts his team and himself at risk from defenders who can hit the QB, intercept the ball or level the QB’s teammates trying to catch the ball because it makes them sitting ducks to hard hits.

Tebow was able to overcome that deficiency in College with a specific offense designed to get the best out of his abilities especially running with the ball. He was successful for the University of Florida winning two national championships and a Heisman trophy. His College coach loved him so much, he threatened to harm a reporter critical of him. The school and the students loved him, they erected a statue of him on campus and he was still attending the fricking school!

When the pros came along, he became a figure of constant scrutiny. As many Football minds and pundits who were doubtful of his abilities as a QB in the NFL and hoped he change positions to something that fits his strengths like Fullback or Tight End, there were just as much who supported him in spite of his flaws, citing his strong character and leadership qualities.

Last year, One NFL team was willing to risk taking a chance on him as a QB, The Denver Broncos. Broncos were then coached by one of the smarter offensive minds in Football, Josh McDaniels who saw Tebow as a project to develop.

The one problem which affected Tebow’s development. While he was one of the smartest football offensive minds who as an assistant for the Patriots developed the devastating aerial attack in 2008 that almost helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl undefeated, Josh McDaniels was a horrible Head Coach. He became a head coach too soon, he was too brash and immature. Denver fired him after his 2nd year.

In the offseason, Denver brought in it’s legendary Hall of Fame/Super Bowl winning QB, John Elway back to the franchise to run the team and hired a new head coach. Neither had any loyalty to Tebow, doubted him and really didn’t know what to do with him, they made him the 3rd string QB which is the back-up to the back-up QB.

Now given his fame and notoriety, Tebow could’ve complained to the press like other athletes have done about how he wasn’t being treated fairly and cause issues with the team and the locker room.

Instead, he was a perfect gentleman and accepted his demotion gracefully without causing the trouble which told you the type of person he was. A team player who put the team above himself. A rarity in Football. He probably wanted to play badly but he knew to be patient and wait for his chance, he stuck to his faith in himself.

Denver, this season, started awful. The fans immediately turned on the incumbent QB, Kyle Orton and demanded Tebow, be the starter. They even went as far as buying a Billboard near the stadium asking the head coach that Tebow be the starting QB.

Caving after the pressure though it probably was only to appease the fans and nothing to lose then it was a “Football” decision. Denver made Tebow, the starting QB. He was finally getting his chance.

His first game against Miami started really bad, his crappy throwing release was not working for most of the game and Denver was struggling though the defense kept them in the game. Going into the final minutes in the game, something happened. Tebow got it together, adjusted, adapted, never gave up and marched Denver back with two big td’s including the go ahead score he ran in. Denver came back and won. That was his first win of the season.

Football fans went crazy in reaction to his victory and they just weren’t Denver fans. He became a cult figure in minutes. One Denver fan even started a website called “Tebowing” (www.tebowing.com) in which football fans took pictures of themselves mimicking the prayer pose Tebow had did during the game in random places and costumes. It’s become my favorite website. People couldn’t stop talking him about him.

Though he suffered a setback against Detroit who beat him up bad causing Denver to lose. So bad, a Lions played after sacking him hard to the ground mocked him with his “Tebowing” pose. He got himself up and never quit.

Denver’s coaches realized, a conventional strategy was not going to work with him. They decided to adapt a system similar to what Tebow played in Florida to get the best out of his skills.

While it worked in college with slower defenders, it’s a risky strategy in the NFL because of the speed and sophistication of defenses.

In his 3rd game with an offense tailored to his skills and a ferocious defense supporting him. They pretty much destroyed Oakland and people started to believe again.

He ended up playing my team, the Jets. Like the first game against Miami, he struggled most of the game against the vicious Jets defense. Then in the final minutes of the game, he marches the Broncos, 90 yards, running AND throwing, willing the Broncos down the field including him running for the game winning score and causing my team, the Jets to lose   an important game 😦

What amazed me after that score was how the Denver crowd just went crazy after he scored and fed off his energy. The man is freaking Human Red Bull without tasting like gasoline.

Week after week despite his struggles as a Passer, he just keeps willing himself and his team to victory. He might play like shit for most of the game, but when the game is on the line, “Tebow Time” happens in which he picks himself up and leads his team to coming back and winning the game.

Denver is 6-1 and now lead their division with a legit shot at making the playoffs with a month of the season left ever since making him the starter including two straight comeback wins and four total, this season alone.

He is winning believers week after week. He keeps getting better.The haters are still there, but they are tuned out. I saw a sports bar today with different fans of other teams with my own eyes all go nuts for “Tebow Time” as he led a comeback against the Vikings to give Denver another win. All he does is win.

I am a believer in Tim Tebow. While most see a Jock excelling at a sport where he makes millions of dollars and nails supermodels. I see a person put down by the masses because he had a defect (in his case, not being able to effectively throw a football) and he never let that phase what he ultimately wanted because he not only had “faith”, he had “faith in himself”. He believed he can make it happen and never let go. He’s kinda like “Rabbit” in the movie “8 Mile” (though I don’t think you will ever see Eminem and Tebow ever go to Outback and have some beers)

He keeps taking mental and physical beatings from every side and all he does is keep his head up, tuck the ball, attack and lower his shoulder to crush the wall of doubt surrounding him.

As you can see while I am hardly a physical specimen or even anything close to being a rich football player but I can relate to him as probably others do.

I keep fighting the negative doubts I have in myself. The ones that tell me “I can’t” and to just “give up” because of my own defects as a person especially what I had to deal with in my past and how it can still creep up on me like a skeleton that won’t stay buried festering the confidence I am trying to gain in myself. I want to believe in myself.

I would give anything to have an ounce of the “Self-confidence” Tebow has in himself though it’s something I have to develop and earn in myself.

Some might think of it as “irrational confidence”  because he comes off as “holier than thou”. You know what, whether it is “rational” or “irrational”, or “blind luck” or a “miracle of faith”. I’ll take it however I can get it.

Win or lose, he will always “win” because he believes in himself. I want to feel the same way, someday. That’s the Heisman Trophy I want to keep my head up, tuck the ball and run over defenders for.

-V. for Vinnie



One thought on “I Believe in Tebow!

  1. Hi Vinnie – first of all, being a devout Denver Broncos Fan, I do have a rule that I abide by when it comes to the Broncos playing. I will not wear any of my Broncos gear on the day of a game. Like many sports players, they have their rituals. Mine is to not wear any Broncos gear. I love reading your blogs, and find them informational and entertaining! I know that you are in New York, so I feel compelled to make one minor correction (for future use)… LOL In regards to Jamarcus Russell, your reference to a well known fruit flavored liquid concoction “purple drank”. This became popular with certain Hip Hop rappers using the vernacular in their lyrics. Being from the Los Angeles area, there is a neighborhood/city called Compton. There is a street named Grape Street there and is allegedly in a high gang area. So they do call it “Grape Drank”…. I do understand your reference “purple” and find your blog exceptional. Keep up the great work!

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