If I can just dream about Cheeseburgers?!

Today was an exercise in the not sleeping, not eating, and focusing on nothing but work.  I was fortunate to end today but not pulling a Nicholson, grabbing an axe, breaking down some door and yelling “Heresssssss Conan!”. Though I took out my tough day yet insanely productive day out on a Five Guys Cheeseburger and Fries, a few hours back.

Today, started at 5:20am when I woke up, got immediately dressed, drank a lot of coffee. Got on the subway to work. Almost took out my anger of not being able to sleep much on the turnstile as I got off my train station. I raged against the machine and called the turnstile, “a doodyhead” and went on my way.

I had to go to work verrrrrrrry early today because I needed to do something important that I knew I wasn’t able to do during the day and I needed to get it done to make things easier for me and my boss though if she knew I was going to come that early, she would’ve tried to talk me out of it because she’s awesome and she cares though, I would have did it anyway. Just the type of person I am.

I know she’s been slammed with stuff and I felt that I wasn’t doing enough for her and I feel guilty I couldn’t do more for her.

The day went on and it got so hectic (just like the day before) so many things where happening at once and I couldn’t be everywhere yet I really tried hard to be because I am stubborn. I really loathe quitting because quitting is failing to me and dang it, I am not giving up… fuck that.

Like a Quarterback in the two-minute drill, I just scrambled around the field and the office and just kept moving the ball as much as I can avoiding tacklers, Facebook, ESPN.COM, people playing Fooseball with beer and chips and dips. It was painful passing the table though I tried to grab as many handfuls of chips I can carry and eat on the run.

I hit obstacles but figured them out whether it was running through them, running around them or MacGuyvering my way out with a stick of gum, a toothpick, an apple, a roll of toliet paper, and a whoopie cushion (not really, just sounded cool).

The weird thing It felt like I was sleepwalking through everything today. Not because I was dead tired with only 2-3 hours of sleep, dreaming a bit that I was the star of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” from his short movie, “Moonwalker”. I was pretty caught up with today and nothing else on my mind whether it was how the Knicks were going to get Chris Paul, whether I need to get more coffee, how to dress for an upcoming party. I was intensely focused on the tasks at hand while trying not to fall asleep on  my friend Steve’s desk at work. It would’ve been tough to him writing emails and doing work with some dude snoring and imagining he was in Michael Jackson music videos.

The thing that sucked though as I navigated the minefield of today that I couldn’t take at least 10-15 minutes to get something to eat… Ugh. Every moment I looked in the clear to get a sandwich, something just got in the way though my boss hooked me up with some skittles giving me a caffeine/sugar rush 4th wind during the day.

My long, crazy day finally ended around 7pm with the storm cleared. at least for today. I saw my boss one more time I can tell she was just as beat and as tired as me though she as always looks great.

While I did  what I had to do today and then some, I really wish I could do more. I know she would dismiss that and tell me I can’t do everything and I am already doing too much but that’s how I am wired as a person. I want to feel that there is nothing that I CAN’T do, if given the opportunity.

My first thought after getting out of work, sleeping, dreaming I was in the “Beat It” music video and I am so hungry… I can really go for a fucking cheeseburger! I walkes it to Five Guys on Bleecker in the West Village and I did eat one and their awesome fries and a cherry coke and like Katy Perry (and her amazing clevage) kissing girls, I LIKED IT!

Now I am going to try to get some sleep and figured out how to dance in a red jacket in a dream.

-V. for Vinnie







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