Everybody cut loose, Footloose!

I have to admit lately, I have been really “uptight” and a tad uneasy with how things are going. I have been holding in the frustration and trying to stay calm and relaxed, because  being “angry” doesn’t come natural to me. It really doesn’t, I don’t like to be mad.

The only time I ever lose my cool is watching Football, by the way, what the hell Jets! We should’ve beaten Denver and Fuck You, Tom Brady!

I simpy don’t do mad. I rather take anything resembling anger out on the soccer field, driving range or batting cage and not turn into some roided out Green Monster dude with daddy issues and the greatest elastic purple pants I have ever seen.  I hate purple pants.

Sometimes that anger whether at myself or someone else might be justified but I just prefer to not get mad fight. Peace or atleast an understanding is what I will always seek.

I feel so pent up, i just need to let loose in the positive way, of course. I need something like a massage or do something, extremely fun  and/or relaxing that makes me feel “free and loose”.

Almost like that scene in “Footloose” when Kevin Bacon suddenly breaks into dance in an abandoned warehouse when he’s frustrated living in that lame Utah town where they banned Rock Music and Dancing. Gut feeling, that town voted Republican.

I just need a release. Something where I can let it out and just cut loose, unapologetically for a while.

I definitely can’t do dancing in abandoned warehouses. I don’t think they are any in Brooklyn that hasn’t been turned into a Hipster Boutique or a Hipster Restaurant or a Hipster_____. You get the point.

Maybe it’s another vacation? Last time I did feel at most ease was that trip to SF when I pretty much took an adventure, everyday.

Maybe it’s more writing. I do always feel relaxed when I am writing my blogs, feels like a load always comes off every blogpost I write.

Maybe it’s going to the opposite way, out of my comfort level making try things I would never do normally?

Maybe it is me, rhythmlessly dancing in my pajamas in the privacy of my own home with the blinds down to the theme song to “Footloose” on a constant loop in the middle of this Monday night?

-V. for Vinnie


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