Wondering Where You Are

Would you like some?

I am an unapologetic, hopeless romantic. I’ve been one my whole life. Waiting for “that girl”.

The girl who for the lack of a better movie reference, “completes me”. The girl who who “sees me” at my best and my worst and still loves me regardless as I would do the same for her.

The girl who helps me finally solve the seemingly endless riddle that “Love” is to me. When I am with her, it finally makes sense. There are no worries, no doubts, and no hesitations.

Just a meaningful relationship of two people who care and love each other and are prepared to take any challenges the world gives us. “Love” is the ultimate Role Playing Adventure, not World of Warcraft or The Sims or Legend of Zelda and I want someone I can play with in that neverending adventure and prove we can win in the end, but do it together.

I know in times like these, I might be coming off as naive to hope and want something like that.

I mean we live in a society where the divorce rates are high, Love is sensationialzed into reality shows to see if some slutty, dim socialite will marry this athlete and if it’s going to last more than 6 months (Spoiler alert: It didn’t).

Where people are more interested in what is easy and quick than something hard and purposeful. Where $ and subjective looks matter more than heart and passion.

Where In one corner, you have someone who really loves you and would do anything for you and in the other corner,  someone who does nothing but hurt you and treats you like a marionette and people keep making the mistake by choosing the latter despite seeing what is really in front of them because it’s more practical.

I am probably naive, but I won’t give up wanting that as should others in life. I rather hope and fail “true love” exists than give up and look for “Mrs. Right Now” because that’s the path of least resistance.

To that girl I am waiting whether I know you now or will meet you later in life:

“Do you like Stevie Wonder?”

Do you like long walks around NYC?

Randomly looking for restaurants that make great Grilled Cheese and French Fries?

Would be it cool if I get a Cherry Coke at the Movies?

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

If you can drop everything one day and just go to some random place, where do you go?

Do you think the Jets have a good shot at making the Wild Card in the NFL playoffs?

Billy Ocean’s “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Out of My Car”, Thoughts?

Lastly, the most important question of them all: WHERE ARE YOU?

i would love to meet you soon. The sooner, the better. The riddle won’t be solved with you.

-V. for Vinnie

“Will you like to watch the sunrise?
Will you have blue or brown eyes?
What are the dreams you long to share?
I hope you like Stevie Wonder
Are you afraid of thunder?
I close my eyes and say a prayer you’re out there somewhere”


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