That’s What She Said

That's What She Said!

When I started at my current job, about a 13 months ago starting as a freelancer, I was lost when I started.

I put a lot of pressure in myself trying to prove myself there considering it took me a long time to find a new job considering a lot of bad luck,  economy, and the self-doubt that filled me every rejection that I received especially when I felt people judged my book by it’s cover (Hardcover Edition) instead of the content.

Initially, I felt it wasn’t working out. The account I was working on when I started was not the right  for me. I just never jelled with my first supervisor.

It felt like I was treading water on a canoe with no freaking oars. I was doing a great job and working my butt off but I just felt like she didn’t appreciate me and when January came (the end of the contract), I was a certain goner and I would have to job search again, something I really did not want to do again.

It got really tough especially when I started to make friends there. I really didn’t want to leave but I knew if I was still on that account I was not going to last.

My saving grace and why I am still here as a full-time employee started with a pregnancy.

The VP who oversaw the account I was working on amongst others, needed someone to help him coordinate two TV commercials he was working on because the person who initially was going to help him run took time off on maternity leave. He liked me because I had helped him on some other projects he needed me on. He pulled me off that account to work on the commercials. I was relieved.

Initially, the scope of what I was going to initially do for him was to simply “keep things moving”. Occasionally sign-off on storyboards being routed and mostly help with the finances and other odds and ends.

The scope of my role changed pretty much overnight. He was too swamped on his other accounts to really focus on this so he relied on me to really run the day by day which I did for about a couple of weeks.

While I was happier with the new role in terms of what I had to be doing. I started to get lost again because I was pretty much working without anyone above me during that time making decisions and not being sure I was doing the right things, though I felt like I was. I was certain I was completely screwing this up.

Eventually it hit a slight snag only because there were key high-level decisions  and tasks that needed to be done by a senior person and  the VP could not do it.

He pulled me into his office and told me he secured someone from another account to supervise me on the commercials and make those decisions and handle those high-level tasks.

I was curious who that someone was. I peeked into his office while he was talking to her. I recognized her, she was my cube neighbor’s boss.

My initial thoughts of her though I didn’t really know her at all, just from observation: Beautiful, Smart, and an Infectious Voice (Long Islandy)

I went back to my desk and got a call from the VP asking me to come to his office to meet my new boss,  before I left for the day. I met her, wasn’t really anything other than a simple meet. We filled her in on the jobs to do and I talked about things I needed to done before the I left.

After meeting her I went to my desk and pretty much got done everything I needed to do pretty fast and efficient. She shot me a reply to one of my emails to the client and admired “how fast I was” (That’s What She Said).

It gave me a smile on my face which was a rare thing to happen to me there since I started at the agency.

As we worked together and got to know her in the ensuing days and weeks, I thought she was the best boss I ever had. She really appreciated me and what I was doing. I felt so much better about myself.

She just has that rare quality that just draws people to her. She’s smart, pretty, funny, intuitive, etc. The complete package. The woman that Sting described in “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”.

I love when we go out to grab a coffee during the day to shoot the shit or when we are joking around in the rare few minutes of free time we have considering the work we do (the work of 3 people)

I’ve told her many, many times that she is Wonder Woman. She really is though she will never admit it. (Seriously women, it’s ok to take compliments once and awhile!)

As time passed with the many crazy things that had happened to us over that time which included it’s tough spots between us, I am still proud to say that’s she my boss and I love the person she is.  She always looks out for me, probably more than she should. I love working for her, trust her and would do anything for her.

It’s nearly a year of us working together, I am hoping I can say 2 years, next year.

It just tells you that sometimes you never know what opportunities will come or the people you encounter with and how that turns out.

I met a stranger and found a mentor/friend.

-V. for Vinnie


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