Midnight Train to Brooklyn

Home Sweet Home

One of my favorite all-time songs is Gladys Knight and The Pips, “Midnight Train to Georgia”.

“Midnight Train to Georgia” is a wonderful soulful song that tells a story of a man who decided to leave home for Georgia after failing to live his dreams in Los Angeles and asking the woman he is with to join him in order to get back to the simple life when life was less complicated.

I was at the Jets vs. Patriots Sunday Night Football game at MetLife Stadium last night, where the Jets pretty much got their ass kicked by the New England Patriots.

It was like watching a death of some guy via 1,000 paper cuts with tons of turnovers and the Jets shooting themselves in the foot. It was really depressing to see the Jets get beat like that in a big game.

When the Pats scored on a “pick 6” (For Non-Football fans, that’s when a Defensive player steals the pass from the Offense and runs it in for a TD) to put away the game. I decided leave early for home because I had work the next day and it’s a long trip home.

The trip from MetLife Stadium to my home in Brooklyn is roughly 2 and a half hours trip:

I have to take a NJ Transit train from the Stadium which is always packed with fans coming home from the game to Secaucus Junction then switch to another packed train to Penn Station.

After I get out of Penn Station and avoiding atleast 5 panhandlers and always 1 crackhead, make a beeline for the 34th Street Subway station on Broadway to take the “N” train to 59th street in Brooklyn and wait a freakin half hour for the “R” train, which I take 2 stops home.

As you see it’s a long trip home. It’s late at night on a Sunday. I am very tired, alone and trying to fight off falling asleep on the train so I don’t miss my stop and get my pocket picked or mugged.

The weird thing about late night trips is that they are the times when my mind is at it’s most clear and I feel the sense of inner peace I want fully in my life.

Riding the train home is that simple life. I have a destination I have to go to with the goal of getting there in one piece to get sleep and try again at living my life to the fullest and learning to walk, the next day.

I don’t need to worry the million things I always worry about everyday. I don’t need to think about my lack of a meaningful loving relationship with a someone I am in love with. I don’t need to ponder whether people think I am not good enough to be friends with or respect or think I am too weird. I don’t need to feel I have to be anyone else  or a caricature of  myself  to impress people.

It’s just a tired Vinnie Romero with his Dr. Dre Beats HD Headphones on his head in a Jets Sweater on his way home to the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn at peace with himself for that 2 and half hour journey home on a late Sunday night.

The Midnight Train to Brooklyn is when you see the real Vinnie Romero, see the person he is, the heart and passion he has for life and others, the determination of his will and the peaceful soul inside  of him that even those closest to him never saw.

Now if the real Vinnie Romero can come out every other day, at the least.

-V. for Vinnie


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