The Vinnie Romero Soundtrack 2.0

Note to Self: Get a Jukebox!

One of my first blogpost when I started my blog in May was coming up with a soundtrack that best define who I am as a person.

As with time passing, the evolution (and revolution) of the music I enjoy and indentify  changes based on where I am in time. I have a new soundtrack that can best describe at this moment.

1) “She Moves in Her Own Way” by the Kooks: There was a time a few years back where I was addicted to Indie Brit Pop and Rock. I think it was sometime after when I visited my friend Leah in London where I was glued to MTV (would believe they actually play music videos 24/7? I wonder if that will come to America? Oh wait, it did)

I love this song because the lyrics are so fun, innocent and descriptive (spangled boots on a woman are hot, by the way). The songwriter was clearly in awe of  and in love with the woman the song is about because she is a genuine lady. She marches to the beat to her own drummer. She doesn’t care what you think about her because she’s true to herself.

This to me describes the strong women who are currently in my life whether it my cuban big sister, the goofy freckled face firecracker,  my loving real sister, the sarcastic blond who I love to go to Target for late night shopping, the irresistable boss with the infectious laugh, the den mother who looks out for me at work, the sweet  and short writer, my mother who wants the best for me and how much they mean to me

Guys need strong women in their lives. Anyone who disagrees is clearly full of shit. That’s what I want in a woman I am attracted too.

2) “Escapade” by Janet Jackson: My favorite song from Janet Jackson’s best album, “Rhythm Nation 1814.” I really don’t care what anyone says about Beyonce now. Janet Jackson in the mid 80’s and early 90’s completely wipes the table with current Beyonce. Beyonce is more of a product, almost robotic while Janet was the real deal in terms of charisma and originality.

Lately I have had many a great times with people I love in my life. Friends and Family. Old Faces and New Faces. Even during times in life whether things were busy or tough (or both), whether personally or professionally. I look forward to being with people, which is a contrast from the person I used to be a long time ago. Sure there are times I am still shy but not as much 🙂

3) “King of Rock” by Run DMC: I long for the days of when Hip Hop was pure. When it was fun. When it was raw.  The days of NWA, Slick Rick, The Geto Boys (Where have you gone Bushwick Bill?), Kid N’ Play, LL Cool J (when he wore nothing but hats to conceal his peanut head)… I remember as a kid listening to cassettes of MC Hammer and Ice Cube on my way home trying to make it in time to see Ed Lover and the other Doctor Dre clowning on Yo MTV Raps!

I have been trying really hard to develop a swagger about me. A sense of confidence in myself that makes me feel like I can do anything. But of course, nothing that gets even close to cockiness. I don’t do cocky. That’s not in my DNA. I want to feel bold but original. I want to people to see a guy who’s “the man”. Now I wanna wear some Adidas! RIP Jam Master J 😦

The irony of the music video was Run DMC foresaw a “Museum of Rock and Roll” before it was even built nearly a decade later.

4)  “In Bloom” by Nirvana: Granted I nor anyone could never fathom what would have made Kurt Cobain choose to end his life though you wouldn’t be shocked it was partially influenced by depression and drugs. I could understand especially from his lyrics, the loneliness, and how misunderstood he felt as a person.

I feel like people especially strangers who don’t know me, my story and the person I am now misunderstand me. They consider me weird or for a better word, eccentric though it does not help I am not good with making a first impression.

It’s not that I am rude or mean spirited, it’s mostly, initially shyness and initial hesitancy because I am very guarded with myself. I am afraid people will see that I am weird that it almost becomes a self-fufilling prophecy. If that makes sense?

5) How Do You Talk to An Angel? by The Heights: Ahhhh remember in the 80’s and 90’s when they made Soap Operas out of anything and everything? Whether it was angsty rich teenagers of Beverly Hills. Angsty Canadians. Angsty Pretty People living in LA… See my point. Also their theme songs are ingrained in our memory.

This song was from a Soap Opera on Fox about a group of musicians in a suburb (One cool thing was the actors on the show were real musicians and singers). The irony of the song was the day it hit #1 on the Billboard Charts was also the day the TV show was cancelled.

I love this song, reminds me when I was a young kid trying to figure out how to talk to girls I was attracted too but too scared to admit how I felt. It’s funny how things never really change when you get older 😦

6) “Now That We’ve Found Love” by Heavy D and The Boyz: Talk about coincidental bad timing. I started getting into how much I really loved this song, then Heavy D passes away 😦

Seriously where is the feel good Hip Hop? It’s been missing like Fat Bastard’s willie since  Notorious BIG’s “Hypnotize” or “Mo Money, Mo Problems”. Seriously, who could hear this song and not have a smile in their face while pop n’ locking and singing the chorus.

RIP Heavy D!

7) “Be Like That” by 3 Doors Down: This past blogpost explains best why I identify with this song than any small quick blurb or summary can:

8) “Every Other Time” by LFO: RIP Rich Cronin! I shouldn’t like this song or in fact any of LFO songs because they are incredibly cheesy yet I really love the songs. I am not ashamed to admit that, there’s just something in it’s core of the songs that just really catch. It might be the detail to the songs cause it’s similar to how I write.

This song pretty much describes a current friendship I have someone who I am close with. There are times she can drive me crazy though I can drive her crazy as much I will concede. We can fight for awhile but at the end of the day…Cooler heads prevail because we care about each other. We’ll talk, maybe grab a coffee outside and things are back to normal 🙂

9) “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum”: It’s no secret if you’ve known me or read my blog (this blogpost is a dead giveaway) that I am pretty much a “Hopeless Romantic”. Emphasis on the “Hopeless” part.

I am starting to get to that point where I am nearly coming to terms that I am never going to meet that giri. The person I want to spend the rest of my life with. That girl who I will make feel special and never would hurt her. Holding on to the hope, but it’s just getting to that breaking point with me.

I want the feelings this song has. Live the lyrics to the song with that someone when I finally meet her. Something that is innocent, pure and sweet. Something real. The singers really nail it perfect, they really sing this song like they mean it.

10) “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas: I remember when I first this song. It was the song from one of my favorite movies, “Meet the Robinsons”. The movie that introduced me to my alter ego: Goob. I remember seeing this movie 4 years ago with my best friend Liz st the Union Square Regal Theater in Disney Digital 3D. Underrated Kids Movie, by the way! It gets lost because of Pixar.

This is the song is about what I want to have one day. A song about finding your inner peace and embracing the person you are. Letting go of the past, moving on and not letting life’s uncertainties not get the better of you and to just live the life I want ultimately.

There’s the current Vinnie Romero Soundtrack, where I am as of today until the New Soundtrack someday!

-V. for Vinnie


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