Riding the Rails

One of the best movies of all time!

Yesterday, I wrote a post about me visiting my friend Leah and her baby boy (https://vforvinnie.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/uncharted-flipadelphia/). I had referred to the train ride to Philly. It was kinda long only because the train to Trenton for the connection to Philly had stopped pretty much everywhere in the Central Jersey before getting to my stop.

I regretted not taking my laptop with me especially since throughout the trip I had a stream of random thoughts in my head while on the train which would have been great to capture at the moment.

This blogpost is my attempt at memorizing these thoughts:

Saturday 11/5, 7:14am: The train is leaving Penn Station, I just finished reading my book I have been reading, “I Want My MTV”. It’s an oral history of how MTV was formed, it’s early days and the advent of the music video up until MTV as a network changed when they introduced the “Real World” signaling the beginning of the end of the MTV as a Music Network.

It was a great book and it’s fascinating to read all the different stories of MTV during it’s rise and the artists and directors. Really fascinating stuff.

I am very tired because I had to get up early and kinda nervous because I was excited to see my friend Leah. What would Philly be like? Would baby David like me?  What I am gonna do there witht hem? I wasn’t impeding on Leah especially since she has a baby now? What if I saw Green Man from “It’s Always Sunny”? Was David going to like the books I got him?…

I decide to go with smooth music to start the train considering I am becoming too amped and yet tired in a weird contrasting way because of the early morning excitement. Who’s smoother than LL Cool J, that’s a smooth mofo!

8:00am: We now pass Newark which reminds me how much I hate the NJ Devils! I am a diehard NY Rangers fan and I am really excited at the Rangers chances this year. Eastern Conference really is up for grabs, we seem to finally have a good flux of young players like Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh and Veteran players like Brad Richards and Captain Ryan Callahan. And lest I forget the best goalie in the NHL! Henrik Lundqvist!

While I do hate the Devils, I have had great times going to their recently opened new arena in Newark with my friend Debbie who is a diehard Devils fan. I tolerated her Devil fandom because she is awesome! She like Leah is a real firecracker of a person. I realized haven’t been to a game with her in awhile, I miss her also… Hopefully I can score some tix for us to go soon

8:15am: I think we are passing Rahway, NJ. I am thinking about work. I am thinking ahead for the tough next 8 weeks to to go though I know I will have to step up  and come through especially for my boss, Andrea.

I love my boss! Seriously, she is the best boss I ever had. There’s something about her that you can’t help but drawn to her as a person.  She’s smart, beautiful, funny with an infectious voice and she always makes people feel good about themselves especially when they are down. There’s just something about her that is hard not to love her. I pretty much would do anything for her (within reason, of course) that’s how much I trust her. I feel horrible during times I let her down, because I really don’t like letting anyone I care about down, that’s something I really have no tolerance  with myself .  I am actually nearing a year working under her, I decide I have to get her a gift.

8:30am: I am in Linden. NJ. I see a dude on the train with an old school Motorola Razr Flip Cell Phone. I am weirdly disturbed by this.

I have to be honest, I really wanted to go to the guy and tell him 2002 called and they want their phone back, Zach Morris.  I don’t like hating on people but seriously dude, get a smartphone. Freaking companies are giving them away now. Get in the Delorean with the Flux Capacitor and get your ass back to the Future with phones that google, play angry birds and do 10 % of the stuff we forgot our smart phone does. This guy doesn’t look poor or older than 35. I want to buy him a smartphone and welcome him to 2011!

9:30am: I arrive in Trenton about to switch trains to Philadelphia. Typical me, I get a Cherry Coke than a water for a early morning drink to quench my thirst.

I get on the SEPTA train to Philadelphia, starting to get excited again that I get to see my great friend Leah and that the journey to Philly is almost over.

I immediately start to remember one of my favorite movies of all-time. “The Shawshank Redemption”. One of the best movies about friendships and hope.

Especially in the end scene when Morgan Freeman’s character, Red (why he didn’t win the Oscar for this movie is complete bullshit, sorry Tom Hanks but you didn’t deserve that one that year) when he gets out of jail, contemplates going back to prison because that’s what all he was used too because he didn’t have hope.

But he decides to live his life and go see his friend and goes a journey to see him. That ending always makes me choke up.

Link to the ending to “The Shawshank Redemption” (Spoiler Alert): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YInN9mc9vXA

10:15am: I finally arrive to Philadelphia, still a nervous ball of energy because I am about to see my friend. The journey to Philadelphia and long story short…. I must play this song as I walk to Leah’s apartment building 😉

The journey is over and let’s party!

-V. for Vinnie


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