If I had a Billion Dollars…

I wanna be rich!

When I was young, two of the movies I liked alot was “Richie Rich” (It had the Steve McQueen of Child Stars! Macaulay Culkin) and Disney’s “Blank Check” (It was about a kid who cashed a blank check for a million dollars and bought an awesome mansion with it though it was money involved in some form of illegal money smuggling/bank robbery…It featured the lil’ kid from “Family Ties” who became a meth addict as an adult”)

The Powerball Jackpot is at 173 Million Dollars, all that money is there for the taking as long as you get those 6 magic numbers right on your ticket.

I really don’t play any Lottery often like my dad does. I really only play when the amount is more than 75 million. I do have a specific set of number I use: 1-2-3-4-5 and the powerball being “6”

Just kidding! That’s not my system! (or is it?) I have wondered recently on what exactly what I would do with the money I ever won it… In fact, what If I won a Billion dollars? Hmmmm

1) I would retire my dad for good: My dad worked five jobs to provide for our family and not just provide but to make sure his family was happy and had close to everything they wanted in life.

He worked himself so hard, he now has Rheumatoid Arthritis and yet still wants to work even though our family is taken care of which tells you the great man he is. I would give him and my mom, 10 million dollars with condition he retires from all jobs, enjoy life with my mom in their later years without a worry in the world and never would have to work another day again

2) The most awesomest apartment in the world!: This apartment would be way, wayyyyyy better than Tom Hanks apartment in the movie “BIG” in my hometown, Brooklyn

I would have an entire floor, a main bedroom with a giant comfy bed, atleast 5-7 “50 plasma HD screens around the apartment.

A super awesome screening room/library with a big comfy giant coach where I can watch movies/sports and play video games with my friends, it would also have a cool pantry with a soda fountain, popcorn machine, milkshake dispenser, chips, mini-fridge, micorwave for pizza bagels…

A couple of guest rooms for my homies!

A big, state of the art kitchen and instead of a Chef, I would train with the best chefs to be my own cook so I can cook for friends/family

Big comfy couches everywhere! I would have tons of classic movie posters/iconic sports and comics images as art because thats me in a nutshell 🙂 I would also have a Scarface Movie Poster like every rapper had in MTV Cribs

I would also get a old school yet modern Jukebox with HD audio speakers everywhere that can play MP3’s and vintage records.

A Lounge with a full-bar with a wine cave and beer taps, Big Air Hockey Machine (instead of a Pool Table) and Video Arcade Machines

Then to finish it off, a giant roof deck (with a good railing cause I am afraid of heights) with a BBQ grill/patio and jacuzzi set-up and even a small putting green with a Windmill cause I am a badass!

3) Yankees, Knicks, Jets, and Rangers Season Tickets: I don’t need no stinking luxury box! They are too far from the games and I can do the same thing for free at my house! I want front row seats to all the games.

4) Travel the World: Ahhhhh yeah! I really want to travel the world whether it is going to Bora Bora or Barcelona or etc… I want to experience different cultures. I have only been out of the country twice! First Class all the way with some Cristal!

5) Sports Vacation!: I want to go to every baseball, football, basketball and hockey arena everywhere! Including the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Final Four, BCS Title game,World Cup and Olympics and I wanna do it in a Rockstar Bus with all the perks (except the drugs!)

6) A Rocket Jet Pack: Do I need to explain?

7) Rocket Sneakers: See reasoning for #6

8) Open my own Movie Theater and  A Sports Bar or a Hybrid of Both: I want to open my own movie theater which just like the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin or the Nitehawk in Williamsburg that serves awesome hot food and beer while you watch movies but it would be even bigger and I wouldn’t just show vintage movies but new movies as well and even events like fights or stand-up specials

My own sports bar also with everything you want in a sports bar, but very comfortable and not pretentious at all. It would be for everyone whether they like football, baseball, euro soccer, etc….. Which led to my superidea

A Giant Movie Theater/Sports Bar hybrid! Ohhhhh yeeaaaah

But I wouldn’t make it a theater chain… No. To me it would cheapen the experience that I want to bring. I would be fufilled just having one and no franchises 🙂

9) Give to Charity: Especially to Cancer charities and I would donate my money in the name of my Uncle David who lost his life to Leukemia in his honor. I wouldn’t just give money to the charities, I would help them raise more money whether it is out of the box ideas like Celebrity Pillow Fights Extravaganza (Who wouldn’t want to see Jennifer Aninston beat the crap out of Angelina Jolie with a pillow for charity, of course) or a Charity Blanket Fort Contest where people will compete to see who can build the biggest, awesomest blanket fort with the proceeds going to the charity.

10) Buy 1,000 acres of Land to build the greatest blanket fort ever:  It would also be my country home, and would have a retractable dome over it and Wi-Fi!

11) Big Yacht: Preferably the Yacht in the Jay-Z “Big Pimpin” Video

12) Really cool suits: I wanna look fly in my wardrobe. If Depp, Clooney or Statham wore it, I want it! And I would pay anyone $5,000 to teach me how to tie a bowtie without trying 1,000 times before getting right!

13) The Delorean and Hoverboards from Back to the Future: Cause it’s awesome! Duuuuuuh

14) Lightsaber: Duuuuuuuuh!

15) Invest and Save!: Cause I wanna keep my cash homie! 😛

That’s what I would do!

-V. for Vinnie


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