Goob is Back! Alright!

Goob to be back!

Hello Blog, long time no hear. I’ve been really busy for the last month especially with work and Football.

A lot has happened the last month and a half:

  • I have been eating a lot of great food and seeing great movies, as always 🙂
  • Growing confidence at my job especially with the fact I nailed three projects out of the park at work including one given to me by the head of my agency. Also my boss and I’s relationship is stronger than it ever was. I love my boss, she’s amazing and I would run through a wall for her
  • A whole lotta Football. Seriously, who would’ve thought the freaking 49ers and  the Lions would be the class of the NFC. Al Davis died 😦 Clemson is a possible darkhorse National Title Contender. My Jets are struggling badly with Offensive Line problems which is hurting their “Ground and Pound” philosophy and making Mark Sanchez throw more than they should’ve
  • My mom busted her kneecap badly on our building steps and will be need a full year to fully recover 😦 She’s ok, still getting adjusted to wearing a brace on her leg. Must say though for the right reasons, it’s kinda weird to help clean up your mom’s feet though I think Jets head coach Rex Ryan would never have that problem
  • Started to wear bowties cause I am cool like dat! I also loved the movie “Problem Child”
This coming week is important to me at my job. It will be my one year anniversary over there. I am happy to be where I am currently. I, over the course of 5 years went through three different agencies, suffering through unemployment and countless rejections (though I knew I was more than qualified and felt my awkwardness cost me) from other agencies seeking three things: 1) Stability 2) Opportunity to Grow 3) Family.
Where I am currently gave me that and then some. Sure there was craziness including a period I doubted my standing there when they moved me to Traffic for reasons I still never understood. But I got passed it and grew stronger  and made friends along the way.
I am grateful that I am where I am especially meeting the great people I have gotten to encounter and wouldn’t have had it any other way.
I took a chance when I agreed to work at “The Market” and that became one of the best personal decisions I ever made in my life and I have no regrets.
I will be blogging more in the future so be on the lookout, Yo!
-V. for Vinnie

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