What a Goob Believes… Part 1

Will be storming NYC this weekend!

Happy End of Humpday! Today was pretty good day, not crazy yet I felt like I achieved a lot. Just kicking back at home watching the Yankees freaking losing to the Red Sox via Jason “Douchebag Flattop” Varitek…ugh.

As always I have some random thoughts in my mind I figured I share outloud 🙂

1) “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”: It’s been since January since I had been with one of the biggest loves of my life…Football! As always we had a great courtship from July to February. I nurtured the relationship by investing $$$ towards tickets and merchandise while taking it out to bars or at my home and loving it deepy

Then Football went away and it took longer than usual because of the Lockout. Initially I was in denial and saying it will be over soon. Then it stalled and I started to long for Free Agency and training camp to begin. I teared up when the only news ESPN NFL Analyst Adam Schefter gave was Kenny Britt causing his 1,000,000th Felony during the lockout.

Now Football is back in my life again and I immediately want to break into singing some Peabo Bryson’s timely classic “If Ever You’re in My Arms Again” and embrace Football fully and never take it for granted again like any dumbass who breaks up with Halle Berry!

Why are you guys looking at me like that?

2) Self-Assessing Yourself Sucks!: Performance Evaluations are about to be underway at my job. Before they begin, my place of work wants everybody to submit a “Self-Assessment” of the work you have done.

I am not nervous about the Performance Evaluation aspect. I know I am in great standing with my bosses Andrea and Dot, confident on the work I achieved under extreme circumstances and I know what I need to improve on further.

The “Self-Assessment” part was the crappy part. I might know I am going to get a great evaluation and am self-aware of my positives and negatives BUT it’s just hard for me to put it on paper. It’s just a mental block that just drives me crazy. It’s like my own personal “Macho Grande”. Because I always worry to make sure everything I put myself is right even if I am confident that it is.

3) Euro Soccer is becoming Mainstream!: Thanks to ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel, FIFA Soccer on PS3/XBOX and High Definition. Euro Soccer has blown up in the most awesomest way. I love waking up on Saturday in my Soccer Pajamas, getting some cereal and watching the ESPN 2 Game at 7:45am.

I am a die-hard Chelsea fan in the Premiership and a Barcelona fan in La Liga. Champions League, I stay with Chelsea thats the team I identify with the most and Michael Caine roots for them so how could I not?

I am also a fan of that Icelandic Team with the clever soccer goal celebrations!

4) NYC survived a Earthquake and a Hurricane… What’s next?: Gozer the Destructor will unleash Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on NYC!

This might actually be cool especially if Slimer is around and the Ghostbusters come to save the day also.

Imagine the reaction on Twitter? The hashtags #Staypuft #Ghostbusters #Slimer #aintafraidofnoghosts will be as prominent as #kardashianpoopingintoliet.

Plus the outcome will always be…Bill Murray is awesome. So why the hell not?!

One side note: How high Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd were when they wrote the Ghostbusters script when coming up with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man scene?


5) The Continuation of Burrito Enjoyment/Putting My Name On It: As mentioned in my first blogpost when I started this referencing something I heard on a podcast. I am trying to find that inner-peace to live in the present and not think about the past and not worry about the future. Enjoy the Burrito now and don’t worry about what will happen later.

I feel I have gotten better though at times it does creep back in me especially given my current “conundrum” about how I feel about someone and the difficulty to tell her because of our unique relationship but I am trying to fix it and you can’t just transition that quickly. It takes time

I heard another podcast with a funny reflective comedian looking back at his life with friends and how he owns what he’s done in his life and isn’t worried about it by “putting his name on it”. It’s an additional mantra I am trying though it’s funny and ironic that comedian referenced that from a former Jets Head Coach who freaked out on a reporter when they asked about an anonymous player who went behind his back …

Enjoy your Burritos and Keep Putting Your Name on it!


-V. for Vinnie


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