A “Goob” Week

Cheers to a Goob Week πŸ˜‰

Last week was a crazy, pressure-fueled week in which I really didn’t get any sleep throughout the week, my usual routine was pretty much gone by the wayside and I had to deal with a nasty lack of caffeine headaches (was so busy, didn’t get my usual mid-day coffee which is never good for caffeine addicts)

Before you start thinking, this is Vinnie writing about what a shitty week he had, it wasn’t. I actually had a great week because despite everything that happened, this week. I came through big time! Came through for my boss who always believed in me! Came through for my place of work! Most importantly, came through for me and proved something to myself and others.

I had a pretty “Big” project, this week that involved the head of my agency, a couple of other “department heads” including someone I had worked under awhile ago, my awesome team, the Head of my Agency, and my amazing boss who I would run through a wall for.

To be honest I was off my game at work, the last few weeks. Nothing I am really proud of because I let some lingering thoughts about “something and someone” kinda get to my head and it affected me in an unproductive way.

I felt really bad, I let my boss down. She’s always been there for me, puts up with the type of person I am, praised me to others and always looks out for me. I never met a boss like her and I never really want to fail her. period. She’s someone I care about not only as a boss but as a friend. I know there are boundaries with that in terms of bosses/underlings and I respect ours, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about the person.

This project, was the best chance to make it up to her though it was a BIG one and it involved the head of my agency which meant it was high profile and one fuck-up could be fatal for the both of us.

Me and the head of the Agency have this weird relationship. The guy is a Poker Player, you never really know what he is feeling and especially in my case.

I am more comfortable with people If I know where I stand with them. Whether they like me or not. If you don’t really like me and tell me that. That is fine by me, I can actually respect that.

I never can really tell how he feels about me and my work. I know my boss has sung my praises to him but I still couldn’t get a read on him.

The project went along, while my boss focused on the content and the strategy. I did a lot of the legwork and the coordinating of the project. We complement each well which makes gives us a great advantage to the project. The Agency head I can tell is impressed with our work, though being the Poker player he is never really shows his cards but I can tell he’s pleased with our work as it was progressing.

We stood there late this whole week and the weird thing is because I wouldn’t have it any other way to be working for a boss who I admire and with a team I love working with. Having both is a rare thing and it helps get you through the long nights.

We had some complications along the way but we were able to make it work it out.

My other boss in another department, Dot was big help to me, she also helped me navigate the rough waters and always checked in on me to make sure I was ok and helped right a wrong that happened in which someone, me and my boss work with tried to “marginalize” me despite all the hard work I was doing like the jerk that guy is

The project was a success when it was presented on Friday. I got to get all dressed up and was an active part of the presentation. At the end of the day, the head of the agency praised me and my boss for all our hard work. To be honest, I kinda got carried away with the success and in the moment gave my boss an unexpected hug afterward though she understood why πŸ˜‰

I love her and when I mean love I mean love as a friend. She’s a great person and who deserves nothing but the best of praise for the amazing, brilliant person she is.

Followed that up with a fun weekend, where I got to go shopping for my fall wardrobe , went to a dear friend’s birthday party, at “The Frying Pan”. which is a Beer Garden on a Boat!!! Also got to hang out with my besties afterward and I got to spend a fun day with my family today…

Hopefully this is a beginning of a run of “Goob weeks” if you are catching my drift πŸ˜‰


-V. for Vinnie




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