Soundtrack of My Sunday: 8/7/2011

This awesome pizza wasn't the only highlight of my day 😉

As mentioned on previous posts, I associate music with my moods during the day especially during my workdays but i felt today, sunday was a very special day in terms of how music played a major part of my sunday.

7:27am: “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt: For those who do not know me, I am a very habitual early riser no matter what time I fall asleep.

Case in example: I went out last saturday with my friends from my soccer team and we stood out until 3am in the Lower East Side getting boozed up on Beer and Hop Skip. I don’t get too tired from waking up too early because I am used to it and I am a caffeine addict.

I need something other than coffee to start-up my day, so I go to the “go to Sunday morning song” cleverly named “Sunday Morning”. Great song and insanely awesome music video featuring the band making a Sunday brunch and weird stuff happens.

9:12am: “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” by Meat Loaf: Just finished catching up on some shows I watch on Netflix and DVR and I am bored eating a plain vanilla yogurt for breakfast because I have nothing else to watch because I watched a ton of stuff yesterday.

I pop on my iTunes and the 3rd song that pops into my shuffle and it’s Meat Loaf’s epic 7-minute opus (granted it’s not as long as “Paradise by the Dashboard Light) which brought the Loaf back to his career.

It’s a cheesy song that’s been used in tons of commercials for comedic relief and probably pays for Meat Loaf’s 6 houses, ironically all next to each other (I am lying but would it be suprising?)

As I hear it while eating my yogurt, I immediately begin the lipsynching of the song while doing “interpretative dance” to the lyrics and I feel the rush like I am Meat Loaf at an All You Can Eat BBQ place and I really start to sing the main chorus for real! Oh boy, If I had only turned on my webcam and posted it on Youtube! I would make Rebecca Black look like the Chocolate Rain kid, Post-Chocolate Rain.

One side note about the music video: It’s a Michael Bay directed (not joking, look at the Director’s credit) modern day version of “Beauty and the Beast” with the Beast being Meat Loaf, there’s a hot chick lipsynching the back-up singer and could’ve been easily been confused with softcore porn on Cinemax. I miss Music Videos 😦

10:30am: “The Stroke” by Billy Squier: I am at the Gym on the treadmill and initially I am kinda off-pace in my running. I think it’s the mix I have playing on my iPhone which is a tad more lighter which is good for like a jogging pace but I want to burn some calories especially for my plans today (which I will later discuss) so I switch to more up-tempo rock mix.

The song that helps me get back on pace and more focus believe it or not is “The Stroke” by Billy Squier or as many people remember it’s the “Stroke Me, Stroke Me” song. Yes, the song is very subtle in terms of what it is all about. (note my sarcasm). Similar subject matter songs by other artists “Hold On Loosely” by .38 Special, “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC and The Divinyls epic tribute, “I Touch Myself”. Yes, it’s a very “popular” topic in song.

11:58am: “Cherish” by Madonna: I get out of the shower after coming back home from the gym and I pop on the TV to VH1 Classic to watch some old music videos because a certain channel that used to air them, no longer doesn’t though they do air a lot of reality shows and repeat them over and over. I am thinking about the crappy fact my soccer season is over 😦 Met a lot of great people this season and it sucks the season ended early.

The music video that is on is “Cherish” by Madonna, one of my favorite songs of hers and another insane music video (notice the trend) with Madonna, in my opinion looking at her hottest is a wet t-shirt  by the beach (I wish I was the sand) hanging out with Mermen (male mermaids, which I learned from “Zoolander”) in black and white footage. I love the song because of how personable the lyrics seem to be which makes me think of the people I cherish.

12:36pm: “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” by “A Tribe Called Quest”: On the subway on my way to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to get some pizza and not some ordinary pizza. One of the best Neapolitan Pizzas I have ever had!!! It’s a place called Forcella on Lorimer Street near the subway. I was there a few weeks ago before my SF trip with my friend and Pizza Guru, Garrett and we absolutely loved the pizza. There is a special this week in which you use the “secret password”, you will get 50% off your lunch.

I am feeling kinda mellow on the train, very relaxed while trying to determine what movie I am going to see today after I eat some pizza.  By coincidence, while I was considering seeing the “A Tribe Called Quest” documentary, my favorite rap of there’s “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” is playing and I feel even more mellow and I wonder what I would do if I ever left my wallet in El Segundo. I get so mellow I almost miss my subway stop though I am so mellow I let it go 😉

1:43pm: “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry: Just finished eating the best Margherita Pizza I ever had and only for $10.26 after I used my discount and even the waiter gave my a fist bump when I used the secret password. I am full and I have plenty of time before my movie in the city. I had decided to see “Attack the Block”, this british sci-fi comedic horror film, which was a movie I was very interested in seeing.

I want to kill time so I don’t get to the movie theater too early and get bored. So I take a walk around Williamsburg before I get on the L Train for the city to catch the film. I completely forgot it’s humid today and I am sweating my ass off. I walk down Roebling and it’s a pretty quiet street and one of my favorite songs to sing in private is playing. Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” which like some of the other songs i mentioned is a “cheesy yet awesome delight”

I start to sing it as I walk down hoping no one is around. I see a girl in a bike I kinda recognize though not sure with a basket and a cute dog in it I immediately recognize the dog from his pictures.

IT’S SIMON! and I know the girl! It’s my friend, Debbie! I haven’t seen her in awhile but she looks great as always though I must admit I am kinda awkward for three understandable reasons: 1) I am sweating profusely and it’s showing through my sunglasses and shirt 2) Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” is playing loud from my Beats Headphones (damn you Dr. Dre!) which makes me look dorky and 3) What if she heard me singing as I was walking the street passed her? We talk very briefly, she asks about my trip to SF but I can tell she has to go especially since Simon looks really tired and exhausted from the heat which I completely understand though she’s open to hanging out when out skeds work out. Woohoo, I missed her!

2:32pm: “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel”: I am on the subway heading to the city now, and I notice this striking girl on the subway. She is strikingly beautiful and appears very well-off with her clothing and jewelery. She is probably coming back from brunch with her other trust-friend girlfriends in Williamsburg.

Definitely way, way out of my league, but a boy can dream, can he? 😉 I feel festive because of it and I go on my iPhone and play Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl!

5:15pm: “Feels Good” by Tony! Toni! Tone: I just left the movie theater and walking to the Starbucks in the East Village on E.8th and 2nd Avenue. I was blown away by “Attack the Block”, what a freaking awesome movie! I can’t go over how insanely amazing that was to the point I pretty much can vividly recall the entire movie and quotes very very quickly without hesitation to the littlest .

I am so pumped and my shuffle doesn’t fail me! It plays “Feels Good” by Tony! Ton1! Tone! which is old school late 80’s/early 90’s New Jack Swing, one of my favorite music genres. I am walking with a bit of a strut to the Starbucks feeling cool I just had great pizza at a discount and watched an amazing film I saw on a whim that lived up to the hype.

6:37pm: “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf: You can say I was being festive again today. Remembering earlier in the day of my in-home private karaoke/interpretative dance session as I am riding the train home I feel the urge to play it. I wanna play Meat Loaf’s other insane epic song, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” which is like 12 minutes freaking long yet still a great song.

If you listen to the lyrics, it’s about a teenager trying to sleep with this girl he’s been dating though the girl wants him to commit that he will love her. The teenager clearly doesn’t want to commit so he asks if he can “sleep on it”. The song even drops in a dirty reference to the sex they are having by using a baseball broadcast by Yankees great Phill Rizzuto as a metaphor for going “all the way” and “rounding the bases” This song takes me home!

8:07pm:  “Here’s to the Night” by Eve 6: I am about to watch the Yankees-Red Sox on ESPN, but I start to think again about last week and the last time I got to hang out with my soccer team and I am kinda disappointed with something that happened that night. I really like this girl on the team. Check that, I really liked her a whole lot and that night was the last opportunity for me to ask her out. Even friends on the team thought me and her would be a great match and they urged me to ask her out.

Ok, I know it wasn’t the absolute last opportunity but at the same time, who knows If I see her again and I never feel comfortable asking anyone out via email, facebook or phone calls.  I was about to but then something got in the way and I don’t think I ever recovered from that failure. I tried one last ditch effort as we parted ways to go home. But I chickened out, as you can tell, my old enemy shyness came back to haunt me. I missed an opportunity there and that’s hard to swallow though I had a great time with my friends and it made me think of this song.

11:37pm: “Walk” by Foo Fighters”: As you can tell from my previous posts, I love this song because how much I relate to it. I really can’t stand the ESPN announcers for the Yankees-Red Sox game and  I hate the fact ESPN is very biased towards the Red Sox, so I mute the game to listen to the music.

I know tomorrow starts a new week. A week open with opportunities and possibilities. I have to learn how to “Walk again”. I need my song and it’s there for me as always to get me ready 🙂

Have a Good Night!

-V. for Vinnie


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