Movie Idea: One Tough Cookie

Iron Mike getting the film career he seems destined for!

One of my best skills because I watch so many movies is that I always seem to have an active imagination picturing actors in movies I see in other movies I make up in my mind afterward:

Movie Title: “One Tough Cookie”

Genre: Sports/Dramedy

Rating: PG-13

Stars: Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Mike Tys0n and Demi Moore

Tagline: This Cookie won’t crumble

Casey “Cookie” Moore (Cameron Diaz) lives a happy, peaceful loving life in San Francisco where she runs her deceased father’s beloved cookie shop in San Francisco called “Happy Cookie” as a single mom. Casey loves the store and wants to keep it in the family someday for her daughter (Elle Fanning) who loves the store as much as she did.

Casey gets thrown for a loop when she finds out that her father owed a lot of back taxes to the IRS and the IRS will seize the store if the debt is not covered. Casey in order to keep the store open gets the IRS to compromise into a payment plan in order to give her time, but the payments are brutal and must be covered every month or she will lose the store.

One night when Casey was locking up the store, she gets mugged at knife point by a menacing mugger and the mugger demands she gives him all the money in store. Knowing this will signal the end of the store, she immediately takes action.

What the mugger and us the viewer did not realize until this moment. Casey, always the tomboy is a black belt in Shotokan Karate, State Wrestling Champ in High School in a Boys division, and her father before he opened his store was a decent amateur boxer who taught her, the other family trade.

She disarms the mugger, very quickly and proceeds to beat him up while also taking a few shots herself but ultimately taking him down, knocking out the big, tough mugger though while doing that causes damage to the store further putting her in the hole in terms of the payments to the IRS.

Her heroic story becomes local news and it gets the attention of  Joe “Steel” Steely (Mike Tyson), former MMA Champ currently running a gym in Oakland who is going through tough times himself because the male fighters he has developed all eventually have left him for bigger opportunities because of Joe’s gruff, tough love approach to their training.

He thinks Casey has potential as a Female MMA Fighter and visits the store as Casey, her daughter, and her snarky, comedic relief best friend who runs the counter Kelly (Mila Kunis) are cleaning up the damage at “Happy Cookie”.

Casey is not interested, though Joe mentions that if he trains her and gets her in shape for a local fight in 3 weeks, the purse money from that fight can easily help her with the damages to the store. Casey reluctantly agrees but she makes it clear, this will be her only fight.

Joe and Casey immediately train and it’s very clear from the start that Casey, her friend and her daughter will have none of Joe’s hard-ass training approach. Joe gets frustrated by Casey’s pushback.

He decides to listen to Casey and alter his ways capping off with him spending the day with them at “Happy Cookie” making cookies. Casey finds out Joe is so tough because he felt like despite being champ he never fulfilled his potential because he made bad reckless decisions with drugs and never wanted to let that happen to the fighters he trained. Casey sees the gentle soul in him and they become friends.

Casey has her first fight and she is clearly nervous and struggles early in the fight to the point Joe debates whether to throw in the towel seeing Casey Daughter crying in horror while her friend is trying to cover her eyes when Casey is getting beat up. Casey seeing her daughter, immediately recovers and unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks knocking out her opponent in brutal fashion to a shocked audience and immediately wins the crowd.

Joe and Casey immediately embrace and Joe tells her he will give her his share for the bravery she showed in the ring.

As they embrace, the only other female fighter Joe trained, Lucinda “Dragon Lady” Dark (Demi Moore), the undisputed champion renowned for her no mercy demeanor even putting a fighter in a coma for 2 weeks walks by them as she is about to compete in the main event and Lucinda treats Joe and Casey like a complete bitch to the point she strikes Joe and while Casey retaliates knocking her out, right in front of the cameras for everyone in the press to see in locker room.

The outcome of the fight, her knocking out Lucinda, and  the plight of her trying to save “Happy Cookie” makes Casey an instant superstar and she starts winning a lot of fights ultimately saving “Happy Cookie”, which was her goal but she continues to fight because it’s was she loves to do while her friend and her daughter runs the store.

After her last fight in which earns her the right to fight Lucinda for the title, Joe has a heart attack and is sent to the hospital. Despite Joe’s objections, Casey chooses not to fight but be there for his recovery.

Lucinda being the “bitch” she is, calls out Joe and Casey on TV as they watch in the Hospital. This infuriates Casey that she decides to get back in the ring to fight her and honor Joe.

The fight happens with Casey changing her fighting name from “Cookie” to “Tough Cookie” which was Joe’s nickname for her. It’s clear form the beginning, Lucinda is much superior, dominating Casey throughout the match even breaking her left arm which is her main fighting weapon yet Casey doesn’t give up.

Casey’s daughter can’t look and Kelly is begging the trainer to throw the towel, will Joe looks on in the hospital. When it looks like Casey is clearly done and Lucinda is about to finish her off  with a kick to the head while she is trying to get up. Casey blocks her kick and uses the momentum to place her in an ankle lock submission hold to the point where she breaks Lucinda’s ankle and she taps out. Casey overcame all the odds again and has now won the title. Lucinda looks defeated as she limps off refusing to acknowledge Casey. Joe in the hospital room celebrates while Casey embraces with Kelly and her daughter.

We fast forward six months later, Casey is still champion and a major superstar with endorsements and all her achievements captured as a museum at “Happy Cookie” which has lines down the block of people wanting the cookies and see the champ. Joe has retired from training and has a new job helping Kelly manage the “Happy Cookie”. They live happily ever after.


This Fall: Cameron Diaz is "One Tough Cookie"


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