Goob’s Wishlist: 21-30

Still petrified of the Zoltar Machine!

As per my previous wish-list posts, I wanted to get a headstart on the Christmas Season with a wish-list of things I want. The list continues… now

21) Own a Sports Bar: One of my dreams other than owning a Movie Theater is to own a Sports Bar, that will be huge and have a special “theater” for BIG games like Monday Night Football, World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup where people can see them on a gigantic screen while drinking some beers and eating my food. I would have the top notch Bar Food including Super Nachos, Mozzarella Stix (more than 8! I promise), Big-Ass Burgers, Onion Rings, Waffle Fries. Another cool thing during daytime, I would turn it into  Cafe for people to have coffee and watch ESPN and have a buffett area for breakfast including 30 kinds of cereal. I would call the bar “Puzzles” (see below):



22) Have an Apartment similar to Tom Hanks one in the movie “Big”: Those who have seen “Big” as many times as I have know exactly what I mean. Giant Loft Apartment with Classic Video Game Arcade Systems, Basketball Hoop, Snack and Soda Machines, Giant trampoline, giant foot keyboard on the floor, bunk beds if people stay over, a lot of toys… Ahhhhh I am dreaming of it right now. But NO ZOLTAR MACHINE! That machine still gives me the creeps from that movie!



23) A G5 Jet Airplane: I previously mentioned I want the yacht from Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” Video. I figure if I want a giant yacht, might as well get my own personal airplane. Where I can travel anywhere I want! Orlando! LA! SF! Narnia! ToonTown! Kokomo! etc. Since Tom Cruise really made it seem really cool and badass in the movie “Tropic Thunder”. What ya thinks Plaaaaaaaaaayas?!



24) Become 5-10 inches taller so I can dunk on a fool: I have no hops or height 😦 I want to be taller and be able to dunk a basketball in some dude’s face on the b-ball court. Heck, I wanna dunk it on Michael Jordan! Ya heard me, Michael Jordan! Also Kobe Bryant and LeBron. Just straight up dunkface on those fools. Werd. Me and One Hit Wonder Rapper, Skee-Lo have a lot in common!



25) The Girl of My Dreams: There are two girls who I would consider the girls of my dreams. One is the previously mentioned, Kat Dennings. But there is one person I am completely crazy about and really like in her way. I am grounded and realistic enough though to know that will it never happen even if i drummed up the courage to tell her how I feel. Whenever I dream of her, I keep thinking of the dance scene in Disney’s movie “Enchanted” with us together dancing (assuming I no longer have two left feet). I know it will definitely not happen, but hey a hopeless romantic guy can still dream 😉




26) Hoverboard: The greatest thing about “Back to the Future II”. Imagine how awesome it would be to have a skateboard that can hover in the air? Seriously, I may break a ton of bones trying to do insane tricks because I lack balance, but man it would be so worth it to get on a Hoverboard. Hey Silicon Valley dudes, get on this ASAP!



27) The end of the BCS!: To my non-sports fan friends/readers: The BCS is essentially, a bullshit contrived and inherently biased computer rating system in College Football that ultimately determines which two teams will play each other for the National Title. It has over the years cheated more deserving teams a chance at the National Title by a corrupt college system that prefers greeds and playing favorites. College B-Ball has been able to have a big exciting tourney to determine the winner! Why not college football?



Death to the BCS!


28) Join The Avengers or The Justice League or the A-Team: Any true badass needs an affiliation to a group kinda like one of those motorcycle tough guys with the leather jackets and the perfect round bald heads. I think I can be a big addition to any super group because of my abilities like Finding Good Restaurants, remembering movies and movie quotes, properly maintaining and scheduling a DVR (Batman would appreciate me teaching him how to record his CNBC shows and Top Chef), etc. Is there an application?




29) Broker a peace between the Angry Birds and the Evil Pigs: There has been too much eggs cracked and dead bacon going on iPhone Apps. There needs to be a peace between the Angry Birds and the Evil Pigs whether it is the Birds conceding to the Pigs, a dozen of eggs every week for the Pigs brunch as long as the Pigs agree to provide Bacon for the Birds on the same day or agree the real enemy is “Dr. Seuss” and his “Green Eggs and Ham”.  I think peace is possible!



30) Hang out with The Smurfs: Yes, I know Neil Patrick Harris is cool and stuff. But why didn’t they come over to my house, it would have been cool! Brainy could’ve helped me set-up my Ikea furniture, I can ask Smurfette on how it feels to be the only girl in the village and I can talk to Papa Smurf about why him and the Snorks haven’t talked in a while? I think like the Angry Birds and Evil Pigs that the Smurfs and Snorks can make peace also!




My wish-list keeps getting more and more elaborate, hopefully a few can happen in real life 😉

-V. for Vinnie


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