Netflixing: Twin Peaks (1990)

Kooky as Hell Show!!!

I have two current debilitating diseases: Caffeine Addiction (aka “Caffdiction”) and Netflixiholic (c) 2010. Netflix, ever since they added “Instant Viewing” feature has pretty much kicked Blockbuster in the dick (metaphorically and literally, I heard Netflix’s CEO saw the Blockbuster CEO a few years ago and kicked him in the dick) to the point they are closing down rapidly like Oxygen Bars (so I have to pay $7.00 for air I already breathe unless it’s root beer flavored, not interested weird Steve Jobs looking douchy guy who opened a Oxygen bar).

My opinion, why the “Instant Viewing” works is two things:

1) Instant Viewing is available on multiple platforms: Computers, PS3/XBox 360, Smartphones Google TV, Internet TV’s, etc

2) Most Importantly: It’s not just seeing movies. You can watch movies many different ways especially with new Cable/Satellite OnDemand technologies which saves you the trouble of having to go on a computer, hook-up your TV to a console, etc. It’s the TV shows you can watch!!! If you missed out on “Lost” or just never had the time to start or finish “Lost”, you can watch all the seasons at your best possible convenience in one place as opposed stacking up on TV Box Sets which can gather dust. Netflix has tons of available TV Shows including British shows available via Instant Viewing.

I have taken advantage of it similarly to a Fat Kid at the Wonka Factory (just don’t drink the chocolate water on the river, you can get sucked up a pipe). I am already a TVholic to the point my DVR is demanding Overtime Wages but lately a lot of my past staple absorption (wanted see it, google it, go to forums, blog about it… remember I am very meta with this blog) shows are going away like “Lost”, “24”, etc and shows that I missed out on, I have relied on Netflix to watch them.

One show I am starting to watch on Netflix is “Twin Peaks”. Twin Peaks is a show about a small town in Washington where everybody, pardon my french (more proof why the French suck…They curse! though Crepes are the shit!) is completely fucking insane in the membrane (don’t sue me, rap group Cyrpress Hill). One of my current favorite shows, “Psych” did an episode that was a tribute to the show and I was interested in getting to see the show and when I saw it on Netflix, I started to watch.

The show’s main storyline in Season 1 is the death of  Teenager Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks Homecoming Queen and the effect it has on this small town and it’s people. It’s a completely insane take of Americana and the hidden layers underneath it with the death of Laura Palmer acting as the catalyst.

FBI agent Dale Cooper (Brilliantly played by Kyle McLachlan) is sent into Twin Peaks to investigate the murder with the town sheriff, Harry S. Truman (yep, like the past President with the Mike Tyson toothgap and had that iconic photo of him holding a newspaper saying he lost his re-election though he won). Dale, like the Town’s people is very eccentric. He talks on a recorder about his travels and random non-sequitors (like he would talk about his case then say something like Randy Johnson should win Cy Young), loves coffee and pie (which is automatically cool with me), and has obscure yet weirdly effective detective skills.

While Laura’s death is the catalyst, Dale is the driver of the show and allows us to look into the town’s eccentric cast of characters like the log lady, Laura’s dad who on perfect TV cue gets insanely overdramatic, even for a father who lost a child (you know it is when they cue the haunting  bass/synth musical score of the show), the Native American deputy, etc.

I am on episode #5 of the show. I am addicted. I am addicted in the sense, it’s completely confusing to understand because of how weird it is and yet I am absorbed in the world of the show because it’s done more for a wink and smile to the viewers by the shows creators/writers as opposed to David Chase, who created The Sopranos” and started to go off the rails on the show around Season 4 with very pretentious “dream sequences” and metaphysical debates about life and the ill-advised way the show ended.

To me, Twin Peaks creators are doing this for you to feel really apart of the show and they are not taking themselves too seriously while David Chase is the opposite, he at the end of the final years of “The Sopranos” wanted to push you away, which was a turn off for me though I like the Sopranos.

Created by Filmmaker David Lynch (if you’ve seen “Blue Velvet”, “Wild at Heart”, you’re probably not surprised this show is weird) and Mark Frost (interesting career if you iMDB him). They were able to create this weird small town with odd characters and capture the viewers curiosities and imaginations keeping them involved in the show in a very accessible way in spite of the given confusion.

I am keeping this one, spoiler-free especially since I myself is only 5 episodes in. I strongly recommend this show to my friends especially those who are missing “Lost” like I am soooooo much, you actually want to find The Island though it doesn’t exist!

Give it a shot my friends if you already haven’t 😉

-V. For Vinnie


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