Goob’s Wishlist: 11-20

I want to live in Toon Town!

Hello World,

Given I am around 6 months before Christmas, I want to continue my Christmas Gift Wish List from my blogpost, a couple of nights ago:


11) Have my Two Left Feet replaced: I can’t dance 😦 I valiantly try but I am so spastic, it’s like a Zombie has entered the dance floor. I have nothing. Can’t Pop n’ Lock. Can’t Moonwalk. Cabbage Patch is not in my wheelhouse. I can’t even do the stinking Macarena! What happened to dancing being in the Latin Blood? Ugh. I want my legs replaced to ones like Turbo or Ozone in the movie “Breakin”



12) My Own Yacht: I want a Yacht like the one in the Jay-Z “Big Pimpin” video where I would cruise the seas while hanging out with my homies  and some ladies drinking some Cristal Champagne . I want to wear a Captain hat and even have some jetskis with the Yacht. Would I need a license to drive the Yacht? Is there like a Yacht driving school? I need to look into this and getting the Captain hat.




13) In-N-Out Burger or a Sonic in NYC: Seriously, what the hell! I want a Sonic Drive Thru or a In N’ Out Burger in NYC! Seriously how dare they deprive me of it’s awesomeness. Yeah I know NYC is all buildings but we do have Bikes, Rollerblades and even douchy Segways to do drive thrus! You’re telling me Mr. and Mrs. In N’ Out, there’s a Five Guys in NYC but not “In N’ Out”? Unacceptable! Please bring them to NYC, please! I beg of you!


I want my Sonic!

14) Punch Justin Bieber and Not get in Trouble: I hate Justin Bieber, I don’t care if he’s a teenager, I just want to punch that douche in the jaw and tell him to stop! enough said.



15) Take over for Hugh Hefner when he retires from Playboy: Let’s see… He has a mansion full of beautiful women (check). Giant Pool and Legendary Grotto (check). A Casino and Video Arcade (inside). Did I say beautiful women in a mansion? (check). Works in his pajamas (double check!) Seriously If I can live in a mansion with beautiful women and wear pajamas, I will be set for life. Oh I can dream 🙂




16) Control a Movie Theater for 1 Week:  My ultimate dream is to have my own movie theater but as long as I can control 1 movie theater for a whole week I would be extremely excited! Sunday and Monday Night, I would instead of movies show NFL Football on the big screen for everyone  and order tons of Pizza! Tuesday, I would do a “Patrick Swayze Movie Retrospective” and show “Road House”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Point Break’. Wednesday, I would air classic Mel Brooks movies. Thursdays, I would have “Cult Movie” night where I would air “The Room”, “Rocky Horror”, “Flash Gordon”, etc. Fridays would be “Action Night” where I would show Arnold, Stallone and Willis action movies and cap Saturdays with classic animated movies in the morning and cap it off with Horror Night!!! (Boo!)




17) For everyday to have “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”:  Hell Yeah! Now I need a Banana Suit and maracas




18) Have the Biggest Blanket Fort Ever: Blanket Forts are more badass than Fort Knox! Screw endless amounts of Gold. Let’s all band together, get all our blankets, create a form and all hangout together in our pajamas chilling listening to party music, tell stories and have some smores… tell me this isn’t awesome! You can’t!




19) Have My Own Sneaker: Air Goob’s! They will outsell the Air Jordan’s 1,976 to 1! Screw you Michael Jordan and you’re Greatest Basketball Player ever status! My sneaker rool!




20) Spend a week in Toon Town: Ever since I saw “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, I have been fascinated with visiting Toon Town especially with the evil Judge Doom being dead. I have constantly went to Travel Agents, went on Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity and Kayak and still haven’t found good airfare or hotel rates to visit Toon Town. A town solely full of all the cartoon characters exist right? Does it? I wanna know!



And with that I gotta get some sleep and think up of more wishes for Christmas 🙂


-V. for Vinnie


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