The Soundtrack of My Workday- 6/20/11

Madonna, Once Upon a Time was Hot

As mentioned before, Music always sets the mood and tone for my days especially at work, here’s a soundtrack of the music I’ve heard today and my different states of mind today :

8:27am-Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves: It’s a nice, sunny Monday. I am still coping with the fact that today is Monday 😦 and my left knee and right thigh are hurting me because of the brutal soccer game I played yesterday. If my Soccer league was the “All Valley Karate Tournament”, my team played the Cobra Kai. We were beating them on the scoreboard but they beat us up physically, they even swept legs! I am walking gingerly. I need a happy, happy song to get me going to work.

9:05am-Stand” by REM: I am on the Manhattan Bridge riding the Subway to work. I love the views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines from this bridge. It always gives this kind of goosebumpy feeling. It’s like the middle of my family/personal life in Brooklyn and my professional/social life in Manhattan. No better song captures that feeling than “Stand” by REM, the music video even has an awesome goofy  dance that I could probably do 🙂 I miss REM, I loved their AlternaRockPop songs in the early days but when they went with more of an acoustic/folky tone I kinda tuned out.

10:47am-“I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany: I am doing some tedious filing for a meeting tomorrow. It’s easy to do and my Monday wasn’t as busy as it usually is but at the same time I am craving from some serious work to do. I am so bored! I am listening to my iPod and all of a sudden… Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Along Now” is playing and I feel rejuvenated cause my dork switch has been turned on and yes, I am straight! Just a 80’s Pop music dork and Tiffany was hot!

11:58am-“It Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube: Having my lunch: Chicken Caesar Hero with Rosemary Chips and  Black Cherry Soda, still bored by the long day, checking Facebook a lot. Always loved the back and forth with my friends on Facebook. I need some rap music playing! Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” comes to my mind. I love that rap song. In the early 90’s during the hey day of Gangsta Rap, Ice Cube, former member of the gangsta rap pioneer group N.W.A went the opposite way of Gangsta rap by writing a great rap about having a good day in the mean streets of LA. The song really resonated with me because of the sincerity of the lyrics and the purpose of the song. Who doesn’t want a good day in which they have fun, score a triple double playing basketball, don’t have to use their AK-47 cause some homies are invading my turf and the lights on the goodyear blimp that says “Vinnie Romero is a Pimp” (I rool!)

1:13pm- “This Town” by O.A.R: Preparing myself to go see Steve, who is one of the heads of my agency  and talk to him. The talk is related to what I had blogged about last night, “Goober Instinct”. I was going to see him in order to get his help about achieving my career goals. I needed some pump up music for me to prepare, “This Town” fits the bill. MSG always blasts this song right before the opening face-off of Rangers games to get the crowd going. Great rally song. I am pumped up then as I get to his office. I completely chicken out and decide to see him tomorrow if he is free. Shit, I disappointed myself today

3:18pm- “Valerie” by Mark Ronson w/ Amy Winehouse: Still bored at work, it’s a painfully slow day at work and I finished my work so early and didn’t pace myself and no one in my area needs my help. Anatasia walks by my area to see someone else, I accidentally called her, “Stacey”. When I was younger, I knew a girl also named Anatasia who also preferred the name Stacey. Fortunately, so does this girl Anatasia…Woohoo! Happy Accidents rule! Need something upbeat… Need some “Valerie”!

5:27pm- “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane: I have gotten out of work at a decent time! Woohoo! I am on my way home! I need a road jam for me as I enter the Subway to freedom.

11:45pm- “Open Your Heart” by Madonna: I am finishing up my blog for the night and about to go sleep for the evening. I am blushing right now about someone (“That Special Girl”) as I look at some of her photos on Facebook and think about her. I am really attracted her, very much. She’s someone somewhat close to me who I only met very recently, a couple months ago at a mutual setting, but she is way out of my league and I am too much of a chickenshit to talk to her for more than a minute and tell her how I feel because of the possible consequences to that, in which I will embarrass myself, lose any confidence i have and lose a possible friend because she has been really nice and friendly to me and I put that possibility of a new friend down the toilet. It reminds me of one of the first music videos I saw as a kid. Madonna’s “Open Your Heart”, the video made me blush even before I was old enough to understand Madonna was a stripper in the video seducing a teenaged boy.

Gotta get some sleep and start a new soundtrack tomorrow. Have a Good Night World!

-V for Vinnie


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