Sports Nerd

Sports Nerd... Yep

I love sports. Wait scratch that, I really love sports. Sports is a big part of my life. I have been hooked on Sports since I was 6 years old when I saw “The Shot”.

“The Shot” is from the 1989 NBA Eastern Conference First Round in the deciding Game 5 between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers had the Bulls number all season, winning all 6 games in the regular season. In the playoffs fueled by the Megastar/Basketball God Michael Jordan, Bulls bounced back and was playing a decisive game 5 with the Cavaliers to determine who moves on into the playoffs. Cleveland was ahead by one point with about 3 seconds with the Chicago Bulls inbounding the ball. Michael Jordan nails an amazing breathtaking jumpshot and posterized Craig Ehlo (“Posterize” is b-ball slang means that player’s play was so remarkable it would be on a poster which also embarrassed the defender who gave up the score) to hit the basket and win the game.

While the Chicago Bulls were eventually eliminated by the defending champions, the Detroit Pistons twice in 2 years, that shot arguably started the Chicago Dynasty and 2 years later began a championship run that won 6 NBA titles in 8 years and solidified Michael Jordan as arguably the Greatest Basketball player.

I remember my dad was watching the game, and I probably was playing with my Tonka trucks and my Alvin and the Chipmunk Dolls (don’t judge me). I remember Jordan nailing that shot then Chicago’s Head Coach Doug Collins running on to the court like a Fat Guy at a free buffet celebrating the Bulls win… I have been hooked ever since.

I LOVE all Sports: NFL (Football), NBA (Basketball), MLB (Baseball), NHL (Hockey), NCAA (College B-Ball and Football) Euro Soccer, NASCAR, F1, etc. Well most of the sports. I follow Golf for Tiger but thats it. I have tons of jerseys, baseball caps and even retro t-shirts (people at work or my friends have probably noticed).

I am a student of the games. I constantly study games, players and specific plays almost got on two Sports Trivia shows though because I was too sexy for TV (my excuse), I didn’t make the show despite my knowledge of sports.

I am a New Yorker so I follow my local teams: Yankees, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Boston College Football and St. Johns University Basketball. My euro soccer clubs are Barcelona and Chelsea though if they play each other in the Champions League, my allegiances is with Chelsea given my connection to the soccer club. I follow other teams that are interesting especially if they play exciting like the Dallas Mavericks, or Washington Capitals.

Sports to me are like the Greek Myths, Daytime Soap Operas, Melrose Place and World Wrestling Federation all in one. Sports prove that “Reality is Stranger Than Fiction”. I mean you have the OJ running from the cops and his trial for murder. “The Battle at the Palace” in which players from the Indiana Pacers went into the stands to beat up some fans because one had thrown a soda at b-ball player/head case Ron Artest and he got pissed. You also saw the Olympics, when stoned American Snowboarders win the Gold Medal with amazing displays and then try to eat the Gold Medal thinking it was Chocolate… Ok I made that last one up but it likely happened.

I live and die with Sports every second a game with my team is playing. Sports is my natural icebreaker with people especially given how awkward/shy I am. It’s very easy for me to talk sports. For instance, there is an awesome girl at work, Sarah. I would’ve had a difficult time ever trying to engage in her conversation until I knew she was a University of Florida Gators fan which made it easier for me to talk to her.

My favorite sport is definitely, Football. There is such a communal feel to watching Football that other sports have tried to copy but can’t. Where fans of different teams congregate together to watch football together. Every weekday during the season, I have a mental clock in my mind on how many days it will be to saturday (College Football) and sunday (NFL Football), so I can game plan what games I will tape, what sports bars to go to, Nachos or Mozzarella Sticks? Jersey or No Jersey? Blue Moon or Yuengling? Why Erin Andrews is so freakin hot, and I would like to kick Cam Newton in the balls. I have met amazing people through Football ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite team is the New York Yankees. Call me a frontrunner, given the Yankees amazing history of winning and hall of fame players but I grew up in bad Yankee years when Scott Sanderson was the Yankees Ace in 1991 on a 4th place team. I saw a freakin Canadian team, The Toronto Blue Jays with Joe effin Carter dominate the AL East from 1991-1993 until the Yankees were able to build a dynasty that ran off with 4 titles in 5 years when I was a teenager. Yankees are my team through thick and thin ๐Ÿ™‚ Win or Lose.

Are there times I can get carried away with Sports. Yes, but it’s never a detriment to myself. I am grounded enough to know at the end of the game that it is a “game” and the players are “human beings”, well except Brett Favre who is a douchebag.

Some of my friends aren’t big sports fans and borderline from not interested to somewhat casual. I want torecommend 3 Sports Documentaries that you should watch that are very riveting to even the non sports fan:

The Two Escobars: It’s a documentary about the parallel lives of Tragic Colombian Soccer Star Andres Escobar and Colombian Druglord Kingpin Pablo Escobar who are not related and how Pablo’s drug money funded the amazing Colombian Soccer Teams in the early 90’s.

Hoop Dreams: Early 90’s documentary about two top Chicago Area High School Basketball players and their travails as youngsters playing basketball while being recruited to play basketball.

Winning Time- Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks: Another great basketball documentary though it’s very sad for me as ย Knicks fan watching Reggie Miller just kill us. The great thing about this documentary plays up the hilarity of the rivalry of between Reggie and the New York Knicks with Comedic Opera music setting the tone.

If you don’t watch sports, give these movies a chance, trust me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well back to Sports! Good Night World!

-V. for Vinnie


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