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As I have mentioned in previous posts: “Seek n’ Hide” ( and “Haven’t Met You Yet” (, I am looking for love. I am at a point in my life where I really do want to settle down with someone and be happy with someone I love and want to be with for the rest of my life. You might call me naive, but I really do believe there is that special someone in life, you just are completely head over heels for and that person feels the same way about you.

There’s 2 people  I am really crazy about, the aformentioned “Ms. X” who I’ve known for a longtime and “Sunny”, someone I have met  very recently though she is out of my league. I really don’t have any confidence in telling either how I feel

I figured given my pursuit of that “Special Girl” I should create a profile of the girl I am seeking:

  • Beautiful Smile:  That girl who can just have that smile at me and take my breath away is all the beauty I really need 🙂
  • Smart and “Smart-ass”: I want someone who’s smart that I can relate to intellectually and learn things from.  I want someone not afraid to dish it back to me especially If she catches me singing “Come on Eileen” in the shower, really loud and obnoxiously. I find the beautiful gift of “snark” really sexy.
  • Strong Heart and Soul:  I am not a perfect person. I have some pretty obvious flaws as a person. There are times I get scared and vulnerable, especially during tough times in my life when I get really hard on myself. I just need someone reassuring and willing to be a “rock: for me and not be afraid to be honest with me. I would be the same “rock” for that special lady. We all at one point of another have those moments in which nothing is going right and you feel trapped and just need someone to lean on but also be honest with you if they feel you’re wrong but still love you, the same.
  • Funny: A must. If you have not laughed once on the following movies and TV shows: “Airplane”, “Caddyshack”, “Something About Mary”, anything by Mel Brooks, “South Park”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Superbad”, etc. You are definitely not my cup of herbal tea
  • Inner-Dorkdom: An immediate turn-on for me. If you’re the kind’ve of girl who is: addicted to cooking shows so bad, she named her dog “Gordon Ramsey”, loves the classic TV show “The Wire” and named her dog, “Stringer Bell”, has a collection of snowglobes, goes crazy when an awesome movie trailer is out, has a DVD Box set of the 80’s cult show “Small Wonder”, geeks out over art galleries, etc. You are definitely, my kind of girl 🙂
  • Tolerant or Somewhat Tolerant of Sports: Sports is a part of my life. It’s always given me a lot of joy in my life with my family and friends beside me. If you love or accepting sports and look really hot in a sports jersey, let’s forget dating and just get married already! though If you are a Red Sox fan, our kids are growing up to be a Yankees fans! 😉
  • Adventerous: I have made it a point in my life to be more adventerous. Hopefully, you can be my partner in Adventure though I have to pass on Skydiving, Bungie Jumping or anything relating to heights. I get too scared and will cry like a girl (don’t judge me) but anything else… Let’s do it!
  • Accepting of My Family/Friends: They mean a lot to me and while you may not fully embrace them, please be understanding of my care and love for my family and friends as I would for yours 🙂 Plus my family and friends are awesome!!!
  • Enjoys the simple things: The best things are the simple things. If you’re just as happy just lying down on the couch watching TV while eating chips as opposed to going to Jamiaca to go snorkeling… you rock! (Please note: I can’t swim, so we would have to do something other than snorkeling if we go to Jamiaca
  • Be Yourself: Nothing more to say 🙂
I really hope that someone for me is out there. I would make her my world and always make her feel safe and happy. I have so much I can offer If I get that chance.
-V. for Vinnie

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