My Alter Ego: Goob

My Alter Ego!

al·ter e·go

[awl-ter ee-goh, eg-oh, al-]  Show IPA


1. a second self; a perfect substitute or deputy: His adviseracts as his alter ego during his absence.
2. an inseparable friend.
3. another aspect of one’s self.

Everyone has an Alter Ego. Superman’s Alter Ego was Clark Kent. Bruce Wayne’s was Batman. Charlie Sheen’s was Train Wreck and Hanna Barbera’s cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw was El Kabong (he would hit villains with a guitar easily securing his place in my “badass” list). It’s natural to have a persona, in fact so natural you might even have one and not even know it.

Think of it this way, when you are at work especially in my field of Advertising. You can somewhat adapt a different, professional persona while trying to also maintain your individuality whether it is in your clothes or even your actions because you are in a different setting than at home or with family & friends.

You can be a different person with your friends than you are with your family and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean it’s not like you can randomly give your dad a wedgie or talk to you mom about the hot redhead you met with the Sexy Dragon Tattoo on her navel you met at Bonnaroo as you took shots of FourLoko with Vodka and smoked an entire dime bag of weed, unless your parents are extremely cool (it’s statistically proven that 99% are not extremely cool).

As mentioned in one of my previous posts “Mature Rejuvenile” (, my alter ego is “Goob”.

Goob was my favorite character in the Disney CGI film, “Meet the Robinsons”. While it was a minor yet pivotal role in the movie, it was the most memorable one to me because of how much it reminded me of my younger self.  Goob was the lead character’s best friend/roommate in an orphanage. Goob was a helpful friend who talked a lot, loved baseball to the point he wore his jersey all the time, was a dorky kid with his unicorn Trapper Keeper binder and he despite being around the young age of 10 years old loved Coffee to the point he suckered his guardian into switching her coffee with his juicebox for a cup of joe.

When I was young myself, I loved sports so much there wasn’t a time when I went to school, I wasn’t wearing a sports jersey, playing or talking sports or catching a train despite being really, really young to Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium to go see ballgames. I was always a helpful kid especially with my dad who was and still is our building’s superintendent. While my Trapper Keeper didn’t have Unicorns, it had Scooby Doo and yes, The Muppet Babies (don’t judge me!). Plus, the obvious to those who have ever known me, at a very young age I was addicted to coffee thanks to my then-Aunt Millie, who gave it to me one day and I have never looked back. I think Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and other coffee shops/cafes owe my Aunt Millie,a letter of gratitude about how much money they made off my coffee addiction.

Goob is the face of my “Mature Rejuvenvile” personality. Despite being in my late 20’s, I haven’t lost that youthful side of me at all. I turn into Goob get really excited when a new movie is coming out especially anything Pixar or any action/superhero movie I know is going to be good. I become Goob during my weekend soccer games by wearing my jersey all day and practicing my “Soccer War” face in the mirror. I am Goob on Summer Fridays at work when I am rocking a Snoopy (The cool animated dog, not the weedsmoking rapper) t-shirt and jeans. When a friend needs cheering up or help, Goob comes out similar to when Dr. Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk and bring out the jokes and my helpful side to others. Goob is in me when I need to cheer myself up whether it is hitting golf balls at Chelsea Piers after a bad day at work or popping my DVD of “Wayne’s World” for some laughs.

I hope I can stay “Goob” for the rest of my life and I hope If I have kids or someone to mentor I hope they can develop there own alter ego’s that make them feel happy and fufilled in life.

Stay “Goob” Everyone!

-V. for Vinnie


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