The Dork in the Mirror

My Dork Uniform

I’ve referred to my dorkiness in previous posts and I wear it like a Badge of Honor like some form of Badass Lawman Dork. I used to be ashamed of being a dork because people usually associate “dorkdom” with something bad and odd, which is half-true. The half-truth is that it is odd, but just because something is odd doesn’t make it bad.

I mean Tim Burton is odd, yet everyone will see his movies because they are odd and yet unique and bring this amazing gothic beauty feel. People overlook Lady Gaga’s oddness because they love her music.

“Dork” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks”

Yep, this sounds like me.

I am not ashamed to say I love Boy Bands and their music or the fact I go apeshit for any Pixar film more than any kid younger than me, I think of fake movies which sound cool in my mind though completely crazy, my photographic memory of every Saturday morning cartoon I saw as a kid or my platonic man-crush  (Bolded to emphasize: I like girls!) on former Yankee Rightfielder Shane Spencer because of the amazing month he had in 1998 during the Yankees dream season where they dominated baseball and won the World Series.

We are all “dorks” when you really think about it. There are sophisticated intellectuals who laugh their ass off when they see goofy, fart-humor comedies like “Caddyshack” or “There’s Something About Mary”. Beautiful Models can read and love comic books. Jocks can be into Sci-Fi like “Star Wars”.

Everyone has that one “dorky” aspect of themselves:

  • I mean Jesus was a dork, he loved turning  water to wine so much he became a connoisseur when you really think about it (he preferred the Merlot chilled at room temperature).
  • 100 million dorks saw “Hangover 2” this Weekend
  • We all love Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video on Youtube
  • Middle-aged Men are dorks for Golf
  • People are dorks for cooking and watching the Food Network

So before you pass judgement on a dork because of his odd interest: I paraphrasing (and bastardizing) the King of Pop Michael Jackson (RIP)  want you to “Look at the Dork in Mirror. I am asking them to embrace their dorky ways and no message can a dork can deliver, if you want to make the dork world a better dork place take a look at your dorky self and make that dorky change! Come on!”

Enjoy your dorky life and Burrito!



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