Summer of Goob

The Summer of Macho Lincoln!

Today is Memorial Day, a day we pay tribute to all the soldiers living and parished for their greatest sacrifice they provided to our country.
Memorial Day is also the Unofficial Beginning of Summer. Summer is a magical three months in which the days are longer and the nights are shorter and beautiful and the possibilities are endless.
There really is no summer like a NYC summer, granted I’ve only spent summers in New York City… But it is true. Other than the excruciating hot NYC summer days where it’s nearly 100 degrees and the humidity is downright insane or insane thunderstorms because of that really hot weather there is no such thing as a bad NYC summer day, seriously.
Whenever I could on weekends, I always loved to explore the city just walking around listening to my iPod admiring the city and looking to try new places to eat.
My favorite place to hang when I do is either Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO/Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn where I like to walk around with a soft serve ice cream before catching a movie or the Upper West Side of Manhattan where I usually like to have lunch along the Hudson River at Riverside Park where I later cool off by catching a movie at the Lincoln Square (Yes, I love going to the movies)
I think this summer is very important for me in terms of my personal growth. Things that I need to accomplish or try to accomplish within these three really small months:
1) Find Love: Yes, I know it sounds cliched though as I mentioned in a previous post I really want to find someone I want to be with. It feels like all my friends finding love and I am the last man standing (literally). I really need to be a seeker this, none of this hiding any more.
2) Vacation!: I have been holding off on a vacation for awhile since my London Trip of 3 years ago and I’ve been working myself to the bone on the “Vision” team… I need a week off, recharge, have an adventure and leave my worries in NYC for a week.
3) Grow 5 inches: Yes, this is complete wishful thinking but man I wish I was like 6 feet tall, maybe it will help me dunk a basketball or go see a R-rated movie without being carded (still drives me nuts, I am 28 freakin years old!)
4) Go to the Gym more: Started to slack off once I started working at H4B. I have been getting better about going to the gym I need to keep going.
5) Try 20 New Cafes/Restaurants and take pics of the food: A goal I know I can achieve 😉
6) Learn something new: I either want to learn a language or take up something different like learning Art
7) Go to 5 Summer Concerts: I haven’t been to one for a year and a half. Must Go to one!
8) 5 Yankees and 5 Mets Games: Another easy thing I know I can do and I looooooooove baseball@
9) Assert Confidence at Work/Make More Friends: I will prove to the The Powers That Be that I am awesome and deserves more respect. Also build confidence with others and don’t be shy.
10) Try at least 3 Risks this summer: I’ve always played it safe my whole life. I am now at stage, I need to take risks. Not insane “insane” risks. But “Insane to try something different” risks. Open my horizons to new possibilities.
and go to a few theme parks and keep enjoying my burritos 😉
-V. for Vinnie

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