The Soundtrack of My Workday: 5/26/11

These are my headphones, there are many like them but this one is mine!

As mentioned on a previous post, I associate music with my moods during the day. Today was a very musical day I must say. So here was the soundtrack of my day today, 5/26/11.
6:34am: “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi: Woke up, really tired but needed a boost in order to get my chubby butt into the gym today. Pop in some Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name” and not only did I want to kick that Elliptical machine’s ass, I wanted to Rock! Damn you 80’s Bon Jovi!
8:01am: “Summertime” by Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff: Out of the gym, just showered and it’s really hot outside. Summer is finally here. It’s really humid outside to the point I am sweating after my shower. I want some season music. Did I go with “Summertime” by Billie Holliday? No. Did I go “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra? Nope. Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”? Uh-Huh. I want with “Summertime” by Fresh Prince of Bel Air! One of the few songs I can actually rap word for word. That and Kriss Kross’s “Jump Jump”
9:37am: “Walk” by Foo Fighters: I am running a tad late to work because I made a detour to get a Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese and I am double timing it to get to work. I am thinking of my beloved friend/supervisor Andrea and how I miss her very much. Like I mentioned in a previous post. I am preparing to “Learn how to Walk” again as I get to work, everyday is different. I am getting psyched/juiced up. I am about to take on the day…Then my bag with my bagel and choco milk breaks falls right to the ground outside the Chelsea Market Building where I work and to make matters worst, Emily, the awesome  AD who is much cooler than me sees it and I feel like such a dork. She smiles and I thank the Breakfast gods only my choco milk fell and the bottle didn’t break. I still feel like a dork though.
11:05am: “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes: Jamming to my iPod trying to finish a deck for “Vision”. I am tearing through it and about to send it to my supervisor, Christina. I am listening to the “song” from “Dirty Dancing”, you  know the “song”. When Johnny (RIP Patrick Swayze) hijacks the show and tells them that “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner” and he breaks into dance as Baby blushes on stage and they dance and I shed man tears (Keep that on the down low remember I have street cred). I am listening to this trying not to sing it outloud at my desk especially with Kowalski talking to Juliette behind me, I have already looked like a dork today!
12:47pm: “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy: I grab my sandwich at the Bowery Kitchen and make a beeline for The Highline, my place of peaceful relaxation during the workday. I see Flavor Flav doing an interview. FLAVOR FLAV!  The greatest rap hypeman ever. Started to each a sandwich when I caught some great coworkers who invited me over and they ask me if I saw FLAVOR FLAV! and I say “Hell Yeah”. I am near done with my sandwich but nervous to finish cause it’s a messy sandwich and I don’t want to look like a dork again! (see the pattern)… We go our separate ways as I want to see a friend before my break is over. After seeing Flavor Flavy, you know I have to play some Public Enemy!
2:06pm: “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police: I realize that one of my best friends at work is going to be leaving tomorrow for a great opportunity. I have to get her something. She was one of the first people to befriend me at H4B and she’s always made herself available to me whenever I needed someone I can confide in. I go downstairs to the cool bakery that makes weird cookies and got her “New York Yankee Cap Cookies” as a Thank You from me because I always noticed she had a foamy finger on her desk. I am going to miss her. I also think about Andrea and still hoping she is ok. They are both magical humans who I really admire and strive to be… What a better song for the moment then 😉
4:24pm: “Smooth” by Santana w/ Rob Thomas: I just finished a internal creative review, because my superiors are in Atlanta. I am in charge of the review and everything goes smooth. The creative looks great, I had some tweaks but it made sense to them and overall we are ahead of schedule. I feel smooth at this point, not dorky. Cue music…
5:36pm: “Escapade” by Janet Jackson: I am done for the day! I can’t wait to get out of work (at a decent time) and I will get to see my dear friend Carly before she goes to Paris for a week and half. I am going to crash at her place and help take care of her cat Pebbles. I have time to kill before I see her so I walk around The Highline again listening to my favorite Janet Jackson which is fitting for the moment…
7:57pm: “C’est La Vie” by Robbie Nevil”: Unfortunately, Carly is going to be stuck at work 😦 So we won’t be able to grab dinner, but it’s cool. I met her at her job to pick up the keys, we hug and I wish her a safe flight, good vacay and we’ll grab some dinner when she is back. Going to grab some Tacos then go home… C’est la Vie Thursday!
11:15pm: “Loser” by Beck: I am writing my blog talking about a moment about how I feel like a dork. How very meta dorky of me. Why not play some dorky music. Boy, Beck can dance. Yes I have been accused of being a Hipster. 😉
Have a Good Night! and enjoy your Tacos.
-V. for Vinnie

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