Mr. Softee Jr.

Mr. Softee and proud of it!

Yesterday, I got to see the awesomeness that was John Leguizamo’s new one-man show “Ghetto Klown” with my parents and my best friend Liz. What makes me love Leguizamo and his art is how profoundly honest and self-examining he is. He even admits to the audience this show is therapy for him to perform.

My blog is to me what his one man shows are to him. An exercise in self-examining one’s self.

On the way home with my parents, we got out of the train station on Pacific Street and there was a Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck. Ever since sundays at my great grandparents house when I was a little kid, I’ve loved the Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck. Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream is the best ever! I pity the fool who thinks otherwise.

That ice cream was soooooooo goood (yes with chocolate sprinkles).

Something about “Mr. Softee” kept lingering in my mind until what happened today at work and it wasn’t about my love of soft serve.


Truth of the Matter is… Yes, I am “Soft” but I do have a “backbone” and most importantly, “integrity”.

I am a firm believer that “Confrontation” does not fix anything. It really doesn’t ever. All it does is makes things set up to fail in the future.

Let’s say you had a confrontation with someone and eventually that person caved in to what you believe at that moment. While you might have won that fight, you’ve set yourself to fail with that person in the future because it implies “Winning” or “Losing” or who’s “Right” and “Wrong”. I truly believe that.

Don’t mistake “Confrontation” with “Talking” though. Maybe we have differences of opinion, maybe we won’t like each other but I do believe talking through any conflict makes things better in the long haul whether you come to a resolution on a topic or not because you’re listening as much as you are talking showing respect to the person and their beliefs.

Yes, I am a BIG SOFTIE when it comes to people I truly care about. I would really do anything for anyone I care about whether it is my parents asking me to take out the garbage or a friend asking me to watch her cat while she’s on vacay or co-worker needs me to help them on a project though it means staying later that I planned.

It’s just who I am as a person. I love to help people especially those who I am close to and I won’t give up trying to make things work out in conflicts.

I really do think this world needs more “Nice”, nothing bad ever happens when “Nice People and Nice Things” happen.

You see “Nice” wins out, 9 out of 10 times.

Enjoy your Ice Cream.

-V for Vinnie


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