Where have you gone, Rick Moranis?

"I'm Surrounded By Assholes!"

As a kid, I loved watching movies over and over again. The movies I watched over and over as kid were: “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Die Hard”, “Predator”, “The Last Boy Scout”, “My Blue Heaven”, “The Mighty Ducks”, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, “Ghostbusters I & II”, “Little Shop of Horrors (1985)”, “Big”, “The Lost Boys”. “License to Drive”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbitt”, “Parenthood” (It took me until I was 17 to figure out the Vibrator joke in the movie) “What About Bob”, “Goodfellas” (me and my dad saw that movie 10 times together), “The Sandlot”, “Little Giants”, and “Spaceballs”

As you seen, yes I wore my cable box (my dad was a building super so we had free cable including HBO, Cinemax and Showtime…boo-yah! and he had the Playboy channel…don’t tell my parents) and my VCR out and I watched a lot of R-Rated movies (Thank You Mom and Dad for being awesome and trusting me to watch it!”

If you noticed and looked up all the movies on imdb.com, one actor specifically will stand out because he’s in 8 of the movies and it wasn’t by accident.

That actor was Rick Moranis.

Rick Moranis is by no means Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks or even Eddie Murphy. He does not have that “Leading Man” image but what he did have was that natural, geeky underdog shlub with lovable qualities to him. He is actually Seth Rogen before there ever was a Seth Rogen, except less high on pot and shorter.

He was a complete geek similar to me but the man was just a complete natural at comedy. He stole scenes from Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd in “Ghostbusters”. He pulled off the best character parody I ever saw with “Dark Helmet” in “Spaceballs”. He could do musicals! He and Steve Martin made one of the most underrated comedies of all time (Random Trivia: Nora Ephron, the writer of “My Blue Heaven” was the wife of Nicholas Pileggi who co-wrote “Goodfellas”…about a similar topic though one was a zany comedy and the other was one of the best mob movies of all time). He was a Football Coach and he outcoached Al Effin Bundy!!! He can even sing and dance with a people eating giant plant!

Rick Moranis is someone you root for, the geek you can’t help but love and man, who just knew how to make people laugh. I wouldn’t mind if people ever considered me the poor man’s Rick Moranis

Unfortunately, Rick Moranis retired in 1998. But he did for the right reasons, his wife Anne had died of Liver Cancer. He chose to no longer focus on acting in order to raise his two young sons as a single parent. He still does voice acting and even did a country album (tempted to try it out but dunno).

With talk of a Ghostbusters 3, I hope Rick Moranis comes back. I think comedy needs him back. Kids to this day have atleast seen “Ghostbusters” or even “Little Giants”… They had too!!!

-V. For Vinnie


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