Let’s Hear It For the Boy!

Whenever I dream, I always dream I am “The Man”, “The Big Shot”, “The Big Cheese”, and “Numero Uno”.  I want to be a leader one day. To be honest, I have never really been given the chance to lead anything in my life. I was always the #2 or lesser.

I know if I am given the chance to prove that I can be a leader, I would prove it once and for all. I think  a lot of why I haven’t been given that opportunity is because of my confidence issues. I am confident I can lead but being confident and projecting confidence to others are two completely different things.

It’s not I don’t believe in myself because I do. It’s just very hard for me to win people over to me. I am so eager to please and to be loved I get nervous to speak what I feel because I don’t like confrontation and I always feel compromising will get people to like me and trust me.

Obviously, that is not the sign of a leader. A true leader sometimes has to sacrifice for the betterment of the group, but he also has to stick firm with what he believes in and convince others that what he wants to do is the “right call” whether it is or isn’t and be willing to accept he might not always be right.

I hope I can prove it at work. The head of the agency doesn’t really take notice of me very much. I mean, he likes I am an effective hard worker, nice person and people at the agency like me very much but other than that I feel I like he doesn’t know what I am a capable of .

A lot of people have praised me and my ability and work ethic but for some reason I cannot convince him I can be part of the future, if given the chance. He rather me stay in my corner and stay there. He will never say that, but it’s implied.

I’ve decided to do something about that. I have a plan that will make me really standout where I work and show the Agency head, not only can I be a key asset to him,  I can be a key asset to the agency if I am given the chance.

I want to feel like it felt when you hear “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”… How on top of the world you feel, How people pull for you and want you to succeed. I want people to know this guy has “It”. I don’t know exactly what “It” is but he has “It”

I want people to BELIEVE in me, not just because I am good person but because I am a good person capable of great things.

-V. For Vinnie

Let's Hear it for the Boy!


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