The Soundtrack of My Workday-5/16/11

My Music Weapon of Choice- My iPhone

I often associate music with my moods like many people. If things are going well, I always play happy music on my iPod like “Don’t Sleep Til’ Brooklyn” when I go out with my friends to hang around in Brooklyn. If things are bad, I’ll play something more somber like If I felt like I screwed up something bad I play “Hurt”. Moods and music can change constantly… Here is a Soundtrack of My Workday, May 16th, 2011

7:11am: “The Touch” by Stan Bush from “Transformers: The Movie” (the 1987 animated film): I find out the trains in my neighborhood are shutdown because of signaling problems. I have to walk a mile to the nearest working train station. I need some pump-up music for the walk, I play “The Touch”, an upbeat 80’s style power ballad/montage song to get me through the early morning walk.

8:30am: “New York, New York” by Ryan Adams: I am on the train to to work and it’s elevated crossing the Manhattan Bridge. I can see the beautiful one of a kind New York City Skyline, can’t help but rock some Ryan Adams “New York, New York”. Yes, I have been accused of being a Hipster before.

9:06am: “Walk” by Foo Fighters: Just got out the subway going down W.15th Street  towards H4B. I am going to have a long day of work and as always as each day at work necessitates I have to learn how to walk again. Have to learn new things, meet new people, drive myself to make people believe in me and believe I can make things happen today. I walk into work, going down the halls, I see Taylor who works as hard if not, harder than me. She doesn’t notice me though I smile, she’s going to be a VP one day.

10:34am: “Hello Again” by Neil Diamond: I walk passed by my friend/supervisor’s desk. She is taking time off from work on leave. I miss her very much, she is my closest friend/confidante at H4B. Beautiful, funny and smart. I love her smile and that weird “eyes rolling” look she gives when our mutual supervisor Richard would say something vague or completely stupid on the phone that cracked me up. She got me out of my nervous shell at work and always was protective of me and always pulling for me.  I don’t know I would be where I am without her. I am a tad melancholy, and leave her a Diet Coke at her desk because that was her favorite drink. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.

12:12pm: “Let Her Dance” by the Bobby Fuller Four: I am eating some lunch. Bowery Kitchen’s Chicken Caesar Hero and a bag of Deep River Rosemary and Olive Oil Potato Chips with a Boylan’s Black Cherry. I feel like listening to some 60’s rock with a nice chill tempo. I got really hooked to this song when I saw Wes Anderson’s “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. Yes, again people have accused me of being a Hipster.

5:13pm: “The Show” by Dough E. Fresh and Slick Rick: Have to stay at work later than I originally thought. Check in on my friend and other supervisor Christina to see how she is doing, she’s out of the office sick. She’s doing good. Jeff, one of the top creatives comes by my desk to see my other sup, Dot and he greets me and reminds me how great of a job I am doing. Since Jeff doesn’t work on any of my accounts but went out of his way to say that to me, makes me feel good and my friend Karla texts me a smiley face! I almost get some new found courage to say hi to that person at work I am kind’ve scared of yet we are pretty cool on Facebook in order to open up and maybe make a new friend at work and… I froze again and didn’t want to bother her. Ugh. Oh well, I still need some Hip Hop music in me…

6:41pm: “Closing Time” by Semisonic: Near the end of day at work. Good News, we’re ahead of schedule on that project and don’t have to stay insanely late as previous thought. Everyone at work is starting to leave to go home, It’s essentially closing time…Hmmmmmmm?

7:47pm: “Coming Home” by P. Diddy: I am coming home. Tell the world I am coming home… The preferred song of leaving work and going home. I am not a Diddy fan yet I like this song. Sue me.

8:56pm: “Walk” by the Foo Fighters: Yes, this song again. I am getting closer and closer to my home. I am going to eat some dinner, have some hot cocoa, watch TV and blog! Though this means today is about to end and a new day will start tomorrow which means new challenges. I have to “Learn How to Walk” again tomorrow and I am ready for that journey.

That’s the soundtrack of my day 🙂

-V.for Vinnie


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