Vacation is All I Ever Wanted…

Should I go to Seattle aka The Emerald City?

I’ve been debating where to go on Vacation this year. I haven’t been on one in awhile since my fun London trip, 2 years ago when I go to see my friend Leah.

I want to do something simple and relaxing. I really don’t feel like going anywhere tropical or too hot. Just not my thing. I prefer Urban Adventures or something simple.

I’ve been debating several options:

Montreal: Beautiful, International City with nice culture, awesome nightlife especially Jazz Clubs and amazing scenery. It’s pretty much the closest thing I can get to going back to Europe without going to Europe (though I plan to get back to London or go to Paris or Rome next time). A couple of drawbacks are I was kinda hoping to catch a game but the Canadiens season is over and the Expos left town 8 years ago, it is really expensive a city to go too.

Seattle: Nice Urban Metropolis with public transportation, awesome music and sports city. I can go to the Space Needle (after a couple of beers for courage cause I am afraid of heights), The Experience Music Project, Pike’s Place and the Original Starbucks!!! The drawback would be airfare and it would be a loooooong flight given my fear of flying.

Los Angeles: The Other Major City. Has everything that I would love in a city especially with things to do, great food, sports, etc. I do have family over there which is great.  The only drawbacks would be: It’s hard to get around with public transportation, loooooong flight, and money.

Chicago: The Other Other Major City. Same thing as LA, has everything I would want with things to do and it’s much easier to get around than Los Angeles. I have a lot of family and friends in Chicago. I could also take the train to Milwaukee, also and catch a game there too.

Orlando: I haven’t been to Orlando since I was 11 years old.  Given I am a “Mature Rejuvenile” 😉 that would be a fun place to go, chill, go to Disney World and Universal. I can hangout around CityWalk and mingle. The only drawback: Too many tourists.

Atlanta: Bustling Southern City with public transportation with great food and friends. Also a sports town, though the Braves suck!!! I do have friends there. Easy trip. I am tight with Ludacris (not really, I don’t know him).

Miami: Home of my Favorite Will Smith rap song after “Parents Don’t Understand”. I have friends and family (though they are closer to Ft. Lauderdale) there. Cuban Food! Can try to learn spanish and gives me a cool reason to wear cool Fedora’s, Tropical Shirts and stuff. Michael Westen kicks badguys ass there.

Boston: Red Sox Suck!!! But it’s a close city, good for a weekend. Sports city. Underrated Music and Food City. Can easily take a Bus there. Have friends there. Jillian’s. A lot though I have to fight the urge to punch a douchy Sox fan in the dick at Fenway.

Austin: Great bohemian and active city. Amazing food and music scene. The film geek in me can go to the Alamo Drafthouse every night. I can have Tex-Mex and Texas BBQ everyday!

Philadelphia: Phillies Suck!!! Close city, good for a weekend. Sports city. Underrated Food city. Can take a bus or a train there. Can get a beer with Mac and the Gang at Paddy’s Pub.

Baseball Trip: I was thinking of maybe flying to a place like Milwaukee and do a quick road trip and visit other Ballparks in the Midwest for a week. I could possibly do Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. Or catch a Yankees road series @ Tampa Bay or Cleveland. Hmmmmmm.

I have soooooooooooo many options! What should I do?!

-V. for Vinnie


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