Wo Hop, Bridemaids and Friends: A Good Weekend

Best Greasy Chinese Place in NYC

It’s been a tough few weeks at work (actually more like a tough last two months). Especially all the work I am doing, dealing with the fact, the head of my agency does not like me despite all the great work I do and guilt I have from something that happened a few weeks ago which makes me worry about a dear friend who I miss a lot.

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to happen and boy I was right. I am actually am having a great weekend, so far πŸ™‚

Last night, I got to hang out with Carly, one of my best friends. Carly is one of the most awesome people, I have ever met. I’ve known her now for about 5 years through a mutual friend who I also miss very much who now lives in London. She’s funny, smart, independent and definitely bring the “Goofy” (I have photos to prove it) which is always plus with me.

I talked her into going to Wo Hop, the best greasiest Chinese restaurant in Chinatown despite she had a 5K to run, the next day, proving that Confucius proverb “Greasy food will always win out” right. We got to share work stories about how insane our jobs are, talk politics, South Park, her trying to will herself to stop eating the rest of the greasy chinese food and me offering to attack with chopsticks as an intervention to stop her from eating all that greasy food. We proceeded to grab some Guinness’s at a bar then called it a night.

It was a great night, something I needed. To be with a friend and just talk, makes me feel good and reminds me how blessed i am to have friends like her and my other friends.

Earning my trust as a friend is really hard. I am a very nice person and I am always friendly, but I have a good radar/protection barrier about knowing who my “true” friends are and know who to avoid or not talk too much too. I can grow to befriend that person once I can get know him/her more but it’s really tough with me especially on first impressions.

I only gravitate towards people who I feel are genuine, honest and always keep an open mind. The great thing especially with my best friends, Carly and Liz. They are like that as well and I have met many new friends/acquaintances through them because they associate with great, interesting people. I mean Liz’s boyfriend Garrett, loves food like me and does social interactive games!!! Instant awesome bud in my book though I have to get that guy to a baseball game (note to self: get him to a game, might use the allure of the Yankee Stadium Garlic fries to get him to one).

Today, I had one of my usual weekend adventures in NYC after working out the chinese food/guinness and catching up on DVR (Holy Shit on what happened on “Fringe”). I was going to go to the Yankee-Red Sox but I had a change of heart (rightfully so, Yankees are getting their ass kicked right now to fucking Boston…Fuck man, we need some starting pitching).

Best Pizza Slice in NYC!

I ended up hanging around the Upper West Side of NYC. I first started at my favorite “NY Style Sliced Pizza Place” in NYC, called Sal and Carmine’s, It’s on 102nd and Broadway. It’s amazing pizza though you have to tough out the mean very old italian guy who makes the pizza. Then got to go to Barnes and Noble to get books then changed mind and just book the ebooks on my iPhone (Damn you “There’s an App for that”).

Debated about going to Zabar’s for some Fro-Yo but ended up at Starbucks for a Venti Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato. I love that drink cause it’s like a Hot Cocoa (if hot) or Rocket Boost Chocolate Milk when you shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Then my journey lead me to the main purpose, to see “Bridesmaids” at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater. Holy Shit, Kristen Wiig from SNL in her first true starring role is a fucking comedic genius! She not only starred but co-wrote the script. It’s essentially the bravado of “The Hangover” but with the heart of “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and it also had Rose Byrne (Celebrity Crush #8), Erin from “The Office” (Celebrity Crush #10) and Wiig is an underrated hottie herself. Oh man, that movie was fucking awesome!!!

Funny Movie!!!

I, then went to my favorite sushi place in Times Square called Kodama to have some Sushi. I love that place, I found it with Liz one day, few years ago when we were looking for a place to eat before we saw “Pan’s Labrynith” at the AMC Times Square Movie Theater. I love their Canada (salmon, garlic sauce, cucumber) and Sweet Potato Tempura rolls, a lot. There are tons of Broadway stars who eat there also like David Hyde Pierce, Stephen Lynch and even Matthew Broderick.

Su Su Sushio

Now I am just chillin in bed watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and writing a blog you may or may not heard about…How very meta of me πŸ˜‰

My wisdom of today: Embrace the Weekends with yourself and others when you can get them and put the worries from the Weekdays behind you cause it all starts over again on Monday except you have to go back to work… ugh.

-V. for Vinnie


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