“Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling”

Kat Dennings: I love you

I hate rain. Wait, scratch that, I really hate rain. If rain was a man, I’d punch him in the dick pre-emptively when meeting him  and not feel bad about it. But, I love “Rainy Sundays”

“Rainy Sundays” are the best Sunday’s you can get other than the Beautiful Fall Football Sundays or NYC Spring Sundays. You can just stay home, chill and relax. Catch up on your DVR (Finally caught the season finale of “Justified”…Holy shit that was awesome) and Netflix queue (I want to see “My Blue Heaven” again…Steve Martin’s best work after “The Jerk”. Play Call of Duty in your Scooby Doo Pajamas while eating a giant bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds.  Google pictures of Zooey Deschanel or Kat Dennings and just fawn over them.

The beauty of a “Rainy Sunday” speaks for itself in a cool pretty gothic color palette that says “Hey stay home, chill, eat Fritos and drink Cherry coke ans also watch the Memphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Western Conference Semifinals Game 7 and the Season Finale of “Community” with another paintball episode”.

My plan of attack today:

  • Go to the Gym: Yes, that means going outside but I have to pump iron in order to strengthen my guns (flexes muscles) or lack there of (i don’t really have muscles)
  • Eat Breakfast: Could go for a Plain Bagel w/ Cream Cheese and a Bottle of Yoohoo
  • Hot Bath: Hey, I did just go to the Gym you know! But I also just wanna chill in my tub and sing George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” like Cindy Crawford in the music video
  • Listen to Music: I love blasting the iTunes, singing and doing some intense Hendrix like Air Guitar
  • Continued DVR catch-up: Still have to see “Community”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Game of Thrones”, etc.
  • Oogle Pics of Kat Dennings: I love her.
  • Lunch: Dude gotta eat
  • Memphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 7: I will admit, I was all-in on the Oklahoma City Thunder. My Finals Pick before the NBA Playoffs begin was the Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City Thunder because with the additon of Kendrick Perkins who is the Bynum neutralizer though the Mavericks ended the Lakers’s run and the continued growth of Russell Westbrook, Durantula, and Serge Ibaka. But, I am now pulling for the Memphis Grizzlies. a blue-collar team with a crippled city behind them.  Because of they are the 8th seed pulling off a similar Cinderella run to my 1999 NY Knicks team who made the finals despite a hobbled Patrick Ewing only to get our ass kicked by San Antonio in the finals. It would be karmic justice if the Grizzlies beat the Heat in the Finals. Fuck you LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh
  • Dinner: Dude gotta eat
  • Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Game 1/San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks Game 1/Yankees-Red Sox: Because of the thunder/lightning for today, my soccer game will be called tonight so I can watch the three big games though I think Yankees/Sox will be cancelled. I will admit, I love Jorge Posada but I am kinda pissed with that bullshit yesterday. There was a better way to handle that. I hope the Bulls takedown the Heat but I have a hard time seeing it. I hate you LeBron! I hope the Sharks beat the Canucks as well in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
  • Sleep: Not Overrated
Enjoy your “Rainy Sundays” and your Breakfast Burrito people !
-V. For Vinnie

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