Ghetto Superstar!


Charisma is not my strongest suit. I am more Blunt Force Trauma or Completely Awkward in demeanor. In fact, I am Charismatically challenged. A guy with Charisma can get any beautiful girl, he wanted with just a few lines. He can get people willing to take a bullet for him without breaking sweat. He can be President of the United States after one freshman term of Senate. He can command an arena of 18,000 people wanting to smell “What The Rock is cooking”.

Now great Charisma comes with great Charismatic responsibility. While most people with Charisma, are the coolest people you’ll ever meet. They are people who misuse Charisma for evil/wrong reasons. Whether it is a guy who constantly cheats on his wife to sleep with other women gets caught and convinces the wife it’s her fault, or a man who convinces his country to exterminate an entire race of people for no reason, or a man who bilked people out of their life savings.

I know if a Radioactive Charisma spider ever bit me, I would use that new-found Charisma for the greater good. I would use it to meet a beautiful girl I really liked and wanted to get to know. I would use it to convince the head honchos at the Agency, hey this kid  has done the work of 3 people, did a great job under the circumstances and deserves our respect. I would use it to make the people around me who I care about happier and feel better about themselves.

I do know one thing, what I lack in Charisma I make up with hard work/determination. I will outwork Mr. and Mrs. Charismatic, any day of the week and the weekend if that’s what it will take to prove to everyone I belong. Hey beautiful lady, this guy might not always say the right words, but he’ll always make you feel loved and cared for. Bossman, Mr. Charismatic might woo them in the boardroom, but I will be the person who wrote the Powerpoint deck, work with the creatives to turn it around in a timely manner and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Lately, I am trying hard to develop a “Swagger” about me, especially in professional and social settings. It’s had mixed results I must admit:

I was talking to someone in Art, a few weeks back. She is awesome! Beautiful yet completely friendly/accessible. I am literally the first person to jump to help out on her account without hesitation. I wanted to see if I was developing Charisma and it seemed to be working. Now I wasn’t doing this to ask her out, she probably is seeing someone 1,000x more cooler than me. I just wanted to be that “cool guy” for once… an awesome guy who is cool to talk too. Now later that day, I was kinda in a bad mood at the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get out of work. I was walking to the subway and I bumped into her and she and she said “Hey Vinnie!!!!!” and I completely froze up!!! Ughhhhhhhh I couldn’t have been any less lame. Now, she probably laughed it off because she probably knew I can be shy, at times but I still couldn’t feel any less as a dork.

I want to have that “Swagger”, I want to be “The Guy”. “The Guy I want to have a beer with”. “The Guy I can turn to speak on a pitch” “The Guy I want to trust as a Leader….. I Want to be Ghetto Superstar, just like the song.

-V. for Vinnie


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