Love/Hate: 5 Things

General Tso: Honorable General and Good Chicken

The 5 things I Love and Hate from the week of 5/2:


1) “Thor”: Kenneth Branagh and Marvel reversed engineered a Superhero story and it worked. Usually in terms of Superhero movies, it’s usually a man becoming a Superhero. In “Thor”, it is in reverse. Fresh take  and it is setting up “The Avengers” very nice. I want a Mjolner (big-ass Super hammer). I am falling more and more in love with Kat Dennings (Celebrity Crush #4) and Natalie Portman (Celebrity Crush #6)

2) General Tso’s Chicken: If they ever got into a chicken war, General Tso’s would decimate Colonel Sanders. First reason, He’s a frickin General. 2nd Reason, He is very hot and spicy. Last reason, doesn’t waste time with weird neck ties.

3) NBA Playoffs: This has to be one of the best seasons in the NBA since 1995. The irony being as much I hated “The Decision”, it might have been the kickstarted the NBA I loved when I was younger.  Memphis improbable run as the 8th seed, Hawks not folding like Oragami, Derrick Rose, Rondo’s heroics despite dislocating his elbow, Mavericks sweeping the Lakers and Andrew Bynum pulling the “dick move” of the season after clotheslining JJ Barea (surpassing when KG punched Channing Frye in the balls)

4) Lunch on The Highline: Despite the recent stress of my job, this has been one of the sole bright side/sanity checks I have at work lately. To have  a nice, simple lunch on a such a beautiful elevated park with a view of the Hudson, not a worry in the world (until I have to go back to work)

5) Cult 80’s Films: This weekend, I saw “Rad” (Cru Jones is the freakin man! and I want to BMX race on Helltrac!), The Wizard (Fred Savage Video Game Movie that introduced the World to Super Mario 3) and Christian Slater’s Skateboarding Amateur Teen Detective movie “Gleaming The Cube” which has the epic scene of Tony Hawk in a Pizza Hut Motor Scooter playing chicken with an Arms Smuggler/Murderer on a hill.


1) Chinese Restaurants that don’t do Lunch Specials on Weekends: What the Fuck! Seriously! That should be mandated rule in Chinese Restaurants: Lunch Specials are 7-Day Lunch option and it must include an Egg Roll or Wonton Soup option.

2) Mondays: I just hate them.

3) Snotty Action Movie Guy/Critic: It’s not “Lawrence of Arabia”, dick! and 80’s Hong Kong Action Director John Woo is not coming through that door! Action movies are meant to be “Suspension of Disbelief” with little or no character development. Anyone who holds “Fast Five” to the standard of  “Citizen Kane” oughta get kicked in the dick.

4) Andrew Bynum: Pretty much surpassed Kevin Garnett in terms of “Dick Move of The NBA Season” by clotheslining JJ Barea as he went up for a lay-up. JJ Barea who is a foot smaller and 100 lbs lighter.  Pick on someone your own size, jerk! Disgrace to the Purple and Yellow and it’s legendary Zen Master

5) Rashard Mendenhall: It’s called Freedom of Speech, not Freedom to act like a Ignorant Asshole. It’s one thing to express yourself with rational thought, a completely different thing to speak out of your ass for the sake of it.

-V. for Vinnie


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